Angèle’s classic crepe wedding dress

Classic crepe wedding dress

Hello everybody! How was your summer or winter vacation? We hope you are filled with energy. Who knows- maybe you are even preparing for your wedding! As a matter of fact, today we would like to tell you more about JoSaBi Angèle and her classic crepe detachable wedding dress who caused some buzz on social media early this year. Do you want to know why and how? Keep reading!

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custom wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées
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Angèle’s classic crepe wedding dress: from classic to spectacular

Angèle contacted us around a year before her wedding. 

She was always set on a 2 in 1, and initially sent us inspirations of mermaid lace wedding dresses with detachable skirts, so we could start talking about similar styles and gather ideas. 

However, over the next few months, her idea of her wedding look was refined and morphed into something super unique to her…

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Designing Angèle‘s simple but sophisticated detachable wedding dress

robe de mariée fourreau crêpe

The Brief

From the beginning, Angèle wanted a 2-in-1mermaid wedding dress. She eventually started being attracted to more fluid shapes, fuss-free materials, tiny details, delicate embroidery, and subtle sparkle.

Therefore, we steered her design in a different direction to emulate her vision. In the end, she opted to create a spectacular detachable crepe wedding dress.

The Design Process

A thing to note: the importance of being open with one’s stylist is paramount. At JoSaBi, we are here to help you navigate any changes you think of, and suggest supporting ideas all along. As a result, in the end, your design will be organic, original, and above all, really yours.

When Angèle’s ideas started going towards a more minimalistic approach, we recommended starting exploring fabrics beyond classic lace. We considered mikado fabric, but eventually settled on crepe for its airy fluidity. Angèle did not want pure white, so we went with a soft off-white shade

JoSaBi Angèle, by then, was in love with the idea of a fluid sheath wedding dress with subtle details: a nude-colored exposed back corset, some handmade beaded details around the waist, a simple but sophisticated flare, and a classic tulle overskirt with lace accents. We worked with her to add even more intention to said details, come up with the perfect beading mix to make the dress pop, and put together all the other details for a stunning but minimalistic result.

robe de mariée en crêpe JoSaBi Mariées

Angèle’s classic crepe wedding dress was the epitome of minimalistic yet delicate details.


The dress was very classic at first sight but packed a punch in details, so each tiny aspect was made with a lot of care and intention. For instance, it took close to a month to find the perfect pattern for the waist and back area, as nothing was matching what we wanted for Angèle. She was extremely gracious and kind during the process and trusted the process without any hesitation, which we are super grateful for.

Angèle’s dress was super fun to create, and was shipped to her a few weeks before her nuptials. She needed no alterations!

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A star on Instagram!


Angèle’s wedding day was really cool. Her husband wore a blue suit which was absolutely legend – colored suits on grooms should be more of a thing! She was a classic bride as mentioned above, hence the details of her big day were subtle, yet really pretty. 

Her classic crepe wedding dress made a huge splash on social media- we didn’t stop receiving messages all day, even from previous brides! The mix of the pared-down look of her sheath, surprising details, and the classic regal feel of the tulle overskirt was such a hit- she had everyone talking and even sending voice notes!

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Final Thanks!

robe de mariée en crêpe

Congratulations JoSaBi Angèle! We definitely had an immense pleasure designing your dress. Your sweetness and trust were the cherries atop this already delicious cake! We wish your couple a joyful and long life together. 

What did you think of Angèle’s story? What do YOU think about when you think of your wedding dress, or wedding outfit? As you saw, we love hearing from our future brides and working on unlocking the very best options for their style and desired look, so drop us a note when you’re ready! 

Loving these inspiring brides’ stories? We have a lot more to come!

Until then, stay safe. Love,


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