What are JoSaBi brides saying?

Yvanne Korine M.

Douala, Cameroon
June 24, 2022

Wow!!! This lady’s job and ethics is astonishing! I can’t start to tell the whole story behind how I got in touch with Josabi Mariées… Long story short, we get in touch back in 2019. We start designing my royal-looking wedding dress for my Dec 2020 wedding. Then the phenomenal COVID 19 shows up and the wedding gets postponed! Josabi mariées’ team was lovely enough to not only stay in touch and be supportive all through, but preciously kept all the details of my dream wedding dress for whenever I’d be ready to move forward. 3 years later, with very short notice, Dafra was lovely enough to continue working on the project with me, she kept her word and made me an amazing dress, with all the exact same details I had described in 2019. My dream wedding dress came true, arrived way ahead of the wedding, no alterations needed, perfect royal fit! I promise you that this team is mind-blowing. I am more than satisfied, and so will you be !!!
Thousand thanks for everything Dafra ♥️♥️♥️

Jenny C.

Los Angeles, California
June 11, 2022

Dafra and her team worked with me to design the wedding dress I envisioned. From conception to creation, we took all my favorite elements and designed a dress that symbolized a deep connection of light, love, and grounding energy. A dress that was airy. A dress that was romantic. A dress that was very me. And we did just that.

Aïda S.

Rouen, France
May 28, 2022

It all started with a wedding dress from an acquaintance I stumbled upon on social media. I thought to myself that I would have the same one at my wedding.

Then,  in 2021 (1 year ago), I contacted the stylist who made the dress, and it was Josabi.

I got in touch with her for the same dress. She kindly made me understand that, at Josabi, each bride was unique with a unique dress ❤️❤️😍.

We started talking, and she walked me through some ideas; together, we created a dress that perfectly suited my personality.

No detail was overlooked.

Photos and videos were sent to me regularly. I was already in love with my dress 😍.

My surprise was even greater at the first fitting. The dress was so much more beautiful in person.

And to finish, on the big day, a member of the Josabi team was present until I finished my bridal glam to help me into my dream gown.

My dress exceeded my expectations, and I liked the professionalism, friendliness, and above all, the attentiveness of the entire Josabi team. I absolutely recommend Josabi to any future brides. ❤️❤️❤️

Oly F.

Coron, Philippines
May 22, 2022

I’m still in awe of how this dress came together. I was a little skeptical of how a dress can be made from start to finish remotely with all the right measurements and touches, but Dafra and her team at JoSaBi Mariées made magic happen!

Our WhatsApp conversations were packed with different options, suggestions, and recommendations as the JoSaBi team teased out my preferences, some of which I didn’t even know myself! When it came to measurements, the team was so switched on, that they knew exactly which measurements to make me re-do given their expertise in remote dressmaking. From lace design to type of sleeves, I felt like I was in complete control and that the JoSaBi team were my partners in creating this perfect wedding dress.

To top it all off, Dafra suggested a unique mix of cultures and traditions with my veil. Being Filipino, I have great appreciation for Spanish details and Dafra suggested using a mantilla, a traditional Spanish lace veil. With my now-husband being from Calcutta, Dafra also suggested adding a Hindi phrase on my veil, a loving surprise for the groom and a nod to his heritage.

I got the dress 3 weeks before the wedding, and you know what? It fit perfectly. No alterations needed whatsoever! Working with JoSaBi was absolutely magical!

Adeline G.

Montreal, Canada
February 26, 2022

My first contact with Josabi was in May 2021 for the making of an emergency express wedding dress for June 2021 for my sister in law… well less than a month, and our satisfaction was complete 😌.. it hence was not difficult for me to entrust this team with the making of mine….very attentive and above all patient with someone not at all available like me 😅.. thank you for this unique wonder that I got to don so majestically on February 26th .. (I even gave up having an outfit change into evening dress as originally planned!)

JoSaBi Mariees gold wedding dress

Genae J.

Los Angeles, CA
February 26, 2022

What can I say about the amazing performance from the Josabi team?? Absolutely stellar. I came to them with a dream of an African Goddess Ceremony- adorned with plenty of gold ornate details and dramatic sleeves. She took that dream and turned it into a reality. The concept was molded and molded with a design talent that was unmatched. Very easy communication throughout the entire process. The team guided me through measurements, status reports, and photos of my dress throughout the journey. Even the delivery was top-notch and very enjoyable. The reaction from my groom and the wedding audience when I walked down the aisle absolutely validated their amazing job. I would truly recommend Josabi to any bride-to-be who wants a custom once-in-a-lifetime dress to create a memory that will last forever… 👰👰👰👰

Prisca O.

