The Only Wedding Day Checklist You Will Ever Need

The ultimate wedding checklist by JoSaBi

As your wedding date nears, you may experience some anxiety trying to remember every little detail. “What do I need for my wedding day?” will be the million dollar question in those last few weeks. In the hopes that we can help alleviate some of that stress, we compiled the ultimate wedding day checklist for brides… and went even a step further, to compile checklists your MOH, day-of coordinator or bridesmaids can use. Also, remember to delegate! Your MOH, bridesmaids and family will be happy to jump in, so you may relax and enjoy your day.

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How To Use The Wedding Day Checklist

To start, at least 3 weeks before the wedding if possible, print out and go down all wedding day checklists, crossing out any items that do not apply to you. Moreover, (make sure your MOH also has hers handy, and edit it if needed so she may know what she is responsible for). If you have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, be sure to keep them in the loop and rely on their expertise.

A couple of weeks from the wedding, set a date to sit down with them and your MOH. Go over the lists and finalize who is responsible for which tasks. All parties involved should have their own copies on hand leading up to and on the big day. Finally, be proactive with your own list and start marking off tasks only once they have been completed.

Remember: Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

15 to 7 days before

 (print these checklists for the bride and wedding planner/ day of coordinator)

The ultimate wedding checklist wedding planning

Vendors (print here)

Confirm booking/arrival time/duties/final checks of the following vendors:

  • Wedding planner
  • Venues – ceremony and reception
  • Officiant
  • Caterer
  • Wait Staff
  • Florist
  • Photographer
    • Send them the wedding day itinerary and schedule
    • Confirm the official shot list (here are great ideas)
  • Videographer
  • Bartenders
  • Transportation
    • To the wedding
    • From the wedding
  • DJ/Band/Musician
    • Confirm music selection or setlist
  • Cake baker
  • Makeup artist
  • Hairdresser
  • Rentals
    • Tents
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Linens
    • Dinnerware
    • Decor
    • Lighting

Pro tip (aka things that are not items on the actual wedding day checklist, but that need to be acknowledged)

Prepare payments and tips to be made to the venue or vendor on the day of; give those to your Maid of Honor to hand deliver on the wedding day if applicable.

Gorgeous wedding venue with roses

Venue and ceremony (print here)

Ensure the purchase/rental, setup and/or timely delivery of the items below:


  • Decorations
    • Lighting (string, candles, etc.)
    • Centerpieces
    • Flowers
    • Aisle Runner
    • Signage
    • Table numbers
    • Photo booth backdrop and props
  • Dinnerware
    • Toasting glasses
    • Cake topper
    • Cake knife
  • Wedding favors
  • Stationary
    • Programs
    • Menus
    • Escort cards
    • Table cards
  • Unity candle or ceremonial equivalent
  • Flower girl basket and ring pillow
    • Fake rings
  • Guestbook or alternative
    • Multiple pens or markers


Pro Tips:

  • Organize and pack up any items needed for the wedding or reception. Utilize easy to carry boxes or files, and clearly mark them with the appropriate labels. This will ensure that locating, unpacking and repacking items is easy.
  • Also, if you have access to your wedding venue or reception space the day before your wedding, be sure to take advantage of it. If possible, set up (or have your team set up) everything you can, so only flowers or candles are left come the big day. This will mean less running around for everyone involved.
  • Finally, keep the following in mind:
    • Any readings (they should be assigned to the right friends or family members by now)
    • The marriage license- keep it safe to hand over to the best man or the officiant
    • A copy (or two) of the vows



We focus more on you below, but start thinking about these items 2-3 weeks before the wedding:

  • If you haven’t already, start breaking in your wedding day shoes. Wear them for short periods of time leading up to the date, on different surfaces if possible. Your feet will thank you!
  • Finally, clear your plate. Namely from work. We get it, work is important, but you need to have your mind at ease on your wedding day. Get all of your big projects out of the way or assign the proper interim contacts for the time you are away.

3 to 1 day(s) before

Print these checklists for the bride and the moh/bridesmaids

Bride nails self care checklist for wedding

Gifts (if applicable)

  • Write a letter and/or prepare your gift for your groom to be handed to him before the ceremony (cool gift ideas here!)
  • If applicable, pack and set aside your gifts for:
    • Your mother
    • Your father
    • The mother of the bride
    • The father of the groom
    • Additional people, such as siblings, step-parents, the bridal party, etc.

Wedding overnight bag(s) (print here):

Put together the items below as applicable and/or needed:

  • Phone charger
  • Hair tools (hairbrush and styling tools)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, etc.)
  • Underwear (more than you will need, just in case)
  • Makeup and beauty tools
  • Engagement ring
    • Have it professionally cleaned
  • Wedding night lingerie or pajamas
  • Day after wedding outfit
  • An extra pair of contact lenses and solution
  • Medications
  • Birth control

Safely pack any documents needed if your honeymoon will take place immediately after the wedding.

  • ID
  • Passport
  • Plane tickets and itineraries
  • Hotel information


Take care of any last-minute pampering:

  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Hair cut or coloring
  • Massage
  • Spray tan
  • Waxing

It may be wise not to get any new skin treatments at the last minute; let’s avoid surprise allergic reactions!


