Sparkly Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Cassandra Cinderella Cendrillon custom wedding dress

Hi everyone, and welcome (or welcome back) to the JoSaBi blog!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!🥳🥳🥳

May 2020 be the year you fully own how amazing you are, manifest your dream reality and GO HARD after your dreams! Above all, may God keep you and your family happy and healthy.

We are excited to make it even brighter with the dress we are uncovering today! Cassandra’s sparkly and shiny ball gown wedding dress is a beaded and overall gorgeous number we had a great time bringing to life. Let’s dive in!

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Cassie had actually gotten sick in high school, and had missed prom as a result. She had therefore promised herself that, when the time came, she would have a gorgeous wedding dress that would more than make up for it. As a result, she wanted her wedding dress to sparkle, shimmer and shine, as well as represent her personality.

​Fast forward a few years later, Cassandra’s JoSaBi journey started on Facebook, after her and I (Dafra) randomly got to talking about the nontraditional wedding dress she wanted. We quickly took our chat to the DM, and within minutes we were going over her unique (and very crisp) vision for her dress. 

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When we started chatting, it became clear that Cassie loved ball gowns and fairy tales, especially Cinderella. It was therefore only natural to lean towards a sparkly wedding dress.  We hence incorporated fun aspects of THE iconic Cinderella dress (namely ice blue accents and shiny fabric) into Cassie’s wedding dress.

The voluminous yet airy skirt boasted layers upon layers of shimmering tulle, adorned with a lovely blue bow at the base of a laced up back with ice blue laces. Another detail off the beaten paths: Cassie opted for a cape instead of the veil. We made that detail count, and embroidered the cape with a mix of blue flowers and crystal lines.  

However, the showstopper of Cassie’s nontraditional shiny wedding dress was absolutely the bodice! She wanted it to be straight up made out of crystals– period. I recall suggesting other options,  but she knew exactly what she wanted. We therefore went full steam ahead, and paired the crystal bodice with long sheer tulle sleeves, with crystal details on the arms. As you can see, Cassie’s Cinderella wedding dress was super detailed, and mixed together unique elements and fabrics to attain the look she dreamed of.

Love. 😍😍😍

We took all that data and worked it into a sketch to bring the final style to life, so Cassie could officially “meet” her dress. She immediately fell IN LOVE with the sketch, and we were ready to move on to production! 

Cassandra Cendrillon robe de mariée josabi
Cassandra Cinderella wedding dress sketch josabi

We incorporated iconic Cinderella elements into Cassie’s wedding dress.

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Cassie placed her JoSaBi order in April, and we kicked everything off by sending her skin tulle and blue fabric swatches to choose from. She picked her ideal ice blue shade as well as the tulle that matched her skin, and we got to work.

As usual, we sent her a few videos and images along the way to follow the process; she could see her Cinderella wedding dress coming together with each round of photos, and we were also able to check that everything was moving as she wanted.

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The first week of October, the dress was ready! Cassie loved her final videos, and we moved on to shipping. She received her dress within a few days, and was all set for her wedding.

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The Wedding

Cassie’s wedding took place on November 2nd, and she looked happy and radiant!!! Her sparkly wedding dress was one of a kind; it shone all night, and she looked like a fairy tale princess. The skirt, bodice and cape all came together for a unique, one of a kind look and we are in love.

Thanks so much for taking a chance on JoSaBi, Cassie! We were so honored to bring your Cinderella dream dress to life. Working on unique dresses makes us super happy; nontraditional wedding dresses are fun to create, and we are so humbled when brides trust us for their big day. Thanks again Cassie, and we wish you an amazing married life full of laughter and happiness.

If you read so far, thanks as always for hanging out with us! We appreciate your time, and we will see you again soon for another dress adventure.