Dallas, TX
February 12, 2022

I met Josabi Mariees through her pretty wedding dress posts and I thought I would try it too. I took the advice of my best friend who also used their services. At the first contact with Dafra the 5-star CEO, I was already at ease. Impossible to turn around and change my mind. She had won me over. Despite the complexity of my ideas and my dreams, they were able to combine dreams and budget so that I got my pretty dress that you see. For months, she was available 24/7 to listen to my changes and adjust dress details. Initially, I was looking for a stylist but I met a very talented Burkinabe sister with an awesome team always listening to me and advising me on all the details. They even became my wedding planners😂 . They were available until the wedding day. They were awake to follow the progress of the wedding. I recommend Josabi because she is already a sister from Burkina but also because she is talented as you can see through the photos. These are actual photos. They are professionals 😌 I don’t have enough words to thank this great team for making me the most beautiful bride. Thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️ Your most beautiful bride is happy!!!!

Evelyne O.

Burkina Faso
January 8, 2022

Hello- just to say a big thank you to the Josabi team because you made my dream come true by making the dress of my dreams, you went above and beyond my expectations! I have no words to qualify your professionalism and your kindness 😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Coretta S

Burkina Faso
December 18, 2021

My experience with JoSabi Mariées was awesome from start to finish! I wanted a classic and classy ball gown without it being boring. Dafra and her team were able to fully capture my wants, give me ideas and create the perfect classic yet unique dress for me! The process was enjoyable! JoSabi is always and I say ALWAYS available.
Through creating my dress, I gained a big sis; she helped me in finding some of my vendors, gave me tips and tricks for the big day and wow…her mind is a bursting pot of ideas! I totally recommend JoSabi Mariées ❤️
I can’t forget to mention how well organized and lovely is JoSabi’s wedding day “prep team”!
DAFRA I love you!!

lace train wedding dress

Jordaline B.

December 12, 2021

(Translated from French) I have been following josabi mariees on social media for several years, patiently waiting for my wedding day, and thanks God I had the means to get my gown made by them. And thanks to her, as I hoped, I got the dress of my dreams 😍😍❤️ patient and attentive, advisor and weeding planner in her spare time, the owner is just super nice and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks josabi! I recommend her 100000%, long live JoSaBi Mariées ❤️❤️

Jasmine K.

December 11, 2021

JoSaBi has definitely been my wedding dress life saver. my friend who recommended them to me. Before finding JoSaBi I didn’t have any idea how I wanted my dress to look like. I hadn’t even started looking and shopping 4 months prior to my wedding date. When I reached out and they told me they can make it to my deadline it was a total relief. Eventually, they did make it🙏 They kept me informed through the whole process and any adjustments I needed to make if needed. Because my wedding was in Cameroon they even made sure to ship all the way there. Thank you JoSaBi for your professionalism and caring so much about making brides’ dreams come true. I couldn’t have asked for better. I loved and in fact everyone loved my wedding dress. Again Thank you. Special shout out to Drafa Real MVP

Long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding dress

Christele S.

Québec, Canada
December 4, 2021

(Translated from French) For my wedding, I got my dream dress thanks to JoSaBi. She is very professional, attentive, and very patient. She followed all my requests to the letter in order to design the dress I wanted. On top of that, she is very detail-oriented and sticks to the schedule she mentions at the start of the contract. She even took care of the delivery of my dress internationally. My dress required absolutely no alterations. I really had an amazing experience. For future brides, I recommend JoSaBi 100%. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you Josabi ❤

lace wedding dress with a slit

Candace C.

New York, NY
November 19, 2021

My experience with the Josabi team was amazing. They designed and created a custom dress in under 6 months. I received my dress beautifully packaged in a box. And the fit was PERFECT, no alterations were needed. They nailed It! The team was super communicative and helpful. Ladies if you are looking to get a custom dress made JoSabi is the way to go.

Lauren W.

Suisun City, CA
October 3, 2021

The JoSaBi team was amazing from start to finish. They were able to help me identify all the elements of my dream dress without intruding their taste or vision on my big day. When I said details, they went out of their way to customize every element. From the beads to the veil to the embroidered design work on the lining. These ladies are obviously passionate about their work and dedicated to making sure your vision for your dress is manifested in reality. Add to that, they are some of the sweetest and most personable business owners I have had the pleasure work with in recent history. Do yourself a favor and at least check them out. Not everyone wants to look like a carbon copy of the that magazine bride or even that T.V. star. If what you want is a dress that screams YOU, this is the only place to go. Thanks ladies. You have my eternal love and appreciation.

sleeveless wedding dress

Brigitte K.

Québec, Canada
September 18, 2021

(Translated from French) Very satisfied with my Dress. Thank you to the whole Josabi Mariées team for accompanying me in my choice. Thanks for listening, and thanks for the teamwork 😘😘😘😘

high neck wedding dress

Astou D.

Orléans, France
August 26, 2021

(Translated from French) Josabi team: thank you very much for making this beautiful dress 👗 I recommend them strongly for custom wedding dresses without worry. I was so beautiful in this dress 👗 their delivery is also international (Africa, Europe, America, Asia). again thank you, thank you 🥰 😍

Pink 2 in 1 wedding dress JoSaBi

Daniella D.

Burkina Faso
July 31, 2021

(Translated from French) Josabi made me look more than sublime at my wedding on July 31, 2021. the experience was fantastic with the Josabi team, they were able to eliminate my stress with their patience, love, and professionalism. I was too pampered 😊😍- the whole process was second to none. I recommend Josabi 100,000 times.
Big thank you to Mrs. Dafra and to all the team, thank you all for everything
May God in all his grace bless you and fulfill you 🙏

Sheer low back mermaid wedding dress

Magali B.

Dallas, TX
July 3, 2021

I discovered JoSabi Mariées through a friend when she got married, I am thankful for the professionalism, the detailed communication, and patience throughout the process. I was worried about the distance but after receiving samples of fabrics and materials needed for my dress, communication through the steps, and constant reassurance before proceeding, I do not regret my choice.

Special thank you to Dafra and all the team!

JoSaBi Mariées custom wedding dress

Saoudah K.

Burkina Faso
June 26, 2021

(Translated from French) Hello!!! Josabi was the best experience I had while preparing for my big day! Initially, my first choice was a completely different dress with another design house whose name I will not mention. I was terribly disappointed a month before my wedding, guess why! Just because the dress was totally messed up! Less than a month away, I was distraught, stressed, totally freaked out and desperate. I turned to Josabi with insistence from my sister-in-law! I was naturally very skeptical at the beginning, given what happened to me with the first dress, but I still gave it a go! This is how I spoke with Dafra who knew how to reassure me, guide me, and explain everything in great detail before taking any action. I was pleasantly surprised by her unparalleled professionalism in this very stressful field (both for her and for her brides, no doubt). It is a heavy task, and a challenge that she always accepts with a smile! About Dafra! She is a hard worker, passionate, determined and very up to expectations. In addition, she always had the right questions to help me narrow down my choices. Always ready with answers, no matter the time of the day! I couldn’t have finished this review without thanking this great lady and also the dynamic team behind her! More than a team, I would say that it is even an empire that ensures that JoSaBi works like a well-oiled machine! From the USA to Ouaga- You guys are just extra perfect! I felt the Most Beautiful, the prettiest, and especially the happiest this June 26, in a dress designed down to the tiniest details (as I wanted), and, moreover, in an express time frame. I am a Happy and proud Josabi Bride! Believe me, she is the best, she is the one you need because as soon as you choose her all of your concerns will become hers! Don’t change, Dafra! You are the GOAT👑 and I highly recommend you ♥!

JoSaBi Angèle

Angèle K.

Burkina Faso
April 10, 2021

(Translated from French)My dress was just perfect… I wanted a clean dress, without too much bling; seen from the front, one would think it is too simple… but seen from the back, you would be stunned by the details because yes I love details! that was the peculiarity of my dress, along with the detachable overskirt… Thank you again for this beautiful dress.
I also thank your team for their kindness.

JoSaBi Mariees real bride serena

Serena K.

Dallas, USA
January 23, 2021

I would be giving them 100 stars if I could. There is nothing more to say than this is the best and most caring person I was ever lucky enough to meet. She is more than my wedding dress stylist now. She is my sister. I would like to thank you guys so much for this beautiful dress that had everyone talking. I felt so special with my two dresses. what more to say. All I did was share my thoughts with her and she designed it. You have a gift and anyone that is looking to buy her dress should contact her. Now only did she do my two dresses but helped with the whole planning of my wedding. She even talked with my photographer and videographer to tell them how to take pictures and capture moments. She also created a group with my bridesmaids and maid of honor to share some documents on how to pack for my wedding and everything. I’m so thankful and I’m so happy. Please do not even give her a try but hire her on the spot, and be the most beautiful at your wedding.

floral ball gown wedding dress

Valerie Lévi K.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
January 2, 2021

Few years back I read an article you shared about 3 things a bride should pick and focus on for her big day just to keep her sanity (ex: catering, DJ, dress etc..) . I have to admit that my dress was not one of them for me. When I realized that my wedding is about ME, after our “interview” during which you showed me that I could have my butterflies, the sparkles, the flowers, and more, my dress became one of priorities.
THANK YOU JOSABI for making me look like a Queen👑 and a Princess👸👰 just like I wanted. Thank you for all them butterflies 🦋🦋 .. They were flying over them beautiful flowers..
That ball Gown was jaw dropping.. Yess… I was drooling on myself lol😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.
I just cannot believe how Josabi manage to make my dream dress. I wanted so many things..
I shared a whole lots of wedding dress pictures with her, to show her how I wanted some parts of the dress. For the choices of material I had no clue of what any of the material looked or felt like in real life, only on pictures. I only knew of satin😂. Her explanation and description of materials made it easier for me to see what I was going for. The sketches were so beautiful. I was mind blown when I saw the video of the dress. And I fell in love when I saw I tried it on the 1st time ♥️♥️. It was a perfect fit . Every single detail was perfectly there, the butterflies, the flowers etc…The icing on the cake was my veil. Josabi gifted me with the most beautiful veil I have seen, hand sew butterflies🦋 and rhinestones all over it 😍. Oulala.. I had my butterflies😍😍😍. Thank you for making the dress of my dream at such afforbable price tag 😍😍.
That team is just awesome. The process was so enjoyable that it was the one thing I did not stress about. Thank you, anitche, gracias, merci. 😘😘 Keep up the awesome work and keep on making brides happy all over the world 🌍😃💃🏾💃🏾.

Irénée Lozita M-A.

Canal Winchester, OH
December 27, 2020

(Translated from French) Everything was been perfect. The quality of the fabric, the stitching, etc. I ordered my dress a bit late due to the global health crisis, but it was delivered on time. The team is perfect, always listening to the customer. I was pampered until the wedding day. Thank you Josabi. I was the most beautiful that day!

Gretta N.

Sept Îles, Canada
December 26, 2020

(Translated from French) For our wedding, we were surrounded by the best vendors and among them, the talented Dafra Stéphanie through her company Josabi Mariées. I got to know Josabi Mariées through a previous bride I affectionately call my sister, Josabi Arielle. I still remember how I enjoyed looking at my sister’s wedding dress and evening dress, and I hoped that JoSaBi would make my wedding dress as well but I was not sure yet. I was won over by her ability to figure out exactly what I wanted even when I wasn’t able to actually explain it properly, lol. That is really what convinced me completely. I wanted a 2 in 1 dress with enough bling and a stunning train and I was not disappointed. I could talk to you for hours about Dafra’s talent, but I think I’ll be the nth person- read all the other reviews! However, I would like to talk about what matters most to me in this kind of situation: customer service. Stéphanie will be by your side, not only for the creation of your dress but she will also jump in to help, and ask to know if the other aspects of the wedding are under control. She will be a great help and a listening ear when needed, and trust me- you will need her. She also has a Rolodex full of vendors who could be useful to you. Thank you Josabi for the dress and for the support. Thank you for your patience and also for your assistance and your advice. I have had a unique experience and I would choose you again if I had to redo it all. Josabi Gretta 😉

Ballgown wedding dress with a detachable train

Ginette N.

December 19, 2020

(Translated from French) It’s been a month and a half since I got married, and for this very important day, I assumed mt wedding dress would be easy to find. After shopping and shopping without finding any dress that I liked, that I started to do research online.. And I saw an advertisement from a certain company named JOSABI and on this advertisement, I recognized a childhood friend in her beautiful white dress. First, I contacted her to make sure that it was indeed her in the photo, and then to have her feedback on the company. She immediately praised them and told me to immediately get in touch with Dafra, the CEO of JOSABI, as I was running out of time ..Ah Dafra !!! This woman is just a divine blessing because she not only knows how to say the right words to you and reassure you when you need it, but she also has unparalleled listening skills and gentleness. Then began a fairy tale, because yes she made me a princess on this so important day of December 19, 2020. Let me explain… In early July I get in touch with Dafra and we get together to finalize the style of my dress. As time passed, she gave me a feedback on my dress as well as added small details that would make the difference and make it even more wow! I just trusted her. When the fitting day arrived in December, the dress was a little bigger because in the meantime I had lost a little weight. Their professionalism once more shone through, as they helped me do some small alterations before the big day 🔥🔥🔥! The day I wore it, I was both surprised and moved because reality exceeded my expectations. I was a princess that day in my ballgown princess dress made by JOSABI😍😍. For one of the happiest days of my life, I was the most beautiful thanks to you and I wouldn’t know how to thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you JOSABI for making me so beautiful on my wedding day 🙏
For all those who will see this testimony do not even hesitate to choose JOSABI for your most important ceremonies, because she is undoubtedly the best in her field. Her customer service is impeccable, she is available, she is attentive and she will accompany you throughout the creation of your dress by reassuring you and by following up to ensure that everything is to your liking. .😍

Jessica B.

Pessac, France
December 19, 2020

(Translated from French) Why would I recommend Josabi with my eyes closed?
For my wedding, I had already tried working with a designer who did not do a great job. I contacted Josabi after a recommendation from a friend, without much conviction.
I was immediately won over by her professionalism, her listening skills, and her ability to orient the work according to the tastes and the personality of the future bride!
With JoSaBi, there is really no surprise- the final product was really as sketched. I was very reassured because I had pictures of my dress during the making (the happiness!)
I really enjoyed working with the team!
Dafra is an exceptional person, I tired and stressed her a lot for my dress but she was always professional
They are all really reassuring, professional, and efficient.
As for mummy Josabi, I have no words: she is just amazing.
It was a super nice experience 😍😍😍
Thank you Josabi❤️

Assanatou T.

Burkina Faso
December 19, 2020

(Translated from French) Josabi, you allowed me to have the perfect dress of my dreams. I contacted Dafra earlier this year; to tell the truth, I had some reservations because I was wondering if she would meet my criteria, but she exceeded my expectations. From the creation of the dress to the delivery date, she listened. Every detail was taken into account. Thanks to Josabi, I was sure to be unique and beautiful 🤩. Unlike many other vendors who only see weddings as a business relationship, Josabi goes way beyond. They listen and reassure ❤️. I don’t know how to thank Dafra. Thank you very much Josabi, you are the best❤️❤️

champagne lace wedding dress 2 in 1

Emma Audrey S.

