Detachable Ball Gown Mermaid Wedding Dress

JoSaBi Christine in her detachable ball gown wedding dress

Hi JoSaBi Fam! Welcome back to our blog, where we share extraordinary dress adventures, as well as fun wedding tips. Today, we will be chatting about our bride Christine, who hailed over from Dakar, Senegal. Christine trusted us to create her detachable ball gown wedding dress for her nuptials on November 16th. This dress was so unique- it was a real delight to create with her. We can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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Christine started chatting with our team in April 2019. She wanted a very unique dress for her November wedding in Dakar, and wanted the focus on originality, details and an overall regal feel.  She also needed a 2-in-1 dress with a sexy flair, but was not sure what style to go with. We got to talking, and within a few messages we realized that Christine was in love with a few things: ball gowns , white, details, and quality fabrics. Our bride also knew she wanted short sleeves, and some unexpected touches all over her gown. 

We threw a few ideas around for a few minutes and built upon them. As a team, we ended up on a gem:  a detachable wedding dress, BUT with a FULL ball gown overskirt. We added a “dip” in the middle of said overskirt to fake an opening, but it was actually fully closed. This was a unique take on the detachable shape, featuring a full detachable ball gown skirt on the wedding dress, instead of the classic overskirt with an opening in the front.

The result was hence really 2 dresses: ball gown for church and a gorgeous mermaid dress underneath for the reception. For said mermaid dress, Christine wanted a classic off-the-shoulder look with gorgeous lace and sheer details in the back. We added some hand beading to the front of the dress for some extra texture, and a luxurious feel. 

The detachable ball gown part of the wedding dress  was also rich in details. We went with a mix of large, medium and small flowers all over the skirt, concentrated around the waist and the lower third of the dress. We made sure to artistically mix the sizes, and played quite a bit with the spacing and placement during production. Christine wanted the overall look to be richly decorated, but still tasteful. For the front closure, our initial hunch was to add a buckle to the detachable ballgown overskirt (as seen in the sketches below), but we ended up moving towards a mix of flowers to cover the waistband. All this was done in lockstep with the bride.

Christine's detachable ball gown wedding dress sketches

The detachable ball gown part of the wedding dress  was rich in details.

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We kicked off Christine’s detachable ball gown wedding dress in May. We took our time with the details, tried a few placements, and worked with the bride to get the perfect look.

We sent her production videos and photos throughout, as usual.

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The dress progressed easily until its completion in October. As usual, we sent Christine photos and videos of her wedding dress, and shipped it to her after her final approval. The dress arrived in Dakar a few days later, and it fit perfectly. Christine did however decide to have a slight alteration to make the detachable ball gown of her wedding dress a little less voluminous; our team worked with her by creating a video of how she should go about it, and she used it to work with her local alterations expert. 

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The Wedding

The wedding took place on November 16th, 2019. It was a fancy affair, with details in yellow, khaki and navy blue. Christine was STUNNING in her dress; the train fanned out behind her, and she looked royal. Indeed, her overall look was truly one of a kind, and she was a sight to behold. Moreover – she also had a great time heating up the dance floor! 

She also LOVED her dress, as evidenced by her review below.

Thank you Christine for working with us! We are so appreciative you chose us to make your vision a reality! You looked radiant and your dress was one of a kind. We get weekly inquiries about it! We wish you the very best in your married life: love, happiness and lots of laughter.

That’s it for today, dear reader! Thanks for hanging out, and see you soon for another JoSaBi dress adventure!

As always, send us an email with any questions, or book a consultation to start creating your dream dress.