Shauna’s Blue Ballgown Wedding Dress

Hello everyone, how are you all today? Very well, we hope. Question: did you always picture yourself in a white wedding dress, or did another color ever make the cut? At JoSaBi Mariées, we are lucky to be able to create dresses of all hues, with more and more unique combinations. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to JoSaBi  Shauna, who got married with the exact dress she had envisioned: a perfect, stunning, and unique blue wedding dress. Sharing all the details behind this stunning creation below; grab your favorite beverage and enjoy!

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Shauna’s delicate Ice Blue Wedding Dress

Our fantastic bride came to us with a clear, fun, and unique idea: a light blue wedding dress with an insane amount of details: 3D ruffles, crystals, and layers of lace. She wanted her gown to reflect her personality and love for color.

Indeed, Shauna had never imagined herself in a white wedding dress (as a matter of fact- her mom had worn a yellow gown for her own wedding)! As a result, she came to us to bring together all the ideas in her mind, but in the perfect shade of blue.

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 Designing Shauna‘s gorgeous ice blue wedding dress

The Brief

JoSaBi Shauna’s dream dress for her summer wedding was a magical blue ballgown with lace details on the bust, beading all over, 3D ruffles, and a wavy pattern on the skirt. It packed a punch in the detail department, and we could not wait to get started on this beauty.

The Design Process

When we started working with JoSaBi Shauna, we gathered the best elements from all her inspirations: light blue color, 3D beading, V back,  sheerness, ballgown, and ruffles. Moreover, the dress had to be light and adapted to the summer heat while being careful not to expose our bride. Choosing the right blue was essential. So, we sent some samples to our sweet bride for her to choose her favorite hue. In the meantime, we got to sketching and created the perfect dress on paper. 

In production, we played a lot with layers to find the right balance of sheerness and color saturation. Then, we added intricate floral lace, ruffles, and beading to the canvas in a cohesive way to show off the color even more. In the end, the dress looked amazing, detailed, sparkly, delicate, and just one of a kind.

Finally, we shipped Shauna’s couture wedding dress over to California. She was lucky to receive her dress directly from our founder: Dafra! No alterations were needed, and JoSaBi Shauna was ready for her big day.

Shauna’s blue wedding dress had it all: beading, V back,  sheerness, and ruffles.

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JoSaBi Shauna’s wedding day

Our bride and her beau had their wedding by the river last August- with their brand new baby girl in tow, sweet baby S. 

JoSaBi Shauna was stunning in her blue dress and blue veil. She honestly looked phenomenal. Have a peek at her wedding pictures- they are unreal! 

Thank you so much, JoSaBi Shauna!!!! Working with you was such a rewarding experience, and we can’t thank you enough for picking us to bring your stellar blue wedding dress to life. Creating is our mission, and we got to be so creative with this dress- we are forever grateful! 

As you can see, while white is timeless, wedding dresses in another color can be extraordinary. Whether you opt for a classic white dress or a creative one with unusual shades, we are here to assist you in making your dream dress come true! 

As usual, we are grateful to you for having spent some time reading one of our wedding dress stories. We have more in store, so stay tuned!

See you soon.

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