Modern mermaid wedding dress with a bow for Lozita

Mermaid wedding dress with a bow

Hello everybody, how are you all doing? Today, we are happy to share our bride JoSaBi Lozita’s journey, who got married last December- and was our last wedding of 2020!  JoSaBi Irénée Lozita wanted a modern, structured, and avant-garde mermaid wedding dress with a lovely couture bow. Do you want to know how she got the dress she was looking for? Let’s jump into the nitty-gritty!

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Mermaid wedding dress with a bow
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Lozita’s wedding dress: How did it start?

Actually, Irénée Lozita chatted with Josabi for over a year. 

After trying out another designer, she ended up coming back to our team because their result was not up to her expectations. After a long and thorough consultation with our team, we were able to really capture the essence of Lozita’s dream wedding dress: structure, glamour, and flirtiness- but all encased in a very modern shell. She loved mermaid wedding dresses, so we already had that element down, but we added a modern twist to her ideas and a last-minute bow! We had a winning concept.

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Designing  Lozita ‘s mermaid wedding dress with a bow

The Brief

 Lozita was looking for an avant-garde gown, with structured yet light pleats made out of a special chantilly lace fabric. She wanted a clean look, a very mermaid shape, and a low plunging V back. She loved a good couture nod, so we picked a srutured bow as the cherry on top of the cake. The bow was added in the end, and is hence not on the sketches!

The Design Process

Our bride wanted avant-garde. So, we went avant-garde! 

The first step was to choose the perfect fabric (we went with a lovely off-white floral lace) and add the right amount of structure. To this, we added plenty of details to make the dress stand out: hand-cut 3d flowers (each of them with a crystal in the center), a lovely decorated train, and (later on in the process) a huge, luxurious and fun couture bow right at the bottom of the plunge on her back.

Indeed, one day during a conversation with JoSaBi Lozita, we started exploring what could make the gown even more “her” and even more head-turning. A lovely high-end bow came to mind, and we opted to add a detachable one in the back; this turned out to be one of her favorite features on the dress!

In the end, JoSaBi Lozita proved that contemporary and modern design with some structure can be softened with the addition of more timeless elements like a bow and delicate hand beading. Another lesson we can get from this process: Working on a custom dress really is a journey, and collaborating with your design team to keep refining your vision is the best way to end up with the most beautiful dress for you.

Lozita’s modern mermaid wedding dress with a bow was the perfect mix of structured and modern elements with soft and feminine accents.

TJoSaBi Lozita’s modern mermaid wedding dress with a bow was completed after a few months and shipped to her residence in OH. This dress didn’t need a single alteration and made quite a sensation! The bride absolutely loved it and sent us the sweetest unboxing video. All was set for her December wedding, and we could not wait.

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The Big Day is finally here!

Mermaid wedding dress with a bow

JoSaBi Irénée Lozita’s wedding took place on December 27th, 2020 in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The tones of her wedding were a cool gold and a touch of pink, seen in her bouquet and her decoration. An elegant wispy bun and crimson lips completed her look, and her bridesmaids wore classy champagne dresses. 

This splendid wedding involved a lot of dancing and even a money shower! The bride dazzled in her modern wedding dress, and everybody LOVED it.

Congratulations JoSaBi Lozita! Thank you very much for giving our team a chance to work with you from A to Z; it was such a pleasure. We wish you everlasting happiness in your new journey.

Thank you for reading JoSaBi Lozita’s story today! We hope you learned something you can use for your own wedding! Please leave us a comment below, contact us on social media or drop us an email or a text if you want us to help you. As always, stay safe and have a stellar day! We are coming back soon for more dresses and more wedding tips!

Until then, stay safe. Love,


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