Long Sleeve Beaded Detachable Wedding Dress

Laurence Custom Detachable wedding dress

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the JoSaBi blog! How have you been? We are so excited to chat about Laurence’s mermaid detachable wedding dress today! It was very unique, with amazing details for an overall gorgeous look. A real labor of love we can’t wait to tell you more about!

Laurence’s Mermaid Detachable Mermaid Wedding Dress: The story


Laurence came across JoSaBi in the spring of 2019. She sent us a few messages explaining what she was looking for, and we agreed to schedule a longer consultation later that week. During the consultation, we chatted about things she liked, and started drafting how she envisioned her wedding dress. From lace to sleeves to neckline, we went over every aspect in great detail and made sure we really understood what she wanted. She was a very precise bride, and it was important for her to have a few surprise aspects on her dress to WOW her groom. Moreover, the beginning, we also knew we would be going with a detachable wedding dress silhouette.

Laurence in her Custom Detachable mermaid wedding dress
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After a few hours of chatting, we were able to mostly wrap up the design of the main dress , which had a few salient points: beaded lace, long sleeves on nude tulle and a sexy low back. The dress was to have an illusion neckline in the front and an illusion overlay on the low back.

On the other hand, for the overskirt, we chatted over a few more days.  Laurence wanted something super unique, with some almost “architectural” details. She also wanted the detachable part to be pretty voluminous, and needed it to fasten with the edges very close together, because she wanted the dress below to only be seen as a peekaboo for her entrance (coming back to those surprise element for her groom!). For the detachable wedding dress look she was after, we therefore opted for an overskirt falling in stair-like waves, with gorgeous lace trims on each pleat. The skirt was attached to the dress with some invisible buttons, and was fastened in front with a beautiful crystal belt. As a result, we had details aplenty (which for us means happiness!!!)!

A few design points we used to make Laurence’s dress fully hers: 

  • Adorned the inside of her bust with hers and her fiancé’s initials, in her wedding colors.
  • Hand embroidered a Bible verse under one of the pleats, to accompany her down the aisle.
  • Changed the lace for the overskirt, for a fun contrast. Laurence wanted both pieces to be different enough, but still look like they belonged on the same dress.
  • Both the dress and the overskirt had oval trains; Laurence preferred that shape to classic circular trains.

We used all the details above to create sketches for her dress; and came up with the 4 sketches below (we usually provide 4 sketches for detachable wedding dresses: 2 for the dress under, and 2 for the dress with the overskirt). She approved them, and we were ready to get started!

Designing this dress was a great experience. On one hand, our team got to really work with Laurence to create a work of art. On the other hand, Laurence also got a one of a kind dress with unique details that really meant a lot to her. She 100% embodied one of our main tenets of custom dress design: THINK BIG, and MAKE IT YOURS.

Custom detachable wedding dress design your own dress
Laurence's detachable wedding dress wedding dress sketches

Laurence got a one of a kind dress with details that meant a lot to her.

Creation: Bringing Laurence’s Detachable Wedding Dress to Life

We kicked off the creation of Laurence’s dress in May. Piece by piece, our most skilled seamstresses put the dress together for several months. We sent Laurence a few videos along the way to show her how the dress was coming along, which was helpful as it took several months to come to life. 

Please see below a video of her dress being made, as well as a few images of the unique details she added to her dress. 


In early November, the dress was ready! We sent her final videos for approval and shipped the dress over after we got her final green light. A week later the dress arrived at destination.

Laurence had 2 fittings and ended up taking the dress in a little; the alterations were overall minimal.

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Wedding Day 


On her wedding day, Laurence looked positively radiant. The lace was gorgeous on her skin; the pattern was striking and intricate, and it looked luxurious yet delicate. The beading of the dress made for an amazing 3D effect, and the pearls had a subtle sparkle. She was just breathtaking, and her dress looked amazing. 

Her first look with her groom was also one of the most moving ones ever. The way they looked at each other was so precious, it was the purest thing ever.

Final thoughts


Thanks so so so much Laurence for allowing us to create this detachable wedding dress for you! We are so proud that we got to serve you on your big day, and we wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. Thanks again so much for choosing JoSaBi!

If you have read this far, thanks so much for loving our stories! We appreciate your time, and we wish you a great day; see you soon for another dress adventure.

That’s it for today! As always dear reader, thanks a bunch for reading a new JoSaBi adventure. Have a lovely day, and we will see you soon for another blog post!