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Hi Everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by!

I am Dafra, the founder of JoSaBi Mariées, and I am grateful to have you here.

JoSaBi Mariées was born when I was getting married in 2014. I am 5″11, and was in for a few surprises when I kicked off my dress shopping experience: almost all the dresses I tried on were too short, and “extra length” gowns cost me anywhere between $500 and $1,000 extra. Moreover, I have round hips, and I am different sizes on top and bottom. I would have therefore had to order a larger size from the bridal shop to fit my hips, and then have it majorly altered to comfortably fit my bust – which was, of course, a several more hundred dollars down the drain. Finally, I wanted bling, and none of the dresses had enough in my eyes 😂, so that was an issue.

After a few weeks, I decided to give up the traditional dress shopping experience and go on the hunt for seamstresses to create my dream dress. I definitely had a few misses, but I ended up getting a ceremony dress AND a reception dress perfectly made to my measurements, with a quality that I had only experienced in luxury wedding gowns.

For a couple of years, I did dresses for people around me. A friend ended up telling me that this was my calling (I was too scared to believe her for a while)… but here we are, a few years later, growing super fast!

The JoSaBi value proposition is simple: you deserve the dress you always dreamed of, in a fit that will make you feel and look fabulous. You bring the vision; we will do the work.

Thanks again for reading our story, and we honestly cannot wait to meet you.

JoSaBi Dafra

Photo: @joyofodu

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