Adeline’s Low Back Wedding Dress with Ostrich Feathers

Hello everyone! Have you been invited to a wedding recently? Were you gaping at the wedding dress? Because today, we will introduce you to JoSaBi Adeline and her low-back wedding dress with ostrich feathers and listen… The fact that the dress was literally made in our studio did not stop us from being floored by how incredible she looked. As you will see, she chose the perfect dress for her body shape and overall charisma. Spoiler alert: Details galore.

low back wedding dress ostrich feathers

Adeline’s low back wedding dress with ostrich feathers

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From the beginning, JoSaBi Adeline had a sense of style that was second to none. She knew what she wanted: an open back, ruffled sleeves, pearled wings, ostrich feathers… an abundance of luxurious details that made complete sense for this luxe bride.

We understood that we were aiming for elegance, allure, and sexiness mingled with finesse. Her dress was unlike anything we had seen before (to be fair, all JoSaBi Mariées gowns are. The beauty of going custom is real.)

Designing Adeline’s low back wedding dress

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The Brief

JoSaBi Adeline’s plan was clear, with many unique elements infused into it. She wanted a very low back, first of all. Then, she wanted sleeves that would look unique; we opted for a beaded and ruffled look with a married structure and texture.  

The rest of the gown was to flow from these two points: the front would be a low-cut V, barely showing off her cleavage. The bodice would be fitted and adorned in high-end lace to grace her svelte physique. The train was to be fun, and our bride would forgo a veil and instead opt for wings flowing from the sleeves. My oh my.

The Design Process

We began by choosing a delicate lace; the style was very grand, so the lace had to be as well. Then, at the sketching stage, our bride started to picture herself a bit more in her dress. That is when she actually realized that she preferred the dress without the long sleeves she had initially envisioned, so we took those away. We also suggested balancing the look with a slit, and we finalized its location after a few rounds of drawings. 

Regarding the other details: the low back was to be a statement, so we decided to bead it to perfection with cascading crystals and glass beads. Dafra then suggested a triangular train to stick with the avant-gardist vibe of the dress and recommended the train be adorned with ostrich feathers. Love. 

Finally, the Watteau wings were not to be left out; Dafra decided to adorn them with hand-sewn pearls, so they would glimmer softly as Adeline strutted down the aisle and be the perfect texture to frame the spectacular back of the gown. 

After finalizing each aspect of the dress, we were off to the races. A few weeks after kicking off the project, we started sending videos, which helped Adeline to start seeing herself in her gown. We worked tirelessly to nail the vision, and a few months later, Adeline’s amazing low-back wedding dress with ostrich feathers was ready! 

We shipped it straight to Burkina Faso, and no major alterations were required when our bride arrived home from Canada for her wedding.

Adeline’s low-back wedding dress was beaded to perfection with cascading crystals and glass beads.

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JoSaBi Adeline’s wedding day is here!

Adeline got married last February. For her wedding day, her sense of style shone. She chose the perfect make-up and hairstyle: a bold crimson lip,  paired with a stylish and minimalist high bun. Her dress really embodied her perfectly, and she looked spectacular. The originality of the Watteau train in the back added some queen flair, while the rest of the design screamed high fashion. This dress really was one for the books! 

Congratulations, JoSaBi Adeline! Thanks for working with us to create your amazing gown for your wedding.  We are still speechless when describing your dress and how you looked in it. We wish you decades and decades of happiness in your new life and peace in your new home!

Now, what did YOU think of this amazing dress? What was the coolest part of it? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for hanging out with us. Have a great day, and see you soon for more dresses and awesome tips.

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