Daniella’s 2-in-1 pink wedding dress

Pink 2 in 1 wedding dress JoSaBi

Hello lovely readers. How are you today? So tell us: are you more of a traditional person or do you love standing out? Because today, we have a special bride, JoSaBi Daniella, who wanted to stand out. There are millions of ways to do this, but she opted to do so with a 2 in 1 pink lace wedding dress for her special day!  

Are you curious to know how Daniella designed her unique dress with us? Well- we are about to share every detail with you. Let’s start: once upon a time…

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JoSaBi Mariées custom wedding dress

Daniella’s beautiful 2-in-1 pink wedding dress

Daniella, from the beginning, wanted something fun. (Later in the process, she actually shared how her family was pressuring her into more traditional looks, but she knew what she wanted!)  She was dreaming of a dress with a lot of lace, floaty materials, and a unique color. Basically, she wanted to stand out amongst other brides and to do so with a unique hue

We started chatting and immediately explored the idea of a 2 in 1 wedding dress. The main factor here was finding the exact shade of blush/pink that would make Daniella’s dress as perfect as she imagined it, and as you may guess- it was a very fun process.

JoSaBi Daniella
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Designing Daniella’s  STUNNING rose-colored detachable wedding dress

The Brief

We explored many approaches for the dress. First, for the mermaid dress underneath- Daniella was all about ethereal beauty with a pinkish hue. We nailed down the perfect blush pink, and then created a unique train with a perfect transparency effect that would play on her heels as she walked. Lovely. 


The Design Process

To start off, we chose a mix of laces that would be fun, with some dotted details and hand-beaded flowers, but that would transition into a dramatic look for the lower part of the dress- all while popping against the pink background. It was an exercise in subtility!

For the overskirt, we went for a simple off-white look at first but then played with layering different fabrics while still keeping some transparency going, always with a hint of pink. It was a lot harder to achieve than imagined, but that tint was important to our bride so we made it happen! It’s always all about the bride at JoSaBi!

Blushy color, gold accents and lovely lace were the key elements for Daniella’s pink 2 in 1 wedding dress.


Creating Daniella’s dress took a little longer than expected, as the laces we were in love with kept getting sold out! We eventually caught the right ones right as they were fading from the market, and proceeded to kick off the creation of this amazing dress. Lots of hand pinning and sewing later, the dress was shaping up to be a masterpiece! 

Daniella then requested that we add hints of gold, as her husband’s traditional suit would have hints of mustard/gold threading. Hence, at the 11th hour, we found the perfect shade of gold to add to the hand-beaded flowers to make them pop even more, and match with our JoSaBi groom! The dress was shipped to our bride, and she looked absolutely amazing during her fittings. Everything was ready for the big day.

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The Big Day Is Here!

Daniella was the happiest and calmest bride ever, all smiles and just floating on a cloud. For her color story, she nailed the ambitious mix of peach and red accents, while rocking her 2 in 1 pink wedding dress! Her bouquet was mostly white, but with red, peach, and golden accents. 

As for her hair, it was swept up in an intricate style, and she overall looked unique, fun and excited. Her husband’s traditional suit was a work of art, and her golden beading matched his mustard accents to perfection!

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Final Thanks!

Congratulations JoSaBi Daniella! Thank you so much for allowing us to create this unique wedding dress. May your life with your love always be rosy, just like your dress!

So, would you be bold enough to have a wedding dress in another color than shades of white? Spoiler alert: we are currently working on amazing and colorful wedding dresses. If you don’t want to miss these future wedding dress stories, keep reading on our blog. For the time being, have a listen to Edith Piaf’s song “La vie en rose” in the background, and take care! 

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