The Best Wedding Accessories for a Stunning Look

wedding dress accessories sleeves

The star of any wedding is typically the wedding dress and wedding accessories (yes, we are biased.). A lot of pressure falls on these items, and for many women, one wedding look isn’t enough! Some brides struggle while dress shopping because they love more than one wedding gown. Others can’t decide between beauty and comfort. While you may want to have more than one wedding dress to change into, some budgets don’t allow for that expense. Luckily, today, there are tons of wedding accessories that can completely change the look of your wedding dress. Here is your guide for the best pieces that give you that versatility.

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The Best Wedding Accessories for Two Looks in One


Easily one of the most popular wedding accessories, an overskirt is a fun way to completely change the look of your wedding dress with minimal effort. Wedding overskirts add an element of drama and whimsy to your bridal look, and are absolutely one of our favorite wedding accessories. 

When you are shopping for a wedding dress with an overskirt (also known as a detachable wedding dress), it’s important to know that there are different types to choose from.  Some wedding dress overskirts are plain tulle (like JoSaBi Clarisse’s), some (like JoSaBi Audrey’s above) will have decorative elements such as lace appliques, or rhinestones & crystals. Some are designed to wrap around your waist from one hip to the other, leaving the front open so that your beautiful wedding dress can be seen. And there are overskirt styles that wrap around your body entirely, covering the bottom of your dress. This type of bridal overskirt really allows you to completely change your wedding look as it can change a fitted gown into a ballgown or modified A-line (see JoSaBi Christine’s or JoSaBi Ugenie’s).  

ballgown mermaid wedding dress

Of course, the beauty of an overskirt is that you can take it off after the ceremony and WOW your guests with a new look. Many brides wear the overskirt throughout the ceremony and first dance, and for some photographs. Once removed, it transforms their look to one that is more casual. Two bridal looks in one, genius!

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Detachable Trains

ballgown wedding dress with a detachable train

Not exactly the same as an overskirt, detachable trains also offer a really cool twist to a traditional wedding dress, which puts them among our favorite wedding dress accessories.

Long trains are the dream of many brides, no matter the style of their wedding gown. However, when it comes time for the reception, brides tend to prefer a gown that is more practical. Enters: the detachable train, like the one featured on JoSaBi Ginette’s stunning gown.

Typically, a detachable train will attach at the waist, but only in the back, and not around like an overskirt. Its chief aim is to keep the look of the dress the same from the front, but add significant length in the back. By opting for a detachable train, brides can achieve a royal and regal look for their ceremony, yet still be able to dance the night away.

ballgown wedding dress with a detachable train
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Wedding Jumpsuits

bridal jumpsuit

There has been a rise in the popularity of wedding jumpsuits, and we love it! They have been all the rage lately, with celebrities like Caley Cuoco opting to wear sassy ones for their wedding receptions. And of course, we have the unforgettable, cape adorned ivory jumpsuit donned by Solange Knowles for her 2014 wedding (that definitely goes down in history as one of the best wedding looks of all time.)  If comfort is your priority, then you might be torn between a jumpsuit and a wedding dress. We have great news! It is possible to have both. 

Pairing a modern bridal jumpsuit with an overskirt is a great way to solve that dilemma. The overskirt should blend into the design seamlessly, ultimately creating the illusion of a wedding dress at first glance. Both pieces together will look like a ball gown or an A-line dress. A gorgeous belt can even be used to disguise the midsection junction, further blending both pieces together. 

Then, when it will be time to PARTAY…  bam. The bride can easily remove the skirt, and a comfortable, chic, and sophisticated bridal jumpsuit will emerge.  POW.

There are tons of wedding accessories that can completely change the look of your wedding dress.

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wedding dress accessories bolero

Wedding Boléros

Sounds romantic, huh? “Boléro” It’s true, we believe that a boléro is one of the dreamiest and romantic wedding accessories. And while there are many different styles to choose from, any boléro will totally change the look of your wedding dress. A boléro is a delicate jacket worn on top of a wedding dress. They are frequently paired with strapless wedding gowns. A boléro is the perfect accessory for brides looking to abide by modesty requirements for a church wedding; it can also keep the bride warm during cold weather weddings, or just make a fashion statement. 

wedding dress accessories bolero

A Boléro looks like a mini lace, fur or satin blazer open in the front. It can also take the form of a delicate lace overlay with buttons in the back. They don’t necessarily have to be made of the same material as your dress, and therefore can be used to add texture or a unique twist to your gown. There are a variety of styles available, from boléros with high victorian necklines, to those with or without sleeves. The options are endless, which is what makes this wedding accessory a beautiful option for brides looking to create a truly individual piece.

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wedding accessories cape

Bridal Capes and Capelets

We absolutely love capes! There is something so dreamy and dramatic about a bride wearing a cape. As a practical yet chic cover-up, capes and capelets are making huge waves in wedding fashion. First, let us clarify the difference between the two.

People are more aware of the cape, which attaches at the neck or shoulders and drapes down the back. A capelet is a small cape that is worn over the shoulders and generally falls only about elbow length. They are equally popular, and your choice will depend on personal preference. 

Some view a capelet as the more traditional style, although either can be made with various materials and customized to make them unique and yours. The beauty of either is that they are dramatic, modern yet romantic, and a cinch to remove. And if you don’t want the fluff and fuss of a veil, a cape is a great alternative.

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wedding dress accessories sleeves

Removable Straps and Sleeves

Looking for a quick way to transform the look of your wedding dress? Ditch the sleeves! Strapless dresses are always a favorite, mostly due to comfort. However, many brides prefer a more traditional and formal look for walking down the aisle. Today, you can have both!

Whether you prefer long lace sleeves, puffy sleeves, or a simple diamond-encrusted strap, they can make all the difference. Simply attach the straps or sleeves when you get dressed, wear your decorative straps or sleeves during your ceremony, and remove them for your reception and party. 

It is the best of both worlds, and we love it!

The Best Wedding Accessories to Elevate your Look

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The Cool Wedding Accessory: Shoulder Jewelry

Bet you never thought your shoulders could wear jewelry, but it’s true! Modern-day brides are always looking for unique ways to showcase their personality on their wedding day, which is how shoulder chains came to be. It is the perfect pairing for brides who have chosen a strapless dress or one with spaghetti straps. Shoulder chains add some serious pizzazz.

Placed over the neck, this accessory drapes over the shoulder and beautifully accents a woman’s décolletage while adding an ultra-glam look. 

They are available in endless styles and can be made with a range of materials, appliques, jewels, beads, and even lace! Shoulder chains are a great option for the bride who would like to shine during her portraits. It is a great boho accessory but can lend itself well to more regal wedding themes. The example above is from Etsy.

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The Classic Wedding Accessory: A Belt

Another great way to change up the look of your wedding dress is by adding a belt. Bridal belts are small wedding dress accessories that can make a big impact. Choose from a fully encrusted beaded belt (like JoSaBi Sophie’s that we designed with hand-sewn pearls and crystals), a belt with three-dimensional flowers, one with beaded appliqué in the center (like the one on JoSaBi Arlette’s dress above) or a fully custom creation like JoSaBi Mina’s– the options are endless. Indeed, there really are tons of options for bridal belts, and they can bring a look from lovely to WOW by highlighting the waist.

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The Cozy Wedding Accessory: A Fur wrap or stole

We are suckers for winter weddings; there is just something so dreamy and romantic about them. If you are a bride getting married in a cold environment (or even better a snowy setting) you may need something to keep the chill at bay. 

There is nothing more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day with a fur wrap or shawl on. Not sure what makes it so dreamy; maybe it’s the texture of the fur, or the fact that many people associate fur with an expensive, luxe fashion accessory. Whatever the case, fur wraps, stoles, and capes look stunning in person and look amazing in photos. Just make sure to make it faux fur!

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The Traditional Wedding Accessory: Gloves

Another great accessory is gloves. You might think that this wedding dress accessory couldn’t make a big impact on the overall wedding look, but it absolutely does. It is a simple yet traditional wedding accessory that adds to the demure look of a bride. These gloves can be lace, satin, long, or short and could be worn only for the ceremony or throughout the entire event. 

wedding dress accessories gloves

Sure, bridal gloves may be considered an old-school wedding accessory that are reserved for more formal and glamorous weddings. But today, different and more carefree styles like lace mittens offer a sassy accent. 

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How would you add unique elements to your wedding look?

Putting your wedding day look together is a matter of creativity, as well as finding the perfect wedding gown and accessories. A great resource is the internet, but please don’t think that the only way to change the look of your wedding dress is by something adding something “big” like an overskirt or detachable train.  There are many smaller wedding dress accessories that can help create two looks for your wedding day.

Does one of these accessories sound like a dream come true? JoSaBi Mariées is here to make it a reality! We are proud to offer brides the ability to craft a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that is custom fit and high quality. Most of our clients are minority brides, taller brides, smaller brides, and plus-size brides. In a world that caters to sample sizes, we are proud to bring some much-needed diversity. We indeed create dresses to each bride’s measurements, limit the need to spend thousands on alterations, and help each woman feel amazing on her wedding day.

Select a date and time for your free consultation today, or contact us at [email protected] with any questions. We can’t wait to start crafting your dream wedding gown!

 That is it for today!  We thank you for your time and wish you a lovely rest of the day.

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