Detachable Fit and Flare Wedding Dress for Gretta

Detachable fit and flare wedding dress

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December is always a busy month, with a lot of weddings. Today, we are going to introduce you to one of our lovely winter brides, JoSaBi Gretta, who got married last December in a lacey detachable fit and flare wedding dress.

Gretta was actually JoSaBi Arielle’s bridesmaid- who got married a year before, almost to the day- and contacted us thanks to Arielle’s recommendation. This time around, Arielle was also Gretta’s bridesmaid! We love JoSaBi stories!

Wondering if Gretta got an amazing experience too? Let’s find out! 

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Detachable fit and flare wedding dress
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Gretta’s fun fit and flare detachable wedding dress: how did it start?

Gretta initially reached out to us via our Instagram page (check us out, while you’re at it!). Immediately, her top requirement was that she wanted to party on her big day! This bride was indeed looking for a wedding dress that would allow her to dance a lot. We chatted for a while, exchanged ideas, understood what she liked and disliked, and started putting together the profile of the ideal dress. 

In the meantime, he also opted to shop in a few boutiques to be sure of what she wanted. She went to several stores in Canada and saw a few dresses she liked, but none of them matched her vision perfectly.  Moreover, she was also disappointed with the quality of the materials for most of the dresses she tried on, so we knew to find a very unique lace.

Finally, we helped her refine the perfect style by isolating the essence of what she loved on each gown, putting each detail together like a puzzle, to get an even clearer vision of the perfect wedding dress for her. 

We hence worked together for a few weeks to bring this beauty to life!

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Designing Gretta’s fit and flare detachable wedding dress

The Brief

Gretta wanted a detachable wedding dress from the start, with a fitted number underneath. That said, she wanted to be very free to move, so we agreed that the fit and flare silhouette would be more suited here than a traditional mermaid.

She also did not want a poofy dress (especially at the bottom, she wanted a flowy look to dance), did not want her gown to be too revealing, but was ready for lots of bling; Silver was definitely a must! 

Finally, she also wanted short sleeves and a sheer train, for the lace to have its moment of glory. We had our work cut out for us!

The Design Process

Gretta gravitated towards a shine that was more in silver tones, so we immediately thought of adding some crystal to her dress, as well as some unique JoSaBi beading concoction we created only for her. She was in love with little details that made all the difference, so the idea was to add some here and there, to make the dress complex and fun. 

We went all out: creative ways to add crystal, flower additions, a very versatile and high-end lace, and especially advised on the shape of the skirt. 2 in 1 detachable wedding dresses are their unique “thing”, and the dress must be cut in a way that allows both elements (the gown underneath and the overskirt) to shine without overpowering each other. 

For the overskirt, we made it dramatic, shiny, infused with sparkle, and adorned with lace, while keeping it airy. It was both light and extremely detailed. To achieve this, we took a long time to find the right lace, and ended up going with a pattern with flowers, honeycomb-shaped hexagons, and beautiful leaves, all adorned with sequins. Gretta loved, loved, loved it!

Gretta’s detachable fit and flare wedding dress was relaxed, shiny and fun.

Our fun fit and flare detachable wedding gown was created in our production facility and shipped to Burkina for Gretta’s wedding. After a few fittings, she was ready to strut down the aisle!

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Gretta’s Wedding Day Is Here!


JoSaBi Gretta’s wedding took place on December 26th, 2020 in Burkina Faso.

Her wedding vibe was very tradi-modern. She had awesome “getting ready” robes, made out of bogolan inspired fabric for her and her bridesmaids (we discovered this fabric at JoSaBi Mina’s wedding, take a look! ). She donned a soft makeup look, paired with a dramatic and voluminous low bun for her hair.

Thanks to her comfy dress, she also kept dancing all day, and looked amazing!

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Final Thanks!

Detachable fit and flare wedding dress

Congratulations JoSaBi Gretta! We were so happy to attend to you. We wish you all the happiness in the world for your couple, and please stay always as vibrant.

Did you enjoy our JoSaBi Gretta’s story today? We sure hope you did! If you too got inspired by this post and are ready to design your dream wedding dress, we are all ears and ready to help. Contact us via email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook, or by simply filling the form on our website.

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