Arlette’s Classic A-Line Lace Wedding Dress

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Hey hey people! How is everyone today? Here’s to hoping you had a stellar day, and that you are staying safe and in good health. We have some eye candy for you today! Indeed, we are happy and excited to share our gorgeous JoSaBi Arlette’s journey. Arlette went for a classic A-line lace wedding dress with tulle accents, 3/4 sleeves, and a lovely crystal belt. Her look was truly a timeless choice; stick around and read on to hear her story!

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A line lace wedding dress plus size
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Arlette’s A-line lace wedding dress’ story

Arlette’s sister in law Caroline contacted us at the beginning of August 2020 about Arlette’s November 7th wedding. We chatted for a few minutes before creating a group chat with the bride herself.

Caroline was a stellar partner and did a lot of the heavy lifting up front. In fact, she really knew what the bride wanted, sent us inspiration images, and discussed several design elements before Arlette herself even made it into the group chat. Caroline was also well versed in Arlette’s taste and knew her sister in law wanted something lovely yet modest, simple but with a wow factor, and princess-like but without unnecessary bulk. Caroline also revealed the bride had already expressed some love for A-line dressesin the past, so we started putting all those elements together to come up with a preliminary idea.

After Arlette joined the group, she loved the progress we had made and was very much in love with the ideas we had already selected, and the brief therefore remained the same. We hence just kept building up from there.

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Designing Arlette’s A-line lace wedding dress

Mariée entourée de ses demoiselles d'honneur

The Brief

The design brief of Arlette’s A-line lace wedding dress was based on who she is as a person: bubbly, in love with movement and pure lines but also simple and modest. We built the dress around those lines.

The Design Process

We avoided too much volume by sticking to an A-line shape, elongated her bust by suggesting a V neckline, and kept everything covered by making the neckline modest and adding 3/4 skin tulle sleeves, peppered with lace details. The bust of the dress had some light beading details for some cheerful accents, and the overall look was
light, flowy, and airy.

The dress was created in off-white,and Arlette opted for a simple but chic cathedral length veil.

The final touch was actually suggested by Arlette’s mother in law and was a great idea: adding a lovely belt at the waist. We opted for a satin one with a crystal accent in the front, tied in the back with a sweet bow. The back of the dress also had a sheer panel at the top, made out of skin tulle with lovely lace accents. The back was closed by a neat row of buttons, and the skirt fanned out in a 1 meter train. Finally, the last 2 additions to the look were a sophisticated raw edge cathedral veil, and lace mitts in skin tulle that melted on the bride’s skin for a tattoo-like effect.

We worked with Caroline and Arlette to create the sketches below, and after they were approved, we kicked off the creation of Arlette’s dress.

plus size luxury custom a line lace wedding dress

Arlette’s trapeze lace wedding dress was based on who she was as a person: fun, and in love with romantic details.


The process was lovely. Arlette was very laid back, and always fast to give us feedback. A few weeks in, we had completed the lace pinning process of her A-line lace wedding dress and moved on to construction. The dress was completed around 3 months after our initial contact, but Arlette wanted longer sleeves than initially envisioned; we hence re-did the sleeves, and were completely done a couple of weeks later. The dress was approved by the bride and delivered to Burkina Faso a few days later. Fittings went well, and by the last week of October, all was ready for the big day.

Robe de mariée trapèze en dentelle pour mariée ronde
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The Big Day Is Here!

Arlette’s wedding was an explosion of floral pink and green. It was such a feminine and decorated affair, and the vibe was soft and joyous. Arlette wore her hair in a half up half down bun, decorated with a tiara and with soft curls cascading down her back. Her makeup was subtle with hints of pale yellow and nude, and her bouquets were lovely pink and green bunches of flowers. The photographer Destiny Events captured the way very well, and she honestly looked stunning in all her photos. Our bride’s A-line lace wedding dress was the perfect addition to her overall look, and she looked soft, elegant, and ethereal.

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Final Thanks!

Robe de mariée trapèze sur mesure manches 3/4 mariée ronde

Thanks so much, Arlette and Caroline for the trust towards JoSaBi! Working with you was a pleasure and such an enjoyable experience. You helped each other out, built on each other’s ideas, and your collaboration created the perfect dress for Arlette. Congratulations to our JoSaBi, and may love and happiness rule your home forever.

That is it for today! We hope you had a great time reading Arlette’s journey, and that her beauty brightened your day! We thank you for your time and wish you a lovely rest of the day, as well as lots of health. Keep being careful, wear your mask, wash your hands, carry that hand sanitizer, and be safe.

See you soon for another gorgeous bride, or for fun tips!
As usual, we are here if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

Until then, stay safe. Love,


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