Oly’s Beach Wedding Dress

Hello everyone! We hope you are great and enjoying your summer. Each and every bride is unique to us, but today we have a very special guest: JoSaBi Oly. Her custom A-line beach wedding dress was spectacular, and we had a phenomenal time working on it, but it was special because… stay tuned until the end to know why!

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beach wedding dress a line josabi mariees

Oly’s A-line Beach Wedding Dress 

JoSaBi Oly kind of knew what she wanted; we compiled ideas from the web, the JoSaBi Mariées design studio, Instagram, and her and her husband’s culture, and just worked to bring all the elements together. She wanted an airy gown to float in the wind and dance on the beach but was a bit scared of adding extra drama because she did not want it to look heavy or over the top for her tropical destination wedding.

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beach wedding dress

 Designing Oly‘s ethereal beach wedding dress

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The Brief

Our JoSaBi Oly was getting married on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world., in Palawan in the Philippines. She wanted an A-line wedding dress with detailed and gorgeous floral lace and some delicate accents that would make it look intricate yet understated. 

The Design Process

We thought through Oly’s requirements and started going over each aspect of her dress to make it memorable. 

She wanted an airy skirt; pleated tulle layered with high-end floral lace for a peekaboo effect was a perfect choice. A floral lace was already lavish, but a floral lace on a nude bodice was better, so we did just that. 

Another source of inspiration was that JoSaBi Oly and her future husband went dress shopping together. Unbeknownst to the future husband, we diligently gathered every “hum” and “ah” he made during the boutique visits and added those details into the gown. Of course. The color of the gown came from those comments, and we went for a bright white.

Finally, the groom was from Calcutta in India, so we embroidered a special saying on Oly’s veil: ‘Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava.’ This blessing translates to ‘May you always be lucky as a married woman” in English and was used to reference and honor her husband’s origins.

After we gathered all our ideas, we got to the perfect sketches. The ideal neckline, the perfect color, ideal patterns… we were about to get started!

Work commenced, and we realized that JoSaBi Oly was getting increasingly excited as she looked at her dress updates and added more and more things. We were over the moon because the result would be exactly like her. 

Creating this dress was light, sweet, and full of intention, just like our bride.

We shipped the dress to her, and she tried it on… it was PERFECT. Not a single alteration was needed. Tears may have been shed.

Oly’s beach wedding dress was incredibly detailed, without being over the top.

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Oly’s wedding: A fusion of cultures 

Our sweet JoSaBi Oly got married in Club Palawan, in the Philippines.  The festivities spanned three days, with a mix of Indian and western ceremonies, and it was a blast.

You may remember from the beginning of the article that JoSaBi Oly was very special to us. Truth is, she’s one of our founder’s best friends! The team only discovered the secret once the bride was married and Dafra was in her photos as part of the bridesmaid crew! What! 

Congratulations, JoSaBi Oly!  Thank you for allowing us to create something for your big day. You looked phenomenal, and this was hands down one of the most rewarding dresses we have ever created. We are so grateful we got to dress you, and this is a memory Dafra – our JoSaBi founder – will cherish forever.

Thanks for reading Oly’s journey! If you are ready for your wedding, you know you can contact us, and let’s start creating your dream dress.

We’ll see you very soon with another captivating story and wedding tips!

With Love,


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