The Best Wedding Accessories for a Stunning Look

wedding dress accessories bolero

The star of any wedding is typically the wedding dress and wedding accessories (yes, we are biased.). A lot of pressure falls on these items, and for many women, one wedding look isn’t enough! Some brides struggle while dress shopping because they love more than one wedding gown. Others can’t decide between beauty and comfort. […]

How Much Does a Custom Wedding Dress Cost?

custom wedding dress cost

“How much does a wedding dress cost?” is a question that every bride will ask herself at some point. A gown is indeed one of the highest bridal costs. Some brides dream of creating a custom wedding gown (like we do here at JoSaBi.) Some always imagined buying a gown in a store. After all, […]

Discover the Average Cost of Wedding Dress Alterations

designer doing wedding gown alterations

“What the heck? I paid how much for my wedding, and now you say I have to pay more to get it altered?” Alterations are definitely one of the scariest aspects of wedding dress shopping. It is definitely something that most brides struggle with. Indeed, they are not always guaranteed to happen. However, when they […]

Wearing an Ankara African Fabric Wedding Dress: A How To Guide

pagnes pour robe de mariée en wax

Toju Foyeh for Vlisco We all dream of putting on a fabulous celebration to say “I do”. Even better if said event features a nod to our culture and background! So why not pay tribute to African culture, with trendy outfits made of Ankara fabric (also known as “wax fabric”)? Why not give your bridesmaid […]

Should you buy your wedding dress online?

buy wedding dress online

Your wedding day is fast approaching! After booking the ceremony and reception hall, it’s time to think about THE wedding dress. It’s one of the most difficult purchases you’ll make, but also the most fun. You could scour the shops to find ‘the one’ or buy a wedding dress online. Which option, however, can you […]

Discover The Most Intriguing African Wedding Traditions

African wedding traditions henna application for bride

Africa is rich in traditions and culture. When it comes to weddings especially, Africans tend to go all out to ensure the day is memorable. From dancing camels in Niger to dance-offs in South Africa and henna ceremonies in Kenya and Tanzania, African wedding traditions come in various shapes and forms. The examples below reflect […]

Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Wedding Flower Arrangement

Composition florale de mariage en doré et rose

A wedding radiates beauty and vibrancy when you are able to match the perfect bouquet to the wedding dress of your dreams. But how can you create the perfect wedding flower arrangement that matches your chosen color scheme? How do you make sure your bridal bouquet is not just seasonal but also uniquely you? Working […]

How do I Design My Wedding Dress?

How to design your own wedding dress

Shopping for your dress is a joy, but designing your own custom wedding dress can be a dream come true. Is a custom gown the right option for you, and if it is – how do you even design your custom wedding dress? Read on to figure it out! Is Designing a custom Wedding dress […]

The Only Wedding Day Checklist You Will Ever Need

The ultimate wedding checklist by JoSaBi

As your wedding date nears, you may experience some anxiety trying to remember every little detail. “What do I need for my wedding day?” will be the million dollar question in those last few weeks. In the hopes that we can help alleviate some of that stress, we compiled the ultimate wedding day checklist for […]