Habiba’s Ruffled Mermaid Wedding Dress

robe de mariée sirène froufrous

Hello JoSaBi Family, how are you guys today? We hope each person reading this is happy, healthy, and surrounded by love. Today, we are thrilled to share another stunning dress! Indeed, Habiba trusted JoSaBi for her gorgeous ruffled mermaid wedding dress, that she rocked for her September 2020 wedding. Her dress featured a flawless illusion neckline, a fitted mermaid bodice, and a long and plush ruffled train. To learn more, stick around for the story!

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robe de mariée sirène a froufrous
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Background on Habiba’s ruffled mermaid wedding dress

As we mentioned previously, Habiba contacted JoSaBi Mariées in 2019, actually following a conversation with JoSaBi Laeti . Indeed, after reading Laeti’s testimonial on Facebook (without knowing her) she sent her a DM to ask about her experience and subsequently contacted us. Thank you JoSaBi Laeti!

Habiba was already set on having a mermaid wedding dress and knew she wanted a very frothy ruffled bottom. She also had a pretty clear idea of the bodice she wanted. As we soon came to realize, Habiba wanted to be glamorous, but still with a lot of simplicity. As a result, she did not want excessive lace on her dress, or excessive decorations. She was all about visible but understated and delicate details.

As a result, she wanted much of her dress to be kept simple, and opted for pure white . We used her personal style as our guide and built her ideal dress around her likes and dislikes. We hence started envisioning a simpler bodice, featuring an illusion neckline with skin tulle, a lace-up back, and barely-there decorative sleeves.

robe de mariée sirène a frous frous
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The Design Process

fitted mermaid wedding dress

For the design of the dress, given our bride’s requirements, we opted for a thin lace placed on the bust of the dress, and slowly fading towards the sides. We repeated that pattern both in the front and the back, hence ending up with a clean yet decorated look. The bodice went on into a fitted very mermaid shape, showing off her flawless figure. At the knee, right before the flare, we had the same lace in the shape of a diadem, in the back and the front. Juuuust enough, and perfect for our bride!

The sleeves… well, there were almost no sleeves. The dress was not quite sleeveless, but the sleeves were very tiny. The skin-colored tulle neckline came down a few inches on the shoulders and was decorated on the edge by a simple strip of beaded lace. Habiba actually opted for wider sleeves at first, as seen in the initial sketches below. She however came across an inspiration image on our Instagram feed that she loved. She consequently edited her design to emulate that look. (This goes without saying, but future JoSaBi brides: please peruse our Instagram feed! We got some goodies in there!)

robe de mariée sur mesure

For the train, however, Habiba wanted all the drama. ALL OF IT. She wanted a very voluminous mermaid train made out of very dense ruffle work. She loved the poofy look of a thick train, but did not want to drown in ruffles either. Notwithstanding, she did not want to drown in ruffles either. We hence re-thought ruffles (a fairly traditional wedding dress detail) to give it a more modern edge. Instead of the often curly vintage look loved by certain brides, we went more for a contemporary cloud-like feel. The length of the train was a little over 1m. It was perfect for volume and drama.

For her ruffled mermaid wedding dress, Habiba wanted a voluminous train made of dense cloud-like ruffle work.

JoSaBi Habiba
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Creating Habiba’s wedding dress

We kicked off Habiba’s ruffled mermaid wedding dress at the end of August 2019. We sent over mid creation videos in mid-September. The bride was super happy and had no edits. We hence carried on and were 70% done by the end of September.

At the end of October, we sent over the final studio videos, and Habiba was super happy! We took a few days to create the veil; Habiba opted for a simple knee-length veil, with a bit of lacey details around her face. Around the beginning of March, she had her first fitting, which went super well. The dress needed absolutely no alterations, and the bride took it home on the same day!

She had a new fitting in August…. And looked even better in the dress than the first time! It still fit her perfectly and highlighted her body, and she was absolutely stunning. We couldn’t wait for the big day!

Ruffled custom mermaid wedding dress
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Wedding day

Finally, on September 26th, Habiba got married to her love. She looked breathtaking in her dress and was the perfect mix of simplicity and drama. Her hair was expertly coiffed in a dreadlocks updo. Her accessories were perfect, and she looked like a dream. It was really awesome to see her wearing the dress she had put so much effort into creating, and we were over the moon. Her wedding was full of joy and laughter, and she was beautiful!

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Final Thanks!

Thanks so so so much Habiba! You navigated all your planning with such grace and poise, and looked breathtaking on your big day. and looked breathtaking on your big day. Thanks again for trusting us for the special task of creating your dress. We wish you and your husband everlasting love and a long and beautiful union.

Congratulations Mrs. Belemsigri!

Thanks everyone, for reading this far! As usual, we are here if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

Stay well and have a good day!


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