Paris, France
December 19, 2020

(Translated from French) I dreamt it and you made it #

It all started long long ago, after I was exhausted because i couldn’t find me Dream dress anywhere. A Friend told me try to check out Josabi. I was not sure at the beginning, and i was scared because i like touching materials before making choices.
But but she got me 😂. after our first chat, i was sure she was the one. Patient – funny – listening – professional and above all she was interested in what I wanted.
After that, everything happened pretty fast. It was always fun and good humor. finally came the end of the creation process. I was won over.
Everything was quality – quantity – beauty. I cried about it.

Honestly, finding a dress is hard especially since we don’t have a lot of choice and the prices are often exaggerated but with Josabi I got both my drem dress and a good price.
This experience also allowed me to meet great people. With JoSaBi, everything is well thought out, down to alterations and fittings.
I respect their professionalism and respect for the client. The customers are Queens ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️
Kisses to the whole team, my aunt B and Carine.
Love to Dafra Stephanie my New friend

Ugenie D.

Miami, USA
November 21, 2020

Let me start by saying, the anxiety level is always high when buying dresses online. So for a wedding dress, it feels ten times worst. It was a big step for me to fully trust Josabi with my dress without any physical meeting. When I first spoke to Dafra, I felt assured and scared at the same time. She made me feel assured that my dress is possible. Lol I felt scared because everything will be done online. With that being said, we’ve spent days trying to figure what type of dress I wanted. Dafra was very patient, open-minded, and supportive to my ideas. Even when I would text her to change some of my ideas and come up with something new, she would still show support to my ideas. It was a wonderful experience building and designing my dress. Even though it was online, I felt really involved throughout the whole process. They would send me pictures and videos of the process. These updates meant a lot. At the end, the dress was everything I wanted. At first sight of my dress, I almost cried. The reason I did not cry was because I took a deep breath and told myself to pull it together😭😭. I need to cry on this dress on the wedding day, not now 😂. The overall experience was amazing and my dress was beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever say thank you enough to Dafra, and the josabi team. It was an honor working with y’all, and I’ll forever remember you in the best way❤️❤️❤️ May God keeps on blessing you abundantly ❤️.

Mina T.

Burkina Faso
November 7, 2020

(Translated from French) I am here to tell you about my dress This dress … Hmmm (A little cliché, but true) I am one of those women who had never really thought about or even imagined what her future wedding dress could look like… Until it was necessary to find one. I was only sure of one thing, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible (it is a long day) and I wanted my dress to represent me. Through it alone, I wanted to express who I am. This is where JoSaBi appeared, like my fairy Godmother. As I had been advised, I did not contact several designers. I actually only contacted one and it was Josabi. By the way, I hadn’t done any research and had no pictures or types of dress to show her. From our first interaction, I was immediately seduced. As I said, I had no clear ideas. She walked me through things step by step, and accompanied me throughout. She guided me by making suggestions, while respecting what I wanted. Suddenly, for the first time, I start researching wedding dress styles. I found a silhouette I loved, the sheath dress. I wanted short sleeves, and a small train. I then tell her I need a touch of bogolan on the dress, and I did not want a long veil. She came up with the idea of ​​the bogolan belt on my dress, and the bogolan flowers on my veil. The Josabi team is wonderful, warm and incredibly helpful. On the big day, the teammate assigned to dress me arrived well ahead of time, and her joie de vivre made me forget my stress; she made me laugh while I was getting ready. I am #Teamjosabi Congratulations and good luck on everything!

Robe de mariée trapèze en dentelle pour mariée ronde

Arlette L.

Burkina Faso
November 7, 2020

(Translated from French) It all started one morning in August 2020. My wedding day was scheduled for early November 2020, I did not know what to decide dress wise. My major concern, being a curvy young woman, was where to find THE dress that would bring out the best in me, making me stand out. After much hesitation, I contacted Josabi. I was pleasantly surprised by their availability, kindness, listening skills and attention to detail. After 3 days of exchanges, my designer made me a sketch, and my dress was just as I had imagined it in my mind … light, floaty and Airy. With these few lines, I wanted to say thank you to the entire Josabi team. Thank you for helping to make my day so beautiful. To all future brides, I highly recommend Josabi🥰

Robe de mariée princesse avec une traine

Hapsa O-B.

Burkina Faso
August 8, 2020

Big thank you to the whole Josabi team for creating my wedding dress exactly as I imagined it, the result was simply MAGNIFICENT and well beyond my expectations, plus ZERO ALTERATIONS NEEDED! It was a real pleasure working with you.

Mermaid wedding dress back detail

Ginette S.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
March 7, 2020

First of all, thank you to JoSaBi for making me look amazing on my wedding day !!! thank you for listening, your overall promptness, your patience. you are such a professional team. trust them, ladies, your dress always arrives on time, and everything is always done with so much care !!! good luck to JoSaBi, you are the best ….

