Alex’s Silver Beaded Sheath Wedding Dress

silver wedding dress

Hello dear readers. Are you ready for a unique wedding dress? Let us introduce you to JoSaBi Alex. As you are going to see, we worked hand in hand with her to literally create her dress from thin air- including MAKING THE ACTUAL FABRIC!! She dreamt of a very special dress with no comparable equivalent in the bridal world… Saying that she achieved it would be an understatement, and we were so grateful to be along for the ride.

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Alex’s glamourous silver beaded wrap wedding dress

JoSaBi Alex had a specific idea for her wedding dress. Indeed, she wanted to feel like a movie star at her own wedding. She wanted to ooze old Hollywood glamour, luxury, and sparkle without being tasteless. Indeed, at first sight, her dress looks “simple” … while being anything but.

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robe de mariée argentée

Designing Alex’s liquid silver wedding dress

The Brief

Alex wanted her dress to enhance her body. She literally wanted to look like a magical,  shimmering waterfall. The initial assignment was, therefore, to CREATE a fabric that would make sense for that purpose. 

The actual dress’s design was a classic and classy wrap sheath, with a hand-beaded belt cinching Alex at the waist and highlighting her gorgeous figure. Simple, but NOT simplistic.

The Design Process

Fortunately, JoSaBi Alex contacted us long before her big day. Therefore, we had a margin to create her fabric, and we went all in. That meant creating some samples, choosing the perfect combination of custom beadwork, making actual fabric out of it, and then creating the dress. We pulled all the stops! That process alone took a few months, but the result was spectacular!

Then, because her dress style was focused on her silhouette, we created a muslin to nail her body proportions. After that fitting, we went on to create the actual gown.  The process was smooth, and the dress came together beautifully. After the final videos,  we shipped her dress.

Very few alterations were needed (our bride had lost more weight),  and the dress fitted JoSaBi Alex perfectly. She looked stunning, like a modern Marilyn Monroe.

Alex wanted her silver wedding dress to look like a magical,  shimmering waterfall.

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Wedding day for JoSaBi Alex

JoSaBi Alex had her wedding in Arizona, amidst stunning outdoor scenery, surrounded by her family and close friends. She walked like a true movie star among the cacti and other desert flora. Her turquoise earrings were to die for!

Congratulations, JoSaBi Alex! We were so happy to contribute to your dream dress. It was one of a kind. We wish you the best to your couple and infinite happiness.

Thanks for reading this story! Of course, more are on the way!  We genuinely have a blast when we work on original designs and bring a bride’s ideas to life. We appreciate you reading about our adventures.

Have a great day, and see you soon!

As usual,  in the meantime, we are here if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

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