The First JoSaBi Custom Wedding Dress:Deborah B

Bride Deborah smiling in her custom wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées

23 aug the first josabi custom wedding dress:deborah b

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the JoSaBi Blog, where we often share our brides’ unique and amazing custom wedding dress journeys. As you can imagine, there are a lot of feelings behind each dress. I am excited to share a glimpse of our universe with you.

The First JoSaBi Custom Wedding Dress:Deborah B

Custom wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées


In Spring 2015, I (Dafra) was actually in the middle of getting my own dress custom-made for my wedding in October (this is a story for another time). In the middle of the process, I reconnected with my old friend Deborah. She also happened to be planning her nuptials, due to take place a couple of months before mine. Of course, we bonded over the nonsensical cost of … you know, everything, and she ended up telling me that she was suffering from a bad case of dress regret. Mind you- this was 8-ish weeks away from her wedding.

Deborah in her Custom wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées

But what is dress regret, you ask?

Dress regret could be described as buyers remorse, only for a wedding dress (AKA much, much worse than a pair of shoes). It is sometimes experienced by brides after they rush to buy a dress, buy the dress that their family or bridesmaids like, or simply settle because they cannot find what they really want (Deb’s case).

Deborah's Custom wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées

The design and creation

As I listened to her tell me about her dream dress (which would have a bust with scattered crystals and a dreamy tiered lace train), I started thinking that she was maybe crazy enough to embark on a custom wedding dress journey with me. (Spoiler: she was.) After hurriedly explaining that I could help make her dream come true, we were off to the races. Within days, the team that would eventually become part of JoSaBi’s staff kicked off the dress. We worked super fast, and 6 weeks later- Deb’s dream dress was ready! She received it 2-3 days after completion and needed no alterations, besides adding a bustle. Her wedding day was gorgeous, and she looked amazing in her custom mermaid wedding dress! (After her wedding, she then proceeded to harass me to start a custom dress company. I said no.)

Deborah kissing her groom in a custom wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées

Epilogue (ish)

Mind you, all of this happened during the production of my own dress. However, I can say with certainty that helping Deb create her dress really was my first “spark”. I knew I was thoroughly enjoying the process of making my own dress, but — I mean , it was MY DRESS! However, the incredible amount of fun I had helping another bride create her dream dress (in spite of the time crunch) made me realize I had fallen in love with the creation process. It was super gratifying to see Deb’s custom wedding dress come to life and she was ecstatic to finally have the dress she REALLY wanted.

That moment really was the beginning of the JoSaBi Mariées’ journey. I refused to fully give in to the “spark” then, but it was only a matter of time until JoSaBi became a thing. 3 years to be exact.

Bride Deborah smiling right before walking down the aisle

See Deb’s testimonial on our Facebook Page below (English in the second paragraph), and see you next time for another JoSaBi adventure!

Deborah's facebook testimonial about her custom JoSaBi wedding dress


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