Illusion back mermaid wedding dress

Oumou D.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
February 15, 2020

My greatest adventure for my wedding was with Josabi … a great team that listens to you and guides you in your choices. What amazed me the most was that, on the day of my fitting, when I tried my dress, there were ABSOLUTELY no alterations to do. Everything was perfect. On the wedding day, I received nothing but compliments. I started the adventure with a stranger but in the end, I had big sisters and an auntie. Really – they know how to do their job. Big thanks to Josabi for making me a princess. My husband didn’t cry like I wanted, but he was still pretty speechless. You really are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰

Mermaid wedding dress with long train by JoSaBi Mariées

Yasmin B.

Burkina Faso
January 11, 2020

I discovered Josabi on Facebook while looking for my wedding dress. I was immediately impressed by the beauty of her dresses. So my choice was made, after weeks of searching for the “perfect dress”.
I admit that I was a little stressed to order my dress online and remotely, but Josabi was always available and knew how to listen to me, advise me, guide me. She really took care of me.
The dress was beautiful and perfectly fitted to my size, no alterations were made at all.
Thank you Josabi ❤️

JoSaBi Arielle Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Arielle Y-N.

Ottawa, Canada
December 28, 2019

Thank you Josabi for exceeding my expectations. I really felt like a princess on my wedding dress and had such a blast wearing both of my dresses. Thank you for your patience during all the process of creating them, your assistance all way to the day I was able to wear them, your advice, and for just being you. I have had the best experience ever and I would choose you again and again if I had to redo it all. I feel very blessed that I know you and that my dress was created by my big sister. I am very thankful and hope that people will continue to see the talent in you and you will touch more lives and make the happiness of many more brides, just like you did for me.

Robe de mariée princesse basque peplum volants

Ketsia K.

December 28, 2019

A dynamic team, a lady very attentive to her customers, and finally an exquisite princess dress … nothing was missing to complete my wedding. When I contacted JoSaBi for my dress I was very apprehensive, I was not sure that I had made the right choice, but I was surprised at the fitting. There was nothing to say; she made my dream dress down to the smallest details. I really felt like a princess in my dress. And to complete it all, I had the privilege of being dressed by a very nice lady, attentive to the smallest details as well. My husband and I say thank you very much for helping to make our marriage perfect. God bless you and keep us together for a long time.

mermaid wedding dress with sleeves

Sandrine H.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
December 14, 2019

(Written by the bride’s sister Nadine)

Hmmm, don’t we say that better late than never☺️. I come today, after almost 5 months to say THANK YOU, thank you to Mrs. Josabi (as I like to call her). Thank you for the exceptional work she did for my sister’s dress. I have no words. Our collaboration started at the beginning of 2019 and I admit that I was hesitant (I assure you it was not because of the quality of their dresses, which is amazing), but after contacting several providers, my sister and I chose her. And from that moment, we went from awesome surprise to awesome surprise, until the day when the dress finally arrived in Ouaga and my sister wore it. Frankly, I have no words, the dress was just more than perfect, better than we ever imagined. The wh0le team just deserves a huge WOW, they do their jobs with their hearts and that makes all the difference, nothing to do with certain providers who are just after the money. Mrs. Josabi, thank you, thank you, thank you. To all those who thinking about to committing, I recommend JoSaBi 1000%, you will not be disappointed at all; on the contrary, they will amaze you🤩🤩🤩 PS: I regretted not having known JoSaBi when I got married 😄😄, but one thing is certain: she is requisitioned to make the dresses for all those who will follow in the family; as a matter of fact, I already recommended her around me, and she is already doing my friend’s gown 😁😁. Okay, I’ll stop rambling 😅😅 May God bless Josabi, make it prosper and bless all the employees so that they always continue to work with the heart.

Medhina N-D.

New York, USA
December 12, 2019

That dress was a dream come true! Wow, wow I am speechless. I felt like Cinderella, my dress was more than I was expected and the real magic was the love and the care that you have for your brides. Most importantly, your devotion to what you do. I can still hear your voice telling me “no worries; we will bring your dream grown to life, and you will happy”. Even though I changed my style many times,you were there for me all the time, patiently listening to all the details. You took your time to find me the perfect place . Although my dress was made a year prior, it was altered within 2days for my wedding because of the time crunch at the end. The quality was exclusively amazing. The Josabi team is very professional, and my day of assistant Nandy, the lady with a big heart, Also loves what she doing so much. She helped me out so much on my day, she did not think twice to follow us around for photos, and she even gave me her shoes for me to be comfortable. My experience with Josabi was outstanding, everything was all about me. And trust me, every future bride should experience those moments with Josabi. I definitely recommend Josabi to you ladies, she is the best of best, best designer ever. Without a doubt, I was the most beautiful bride of 12/12/20.

