Evelyne’s Mikado Ballgown Wedding Dress with a Bow

mikado satin ballgown bow

Hello dear readers! Hoping your day is going stellar. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the radiant JoSaBi Evelyne, who said “I do” to her beau in the sweetest mikado ballgown wedding dress adorned with a bow and a bolero jacket. She worked hand in hand with our team on WhatsApp to create this classic and regal gown, which was delivered to her doorstep.  This lovely bride had only a few months to create her dress.  Want to know how to have a dream dress designed in record time? Keep reading!

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Evelyne’s Mikado Ballgown wedding dress with a bow

JoSaBi Evelyne contacted us after seeing our work on social media… for a wedding only a few months away. We therefore jumped into designing right away! She had a few images ready but wasn’t quite sure how they could flow together for a cohesive look.

We chatted for roughly an hour and were able to tease out what she actually liked from each photo. Words flowed easily, and the design was quickly stitched together and teased out.

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 Designing Evelyne‘s bow-adorned mikado ballgown wedding dress.

mikado satin ballgown bow

The Brief

JoSaBi Evelyne liked the idea of layering, so that she could morph her wedding dress into something entirely different for her reception. She envisioned a sheer jacket, a highlighted waist, lovely beaded lace, and a clean skirt with impeccable workmanship. She loved sweet and feminine details but did not want too many frills.

The Design Process

Within an hour of meeting our bride for the first time, we gathered her ideas into a gorgeous gown within her budget. 

We went for a strapless wedding dress in rich and clean mikado. A simple and clean belt highlighted the waist. We added a gorgeous lace bolero to the design, made from two patterns of high-end lace and hand-beaded to perfection. It provided some modesty on top, of the religious part of her union.

The skirt was, in contrast, voluminous, grand, and princess-like. It featured a few lines of beaded lace to break up the rich mikado satin it was made of, matching with the jacket. We had initially opted for illusion tulle sleeves. Eventually, We went the classic route with an all-white (well, off-white) look, which elevated the look even more and made it feel genuinely royal.

Finally, we added a huge bow to the back of the dress with tails all the way to the floor. It was a feminine yet bold couture detail that really took the dress to the next level.

We were ready to go!

Creating the dress went without a hitch, thanks to the seamless collaboration with our bride. She was super available and kind, and we were super in sync- she loved seeing her dress come to life, video update after video update. We stuck to her brief, and the details we suggested (like the bow) made sense given her personality, so things went super fast!

Her dress was delivered to her well in time for the wedding, and she was ready for the big day.

Evelyne wanted to morph her mikado ballgown wedding dress into something different for her reception.

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Evelyne: a regal gown that made sensation!

JoSaBi Evelyne’s wedding was classy: lots of gorgeous flowers and beautiful scenery. She took lovely photos on a swing dripping with flowers and looked beautiful with her classic bouquet, classy chignon, and understated makeup. A true princess.

Congratulations, JoSaBi Evelyne!  You really nailed it when it comes to simple yet impactful style. Thanks for choosing us to create your mikado ballgown wedding dress with a bow, and may God bless you and your new home!

What about you? Do you have a particular element (like a bow, for example) in mind for your dream wedding dress? Sometimes, a small detail incredibly elevates a design. Keep that in mind, and lean into your uniqueness!

If you need more inspiration or simply love our brides’ stories, keep tuned because more of these are on the way!

In the meantime, stay happy and healthy.

With Love,


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