Ashley’s retro Emerald Green Ballgown Wedding Dress

green ballgown wedding dress

Hello dear reader! Have you ever seen a whimsical wedding? Have you ever witnessed a wedding completely different from the others? Today, we have both via an exceptional bride: JoSaBi Ashley. She worked with us to make her wedding dreams come true, under the shape of a period-inspired emerald green ballgown, with a lovely rich velvet jacket with matching cuffs. Huh huh, this is going to be good!!!

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green ballgown wedding dress

Ashley’s emerald green ballgown wedding dress 

JoSaBi Ashley contacted us nine months before her wedding with a special project: a retro-inspired green ballgown wedding dress and a matching jacket in black velvet inspired by Scarlett O’Hara’s Gone With the Wind curtain dress. Those two unusual elements, however, made complete sense for her wedding, set to take place in the forest in Washington state.

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Designing Prisca’s jeweled mermaid wedding dress (and super long veil)

green ballgown wedding dress

The Brief

JoSaBi Ashley’s dream dress was a garment that would make sense with a corset, be retro-inspired, and also match the beauty of a luxurious forest. Our base was therefore a strapless green wedding dress with delicately decorated cups, a slender waist, and a luxurious billowy skirt. The jacket was to be heavy, with a matching collar and cuffs, and a cascading skirt that would reveal the dress underneath, akin to its inspiration.

The Design Process

JoSaBi Ashley knew perfectly what she wanted. The first consultation went smoothly: everything was clear. We very quickly started the sketches with all the elements we had, and JoSaBi Ashley fell in love with the sketches because they matched her vision. A  tall task was then to find the perfect emerald green. After a few samples sent back and forth, we were able to nail the perfect hue.

A few weeks later, we started working on the dress. It was all coming together nicely, but we really wanted to elevate the look of the top. We suggested adding some lace, and JoSaBi Ashley really loved our idea of a texture change. We also convinced our bride to let us add tiny beading elements, which in the end, added a unique amount of sparkle to the gown. The rest of the dress went without a hitch, as did the jacket. 

Upon receiving her package, Ashley needed some small alterations on the jacket; the JoSaBi team worked with her to locate a seamstress specializing in period pieces near her. Lenora (the awesome seamstress) let the jacket’s sleeves out just the right amount before the wedding!

JoSaBI Ashley’s dream was a retro green ballgown wedding dress with a slender waist, and a luxurious billowy skirt.

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Ashley’s magical forest wedding

JoSaBi Ashley got married in the forest of  Olympic National Park in Washington. She looked like a goddess from nature, with her ginger wavy hair adorned with some ferns. She had thought of every tiny detail. Everything was magical- look at these images! 

Congratulations, JoSaBi Ashley! We will always be grateful for having been part of this one-of-a-kind project. Thanks to your dress, we were transported to a fantasy world and pushed our limits to bring your exact vision to life. Thank you so much for choosing us.

Thank you so much for reading us; as always, we appreciate your time, and see you soon for more dress adventures!

With Love,


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