Tiffany’s 2 in 1 Satin Wedding Dress

2 in 1 satin wedding dress

Hello, dear reader! Sometimes, it takes a few tries to get something right. Creating magic takes effort, and the first try is only sometimes the right one. The most important thing, however,  is always to dust oneself off and try again. Today, with JoSaBi Tiffany, you’ll get to see another 2-in-1 satin wedding dress, but you will also see how we worked with a bride on a time crunch, who had been disappointed by another designer but still wanted to wear the perfect dress for her wedding.

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2 in 1 satin wedding dress

Tiffany’s dreamy 2-in-1 satin wedding gown.

JoSaBi Tiffany was planning a lavish wedding, and she knew from the beginning that she was looking for a 2-in-1 satin wedding gown with pearls and sparkle to match the vibe of her nuptials. She had a clear idea of the style she was after and had already taken the time to gather her ideas and share them with another designer. The result of that interaction was not what she was after,  but she did not give up on her vision. Instead, she worked with JoSaBi Mariées to recreate her dream dress correctly. We went over every detail, worked together to change a few things, and eventually ended up with a plan.

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robe de marie 2 en 1 en satin

 Designing Tiffany‘s champagne satin gown with a detachable train

The Brief

As mentioned, JoSaBi Tiffany’s idea was a glamorous 2-in-1 satin wedding dress for her September wedding. She wanted beading, pearls, and crystals, woven together in a complex way to make every element shine but without any single one overpowering another. She was also set on a detachable element for her gown, so that she may rock several looks throughout the evening. Finally, she did not want white and was more attracted to a sophisticated champagne hue.  A deep V neckline and a corset back completed the vision.

The Design Process

JoSaBi Tiffany was on a time crunch so she sent her measurements very quickly so we may get started. Our amazing sketch artist worked fast and produced four different sketches in no time. These illustrations allowed us to agree on the perfect density for the pearls.

Then, we followed up with videos very quickly and showed her the neckline, fit, beading, and other details in real time. Tiffany was an absolute pleasure, and collaborated with us like a champ- we were able to move super fast.

Finally, we worked on her beaded headband and veil, and the total look was completed. The dress was shipped immediately and arrived well in time for the wedding, and we were ready for the big day.

JoSaBi Tiffany wanted beading, pearls, and crystals for her 2 in 1 satin wedding dress.

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JoSaBi Mariées review

JoSaBi Tiffany: a luxurious and distinguished bride

JoSaBi Tiffany got married in a very elegant venue in Texas. It was such a gorgeous wedding! There were some afrobeat dancers, the bridesmaids were gorgeous, and the groomsmens’ suits were very unique, with a red scarf somewhat reminiscent of King T’Challa’s Ikire Jones outfit at the UN in The Black Panther.  Red roses were everywhere, and our JoSaBi bride was absolutely glowing. It was amazing to see her vision finally come to life.

Thank you so much JoSaBi Tiffany for choosing us, and congratulations on your union! You looked like a dream, and we couldn’t be prouder to have served you! Your wedding was one for the books, and we are still looking at your photos- it was indeed a beautiful celebration.

We hope you enjoyed this story and that you are ready for the upcoming ones! Thank you for your time, as always.

We are here if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

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