Laurence Conception K.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
November 30, 2019

Josabi Mariées 😍😍😍 My Josabi 2 in 1 (detachable) wedding dress was a fairy tale🤩✨✨ from its conception to the drawing to the creation, until I wore it the day of my wedding. Josabi allowed me to live my fairy tale and I thank her CEO very much. I contacted several companies for the creation of my wedding dress but when I started chatting with the CEO of Josabi, there was no longer any doubt in my mind. I immediately felt confident.

A consultation via whatsapp was promptly scheduled. She was so attentive, enthusiastic, gentle, humble and really thorough on the smallest details (and God knows how much I care about the details). Full of initiatives, she offered to embroider something personal on certain parts of my dress. So, I picked the initials of my husband and I (C&C) engraved inside the dress right next to my little heart 😊; our favorite biblical verse was hidden under one of the pleats of my dress.

My gown was delivered in Ouagadouou on time, and for the fittings, everything was managed by the CEO remotely through her Ouaga team. On the Big Day, I was treated to a dressing assistant from the Josabi Ouaga team who was so sweet; she made sure my dress was worn like a piece of art 😍. In addition to this, after the wedding, I got a free extra sketch of my husband and I as a gift from the CEO and the sketch artist, because they loved our wedding day looks! Thank you again for your participation into making our wedding day magical. Our collaboration was really fun as you said, and my dress was just as unique as I wanted it to be. I forgot 🤦🏾‍♀️ I would also like to salute the initiative she took to create a whatsapp group with my 2 MOHs, as well as the whole JoSaBi ouaga team who had to receive the dress and schedule fittings. It was really a great idea because it made the task much easier on my end. Everything could be managed directly with my MOHs, who were immediately aware of anything that had to be done and could answer on my behalf when I was out running errands 😍😍😍. If you need a dress for your wedding, I recommend Josabi wherever you are in the world. Good luck to Josabi❤️😘😘

JoSaBi Christine in her detachable ball gown wedding dress

Christine D.

Dakar, Sénégal
November 16, 2019

I really got the dress of my dreams with Josabi! The communication with the team was fluid, warm and at the same time very professional! I found a very attentive, detail-oriented team that brought all of my ideas together in a dress that was magnificent, reperesented my taste and was high- quality! Thank you Josabi ❤️ I highly recommend them!

fitted mermaid wedding dress

Habiba Mariam T.

Burkina Faso
September 26, 2019

(Translated from French) Thank you to JOSABI for this wonderful and beautiful adventure we had over several months. I was delighted to work with you and FULLY satisfied with my dress. All the emotions I wanted to feel for that day were there and I was overwhelmed. An attentive team, available (even for last-minute changes 😅), and super versatile (Ms. JOSABI turns into a wedding planner, stylist, and even an anti-stressor). My adventure can be summed up in two words: TOTALLY SATISFIED. The dress exceeded perfection, and that without a single alteration). Thank you JOSABI, thank you Mrs. SANOU, thank you Carine. I highly recommend.

Off white color mermaid wedding dress

Lydie O.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
August 3, 2019

(Written by the bride’s sister, Dorcas)

Lydia was radiant, resplendent, and unique on her wedding day. Her dress really was flawless, clearly a JoSaBi! For all of you who dream of a custom-made dress, don’t hesitate to contact JoSaBi! Thank you so much, the words just fail me to express my gratitude!

Gesly Astrid F.

Quebec, Canada
August 3, 2019

For my religious wedding on August 3rd 2019, I had the honor and the privilege to wear my Diamond dress by Josabi, A choice that I am far from regretting. Working with Josabi and all her team was pure happiness. She is very caring. Always in a good mood, attentive, and reassuring. Professionalism and satisfaction are the key words of her craft. With her, I slept peacefully without worrying about anything. My dress was perfect, down to every detail. Not a single alteration was needed. I recommend it to 100000000%. You will not be disappointed. With Josabi, the dress of your dreams will become reality. Thanks youuuuu big sis. #TEAMJOSABI Josabi Astrid the Diamond Bride

Bride wearing a custom ivory JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress

Sirata S.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
July 27, 2019

I hereby come through this post to share my JOSABI experience. First of all, their assistance during the process is next to none. They really listen throughout the whole process and guide us in order to achieve the perfect choice. We can really say that they transform our dreams into reality. Then, the finished product is really awesome. Personally, I loved my dress and the whole creation process went perfectly. Also, the delivery timelines were reasonable and respected. Finally, the communication was also fluid. They always answer questions as soon as possible, and keep us informed of any changes. Most importantly, the value for money is honestly fair. In short, I highly recommend JOSABI for all these reasons mentioned above. Thank you Josabi for helping to make my 27th of July unforgettable 😘

Carole Daphné O.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
July 6, 2019

