Ruffled Mermaid Wedding Dress

Carole in her JoSaBi ruffled wedding Dress

Hi everyone! Welcome (or welcome back) to our blog! How are you today? Stellar I hope, and having an awesome day wherever you are! Today, we will be chatting about our bride Carole!! She got married on July 6th in Burkina Faso, and she trusted JoSaBi to create her fun ruffled and beaded mermaid wedding dress! She looked like a princess, was all smiles, and clearly had a blast on her wedding day – which we are all about at JoSaBi. Let’s jump into the story behind her gorgeous dress.

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Carole actually just messaged us one day to inquire about our services (without even mentioning how she knew of JoSaBi), and we got to talking. We went over silhouettes, details that make dresses unique, beading, crystals, and all kinds of random things. One day, she finally happened to mention that her brother was the one who told her about us; I was DEFINITELY surprised, as male referrers are pretty rare. However, she then proceeded to tell me his name, and everything clicked, as he is my (Dafra) middle school classmate 😂!!

Back to the topic at hand: For the overall shape of her dress, Carole was leaning far away from ballgowns from the beginning. She had indeed tried some on, and was not a huge fan of the way they looked on her. She was looking for something more fitted, and was adamant on having something fun with a lot of body and shine. Carole also did not want white, and was all about a voluminous train with some movement. Hence, we ended up going for a ruffled wedding dress train.

(Mini tangent of the day: it is actually helpful for brides to go to physical stores and try on dresses, so they may get an idea of what they like and do not like; that helps a lot in the design process, as they have a better idea of what they are looking for. Most JoSaBi brides tried on a few dresses, but just want a custom creation with a combination of elements – or craftsmanship – they cannot find in stores.)

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Carole wanted something fun and fitted, with lots of body and shine.

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With all those pointers, we started creating Carole’s ruffled wedding dress and ended up going for a ruffled mermaid wedding dress with an off white bodice (color guide here), adorned with circular crystal and beading designs. The train was in organza. While the dress was sleeveless, it had some thick beaded straps and decorative off the shoulder sleeves with crystal accents (some cute strap inspo here!). The overall look was breezy and fun, with movement in the skirt and freedom in the upper body. To add to the drama and finish off the look, Carole decided to pair her dress with an off white chapel length veil with heavy beading all around the border.


In mid January, we received Carole’s measurements and got immediately started on her dress. It was a pretty intensive dress to create due to the amount of hand beading, but Carole was kept aware of the progress on her dress through photos and videos.

Carole’s custom wedding dress was completed in mid June, and was immediately shipped via DHL. Our bride had a perfect fitting the day after the dress was delivered: no alterations needed whatsoever! It was a perfect ending to a great creation process.

JoSaBi ruffled wedding Dress
JoSaBi ruffled wedding Dress
JoSaBi ruffled wedding Dress
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Wedding Day

The wedding was so beautiful! For her photos, Carole picked a very unique venue, where the rooms were in fact replicas of traditional Burkina Faso huts; the whole vibe was super unique, and unlike anything I have ever seen. She looked so happy, and she was absolutely gorgeous in her JoSaBi dress.


Carole, thanks for being the best bride ever! You are so kind, funny, laid back and creative, and those traits of yours are contagious; We learned so much, just exchanging with you these past few months. Your wedding was gorgeous, and we wish you decades upon decades of even more gorgeous love and happiness. You deserve the world, and humble thanks again for choosing JoSaBi.




Dear reader – If you stuck with us this far, you are the MVP 😃


Thanks again for stopping by the JoSaBi Blog, and see you soon for another dress adventure!