Pro Tip: 

To top it all off, consider cleaning your home, or having it done professionally if possible. This is not an official item on the wedding day checklist, and will probably be one of the last things on your mind, but take our word for it. Getting things tidied up will allow you and your new spouse to relax when you come home, so you may remain in the newlywed bliss bubble for a little longer.

The day before

Print this checklist for the bride and the moh/bridesmaids

Bridal attire checklist

Wedding day attire (print here)

  • Wedding dress, veil, gloves, cape/boléro, and garment bag
  • Hoop or petticoat
  • Reception dress if applicable
  • A button-up shirt to wear while getting ready (or cute robe for photos)
  • Day of undergarments (shapewear if needed, fine underwear)
  • Jewelry (necklace, bracelet, watch, earrings and earring backs)
  • Hair ornaments
  • Shoes (for both wedding and reception)
  • Garter
  • Bouquets
  • Special items, such as something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue
  • Any special items you wish to walk down the aisle with.


Pro Tip:

Take the time to iron or steam anything that needs it, according to the items’ cleaning instructions, and hang it properly.


Wedding rehearsal/dinner:

  • Pass out the official wedding party itinerary.
  • Take the time to answer any questions that the wedding party may have regarding the wedding day itinerary. Confirm everyone has everything they need.
  • Give the wedding rings to the best man.
  • Give the marriage license to a designated person, likely the officiant if they are in attendance.
  • Confirm who is giving a speech or readings
  • Assign people to assist with post-wedding tasks
    • Watch gifts and card box
    • Clean up venue
    • Package up and transport wedding decorations


Before you hit the sack:

  • Create a fun wedding day “Getting Ready” playlist for you and your girls to get in the mood.
  • Put all of your bags in the car or have them delivered to the location that you will be getting ready at (you won’t have to do it in the morning!)
  • Take a relaxing bath.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid excess sugar or salt (it will leave you feeling bloated).
  • Go to bed early!

The big day

Print this checklist for the moh/ bridesmaids

Happy bride on her wedding day on the JoSaBi blog

At this point, the bride should have nothing else on her mind besides enjoying the day. Therefore, the following tasks will fall on the person designated by the bride- likely her maid of honor and bridesmaids. This is your time to shine: step in and help the bride relax by taking care of everything she needs, so she can be busy getting married! To help, we put together a wedding day checklist only for you. Some things are bound to take a turn for the worse in some way or another on the big day. Above all, remember that with the right preparation, it will be under control.

Put together and pack up the following bridal party emergency kit (print here)

  • A first aid kit (paracetamol, paregoric, pep Bismol, vitamin C, antacids, band-aids, sanitary napkins)
  • A sewing kit (needle, thread, buttons, scissors)
  • Snacks (carbs or fruit to keep everyone full.)
  • Breath mints or mouth rinse
  • Something to stay hydrated (water or juice)
  • Stain remover
  • Perfume and deodorant.
  • Sunscreen and lotion with aloe vera
  • Bug spray and bug bite relief
  • Straws (to drink without smudging makeup)
  • Kleenex or handkerchief
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nail glue and a matching nail color for the bride’s nails
  • Pantyliners
  • White chalk to mask stains on the wedding dress (or detergent pen-like Tide to Go)
  • Blotting sheets to keep her makeup intact
  • Ring cleaner

Keep the kit handy for any mishaps (see here and here are a couple of great ones available for purchase as well). Depending on the silhouette of her dress, make sure to fix the bride’s train regularly. Also, give her a mint/ a last spray of perfume before she walks off to meet the love of her life!

Other general tips (print here):

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast. This will allow you to start realistically planning a backup for the unexpected. It will also give you the advantage of telling the bride, versus her finding out and panicking.
  • Deliver the prepared payments/tips to the venue or vendors as they arrive
  • Ensure the bride eats a solid and healthy breakfast.
  • Keep her hydrated.
  • Have a plan on how you will help her use the restroom!
  • Try to keep her off her feet, she will be on them all day after all.
  • Keep your phone out and take lots of pictures and videos (when appropriate)!
  • Take hers away and keep it safe!

At regular intervals throughout the day, check-in on the bride to see if she needs the following:

  • A snack
  • A drink
  • To go to the bathroom
  • A breather (some time to relax with the groom or get off her feet.)


Pro tip:

Hopefully, the bride will be able to actually sit down and eat dinner. However, if she doesn’t feel up to it, direct the caterer to box up some extra food and cake for later. Often times people don’t eat due to nerves. Come later that night, she will appreciate the thought!




Whew, that’s it! We know it seems like a lot, but having detailed wedding day checklists you can mark up will help you remain organized and calm.  In conclusion, use this post as your own and edit it as needed to cater to your needs, stay organized and forget nothing. If you read this far, thanks so much for hanging out with us! Think of something we forgot? Let us know so that we can add it to the list, and help future brides! See you next time for another JoSaBi adventure, or for some fun tips

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