Hello everyone, it’s been 7 months since I was dressed by JoSaBi for my wedding (July 06, 2019). All in all, my adventure with JoSaBi started in November 2018 thanks to my big brother. I know, right? I started to go around the city in search of my dress without exactly knowing what I wanted. After having found nothing, I was a bit dejected. Enter my brother one evening, saying “ I know who will make your dress”. And that’s how I heard Dafra’s name for the first time. I was wondering who she was, and was not sure I could trust someone remote, but I graciously accepted her number and Facebook page to end the discussion. I didn’t even visit the page🤭. That all happened in September 2019 I think. Finally, it was in November that I decided to message JoSaBi on WhatsApp. And there it was: an immediately attentive response and had of help to try to help me figure oit what I wanted… because I still did not know what I wanted. But I knew what I didn’t want though 🙈😅. Josabi never tired of helping me; even when I went days without answering her, she was always by my side and always wanted to work with me 😂😂 So we talked for a long time. Then came the day when JoSaBi sent me an idea that made me go: yes it’s me and it looks like me!!!! We started from there and modified everything I wanted (lace, color and everything). This is how our adventure started! And it was actually when I was choosing the style of my veil that I told Dafra that it was my brother who told me about her; she was so excited! (They went to primary school together🤗). And frankly, in my search for a wedding dress, I got a big sister; yes a real big sister and even a family !!! Josabi = attentive, patient, professional, loving, respectful, punctual. My dress arrived super promptly and it was way better than I expected. The fitting was great without any alterations needed. Everything was perfect. To you reading this, I would recommend JoSaBi with my eyes closed. She listens to you, and knows how to meet your expectations. I’m pretty complicated and picky but I had nothing to say. Everything was perfect. Do not hesitate to contact her and her team!

Sophie with her groom in her custom JoSaBi satin wedding dress

Sophie D.

Dakar, Sénégal
June 29, 2019

A very attentive team, who really knows how to turn our thoughts into the actual dress of our dreams❤ …. I highly recommend them, you will not be disappointed!

Tagèle P.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
June 22, 2019

I had the great pleasure to order my dress from Josabi! Congratulations to this fun, jovial and efficient team! You guys did a great job, and I would like to especially thank you for the patience you have shown towards me. You were very good at creating the dress of my dreams! Congratulations, and good luck to Josabi!

detachable sheath wedding dress

Clarisse A.

Lomé, Togo
March 21, 2019

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude when I think about the wonderful JoSaBi team. From the 1st day, until the day of the wedding and even beyond, the team was present. The dress of my dreams has become a reality. Thank you Josabi. I highly recommend them!

Aïcha T.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
February 9, 2019

I highly recommend them. A dynamic and attentive team. Clear timelines and reasonable prices. I am more than satisfied. Thanks to Josabi for making the dress of my dreams, for one of the most beautiful days of my life.

sweetheart mermaid wedding dress

Mariam Z-I.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
January 25, 2019

I am writing to thank you for creating the most sumptuous of wedding dresses, just for me. From the first day I got in touch with Dafra, I knew that I would find my happiness and that I could trust her 100%; I was not disappointed. So thank you for your welcoming demeanor, your kindness, your work. Thank you for listening to me, for taking into account my desires and especially for advising me so well. My dress was really perfect, I had so many compliments!

JoSaBi Amélia thumbnail

Aïda Amélia T.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
January 9, 2019

I can only highly recommend Josabi because I am a very difficult person, super picky and detail-oriented. She still blew me away.

We started talking about 6 months ago. I changed my mind a few times, but I always knew I wanted above everything a blingy, bright white dress, that looked and felt like me.

And of course, I also wanted my dress yesterday 😂😂😂 I was a super impatient bride.

Josabi took the time to listen to me. She crafted the dress I wanted, down to the smallest details and especially in the time frame I requested. Just Flawless.

I want to thank you and your entire team for your availability, your patience, your kindness and above all your love, especially you and mom.

Thank you thank you 😊 may the Almighty always guide and accompany you. I wanted a dress, I got a family. Thanks again. 🥰

Deborah B.

Atlanta, USA

I can’t stop raving about how amazing Josabi was! The process was hassle free, and I ended up with the most amazing designer dress. I received daily updates when I requested them, the price was so great for the product and I felt confident and amazing on my special day. I would recommend Josabi to any bride if you really want to make that day your own. Go for it with no hesitation. I am definitely a happy bride and love my wedding pictures! Thanks Dafra and Josabi! ❤️

Laetitia wearing a custom JoSaBi wedding dress and her husband on their wedding day

Laetitia B.

Dakar, Sénégal

The only word that comes to mind is THANK YOU The dress is ultra mega perfect. My dress for the best day of my life Thank you Josabi for making me his queen …..

Custom A line lace wedding dress by JoSaBi

Laetitia D-Z.

Arras, France

I still remember my first discussion with Josabi, she immediately listened despite the distance … we discussed a lot about the choice of fabrics, color, veil, textures … there is no nothing to say, she is an expert. Over time she became much more than my designer ❤️ From conception to reception, everything went well and she was always there to manage my stress as a future bride. A big big thank you for your patience and your kindness, your sense of service, and your availability. The dress was just perfect 😻 and the quality is huge, 1000 thanks darling ❤️