Jenny’s Blush A line lace wedding dress

Hello dear readers! How is life treating you? Today, we would like to introduce you to JoSaBi Jennifer (or Jenny) and her gorgeous blush A-line wedding dress, a real beauty.

Our bridal adventure started last year, and we worked hand-in-hand on her dress for several months. Are you ready to see how Jennifer got the dress she was dreaming of? Let’s unveil each phase of the dress creation process…

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Jennifer’s  dreamy blush A-line lace wedding dress

JoSaBi Jennifer is very detail-oriented and knew precisely what she was looking for. She tried several dresses from famous bridal shops but could not find the ONE. She hence came back to us with a specific vision of her dream dress, created from the compilation of many elements she liked from the several dresses she tried on. We analyzed her ideas, went over photos together, added inspirations from the JoSaBi studio, Pinterest, and other places, and eventually built Jenny’s unique dream gown.

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 Designing Jennifer‘s wedding dress: a journey filled with meaning and intention.

The Brief

Our JoSaBi Jennifer was looking for a blush A-line lace wedding dress with beaded lace details on the bust, thick straps in the front, and a deep V back. She wanted her dress to represent her love for her partner and how their affection was growing like a tree, as well as how their union meant their lives were now intertwined like branches. It was such an incredibly fun dress to create! 

The Design Process

After visiting some bridal shops, JoSaBi Jennifer shared pictures with our team and told us what she wanted.  We exchanged for a few days and were able to tease out the silhouette she felt more comfortable with and went with that (A line). 

The next step was to bring her ideas to life through a careful choice of fabrics, trimmings, and beading materials. We opted to represent Jenny’s love of nature with a very pretty floral lace, paired with another one that had branch details on it. We then sketched the dress to show how the lace would be placed to look like a growing tree, with its branches delicately climbing up Jenny’s back from her waist, akin to wispy vines. Delicate beading completed this feminine and airy design.

This abundance of details made this dress amazing and unique, just like its wearer!

We created a muslin dress for this design. This approach is to help our brides to have a clear picture of their dress before the real one goes into production, and trying it on also serves as a fitting. JoSaBi Jennifer flew into the San Francisco Bay Area and met with Dafra to try on the muslin dress, allowing us to tweak some measurements and ensure a great fit. From there, things moved super fast. As always, we sent our bride plenty of photos and videos to see the progression of her dress and have her check it was going in the exact direction of what she was looking for.

Fun fact: Jenny’s veil was just as intentional as her dress. Her ring is a gorgeous pear diamond with a remarkable scalloped band. We found a lace that was very close in its pattern to the veil, so our bride’s personality would be reflected in every inch of her JoSaBi Mariées look. Such a fun touch. 

Finally, JoSaBi Jennifer got her dress and secretly tried it on with a big smile on her face. No alterations were needed besides adding pockets and a bustle!  She was more than ready for her wedding.

This abundance of details made Jenny’s A-line Blush wedding dress unique, just like its wearer.

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Jennifer’s wedding: A fancy affair in Sunny California

JoSaBi Jennifer got married in sunny California and looked divine and happy! Of course, her wedding was very detailed, just like her A-line blush lace wedding dress. Indeed, she wore very delicate jewels that went with the floral lace on her dress and a lovely boho fishtail braid with tiny flowers in her hair. From the live violinist to the custom boba drinks, her big day radiated happiness, love, and fun.

Congratulations, JoSaBi Jenny!  We loved working with you; creating your delicate dress was so much fun! You allowed us to push our limits and trusted our creativity- we are forever grateful.  We wish you and your husband all the best in your new adventure, and may you be more in love with every passing day.

So, are you like JoSaBi Jennifer, who loves details and planning? So do we! What details are a must for your big day and your big day dress? Let us know, and send us a message when you are ready to start creating.

As usual, we are here if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

Until then, stay safe. Love,


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