Mermaid wedding dress with back detail for Ginette

Mermaid wedding dress back detail

Good morning JoSaBi family! I hope you guys are doing great and I hope that everybody is safe, even though we’re still in the middle of a pandemic (So please, remember to wash your hands and wear your mask). Today, we are bringing you a very special bride! JoSaBi Ginette chose us to create her gorgeous mermaid wedding dress, for her March wedding in Burkina Faso.  She wanted a mermaid dress with a tulle bottom, some delicate lace accents, but with a twist: the back was to be decorated with unique details. We hence agreed on gorgeous rows of very delicate pearls as a back accent. If you’re interested in Ginette’s journey, please keep reading!

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JoSaBi Custom wedding Dress
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How Ginette chose a mermaid wedding Dress with a back detail


Ginette contacted us around August 2019 for her wedding that was set to take place in January or February 2020. (Side note- brides often contact us without having a set date yet. As a result, every once in a while, we do start dresses as the bride is still finalizing her plans). Ginette was sure she wanted a mermaid silhouette, and it was indeed flattering to her gorgeous figure. She also knew all along she wanted a dress with at least one surprising detail. As a matter of fact, she was already thinking about mermaid wedding dress with back details. Still, we did our due diligence, and in addition to low/sheer backs, looked at unique sleeves, lace accents, high necklines, and more. (Ginette wanted a detail that would also be okay for a church wedding, so we had to keep that in mind.) She toyed with for sleeves for a bit, but eventually opted for something sleeveless. We, therefore, focused on making the back interesting.

Mermaid wedding dress by JoSaBi Mariées
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Mermaid wedding dress with back detail

We considered very cool buttons as a detail option, as well as cute lace accents. Later in the consultation though, we ended up showing Ginette a design that had several rows of pearls on the back… and she fell absolutely in love. We eventually agreed to mix things around a little bit, and alternate rows of pearls, rows of white beads, and rows of transparent glass beads, to create a style that would be very unique to her. Ding ding ding, we had a winner!


As far the bodice was concerned, Ginette knew she wanted lace, but more like an accent with delicate wisps of it artfully scattered around her bodice. For the bottom, however, she wanted it to be as dramatic as ever. She loved the look of tulle, and she wanted a bottom that was super mermaid-ey, with a very voluminous skirt. We hence went for a classic mermaid shape, but with a very, very full and finely pleated tulle skirt. As a result, the look was: the combination of a sleeveless neckline, a very fitted bodice with lace details, and an overall mermaid dress with a back decorated with several rows of pearls as a detail. The bride wanted to be modest for church, so we ended up raising the back a little bit.

Ginette fell in love with the idea of a mermaid wedding dress with a decorative back detail.

Robe de mariée sirène dos en perles
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Creating Ginette’s mermaid wedding dress

We kicked off the creation of the dress at the beginning of September. In October, things were going great. At that point, she received a process video and some photos for her to see how everything was moving. The bride requested no changes the design during the creation, as we really were on the same page since beginning of the process. We understood what she liked and disliked, and put all those details together to create the ideal wedding dress. 3 months later, over the course of the first week of December, her dress was ready. She approved her final videos and photos, and we shipped it over to her in Burkina Faso.. 


At her fitting a few weeks later, it turned out that she actually lost a little bit of weight. The dress was therefore slightly altered to make it more fitted. The mermaid shape was hence even more visible, and everything was ready to go in around a week.

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Wedding Day 


On her wedding day, Ginette looked breathtaking. She paired her dress with a classy low bun with cascading pearls, a muted pink makeup look, and lovely wedding mitts. Her smile was radiant, her makeup flawless and her entourage beautiful. She made an absolutely stunning bride, and her husband absolutely loved her dress too!

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Final Thanks


Ginette, you looked positively amazing! You were also the best bride to work with: kind, light, fun, and laid back. Thanks so much for your trust, and we wish you the best in your new married life. May you forever have a peaceful and fulfilling relationship. Congratulations Mrs. Diop!

That’s all folks! Thank you for hanging out with us as always. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and overall protect yourself and your families. Have a stellar day, and see you soon for more dress adventures! Of course, in the meantime, we are here if you have any questions! You can reach us by leaving a comment, sending an email or through Instagram and Facebook DM.



Thanks to the whole team: