Floral Ball Gown Wedding Dress for Valerie

floral ball gown wedding dress

Hello everybody. How are you feeling today? Random question: have you been picturing your wedding in your head for years? Well- today we are featuring an awesome, lovely, and super planner bride, JoSaBi Valérie. She had been gathering ideas for her dream gown, a floral ball gown wedding dress, since 2017!! As you can imagine, that was A LOT of ideas. Hence, when the time came to put all of these ideas together in a cohesive way, she turned to JoSaBi Mariées to make her vision come true.

Interested in knowing how to go from many ideas to an enchanting unique dress? Read on for Valerie’s amazing and detailed ball gown, as well as her stunning custom butterfly veil.

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Floral ballgown wedding dress
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Valérie’s floral lace ball gown wedding dress: a genesis

Some background info: Valerie and Dafra have known each other for over a decade. She hence saw JoSaBi be born and was an incredibly supportive force along the way for years. As we mentioned, our bride has always been a planner. She is very organized, fashionable, and detailed. As a result, she had been collecting ideas for a while, and the challenge was to adjust these ideas in a smart way and infuse the right details into them to create her otherworldly wedding dress. She is a fashion-forward, trendy yet classy lady, so this was a real treat.

robe de mariée princesse fleurie
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Designing Valérie’s wedding dress 

custom ballgown wedding dress

The Brief

Valérie knew she wanted a ball gown, but was scared to make decisions that would end up looking gaudy. Indeed, she wanted a ton of details and wanted her dress to just be jaw-dropping, but nothing “too much”. In the end, we went with a “royal but fun” feel, which perfectly embodied the dress we ended up creating with her (as well as the most detailed veil we had ever created to date! )

The Design Process

First, we worked on Valerie’s detailed floral ball gown wedding dress design for a solid 2-3 weeks. We exchanged with her, gathered inspiration images, went back and forth, and made sure every single aspect was exactly as she wanted it.

Our team analyzed every single facet, from the layered laces to the subtle shimmer of the hand-cut flowers on the train. It was a very detailed dress! We infused royal and delicate elements like Chantilly lace in the design, but mixed contemporary ones like 3d flowers, light sparkle, and astutely placed crystals.

The final touch: a spectacular 7- foot veil, with crystals and hundreds of hand-cut butterflies. Indeed, our bride Valérie wanted a very elaborate veil with thousands of butterflies. Her husband and she had the most beautiful saying between them: “You give me butterflies…”, so she really wanted that represented in her nuptial regalia. It’s one of the most amazing veils we have ever designed: each butterfly was hand cut, hand sewn, with a crystal on it, and the blusher was shimmering with hundreds of hand-placed Swarovski crystals. Insane, and such a dream to create for our creative team…

Valerie’s custom floral ballgown wedding dress was designed around her love of fashion and class.

After a few months of careful and detailed production, JoSaBi Valerie’s dress was shipped to Burkina Faso. She did not need a single alteration, and she was all ready for her gorgeous wedding!

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robe de mariée princesse sur mesure

Valérie’s wedding day 

The first JoSaBi wedding of 2021 was Valérie’s, on January 2nd.

The main theme of the wedding was floral with soft pink and golden tones.

Valerie was so gorgeous, with a delicate bouquet of pastel roses, matching the details on her floral ball gown wedding dress. Her butterfly veil was a show stopper, and she had a photoshoot with it even before getting dressed. It was such a beautiful sight to see a bride fully enjoy every single piece of her bridal outfit and have fun wearing pieces she created herself. Absolutely rewarding. 

Valérie danced all day and had her favorite artist Amity Meria perform! Fun fact: Valérie is an amazing chef. We bet the menu was top-notch, and her guests won’t forget this sensational wedding!

Thank you, Valérie… For everything! Thank you so much for being a JoSaBi supporter from our early days and for always sending us encouraging messages after every bride. We forever appreciate you for trusting us with your detailed brief and your even more delicate dress. Thank you for being the happiest bride when you received your gown and for warming up our hearts. Just thank you, 1000 times, for choosing us. 

Thank you for taking the time to read JoSaBi Valérie’s story today! What did you think of the dress? Pretty amazing, huh? Of course, you may leave us a comment below, contact us on social media or drop us an email or a text if you have any questions, or if are ready to get started with your dream wedding dress. 

As always, stay safe and have a splendid day! Stay tuned for more dresses and more wedding tips!

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