Bedazzled Mermaid Wedding Dress for Serena

Bedazzled mermaid wedding dress with a long train

Hi all, how is everyone doing today? I hope you are all doing stellar. Here’s to wishing that life is slowly coming back to normal where you live. Today, we would like to chat about our amazing JoSaBi Serena, who wore not one, but two unique creations for her wedding day in Dallas, Texas. Her main wedding gown was a delicate piece of art, a bedazzled mermaid wedding dress with a detailed neckline and wrists, high-end lace, and a majestic train. Her reception dress was a super shiny slinky number with a slit and a detachable side train. Let’s dive in!

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bedazzled mermaid wedding dress with a long train
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Serena’s bedazzled mermaid wedding dress with a long train

Serena started chatting with us over the summer of 2020. One thing was immediately sure: she wanted to look arrestingly beautiful on her wedding day and wanted to sparkle like a diamond. Our bride wanted her gowns to be two unique creations, with exquisite details and many crystals and shine. She was also in love with fitted dresses and pretty set on having two bedazzled mermaid wedding dresses. We worked together to arrive at the perfect ideas, and they looked a little bit like this.

bedazzled mermaid wedding dress with a long train
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Designing Serena’s bedazzled mermaid wedding dress

The Brief

For her ceremony, Serena was pretty sure she wanted a bedazzled wedding dress, with lots of drama and regal details, while remaining modest; that was, therefore, the direction we decided to take.

The Design Process

We agreed on a delicate texture layering several kinds of fabric for the bodice, topped with exquisite swirly lace that our team hand-beaded to perfection. For her train, we opted for a traditional approach, but with a twist. We created some deep pleats in the front for a royal look and added some fairy dust tulle to the construction for some shine peppered all over. The back of the train was majestic and expansive, with some lace accents at the edges. Finally, the pièce de résistance: the neckline. Serena was inspired by modest high necklines but wanted hers to have a twist; we, therefore, proceeded to add hand-beaded sparkle details all over for a unique bedazzled look. To infuse some softness still, we alternated layers of crystals with layers of pearls. The overall look was just perfect, as described in the sketches above.

For her reception dress, our bride opted for a flirtier look. We went for a tighter mermaid with super detailed sleeves in ivory, a beaded neckline, sparkly lace accentuated with even sparklier lace apliqués, and a fun side train with a slit that would allow Serena to dance all night and sparkle under the lights during her reception.

Both dresses were handcrafted in JoSaBi’s atelier and shipped over to Serena in TX.

None of them required any alterations upon receipt, thanks to our proprietary measurement-taking method.

Serena’s mermaid wedding dress featured hand-beaded sparkle details all over for a unique bedazzled look.

JoSai Serena Review

Serena’s wedding day was a classy and grand affair. Her dresses were the perfect compliment to her overall vibe, and she looked stunning. From getting ready photos to dancing ones, she was all grace, poise, and beauty. She was an absolute dream, and seeing her walk down the aisle in her bedazzled mermaid wedding dress was a perfect sight. 

Thank you so much, JoSaBi Serena, for choosing us! We had the best time working with you. May you continue to be joyful and beautiful, and may the light of love never fade from your home. Be happy forever, and it was an honor to cross your path. 

That’s it for today! Thank you so much for hanging out with us, and we hope you loved Serena’s dresses as much as we did! Have a great day, stay safe, and see you soon for more beautiful brides, fun tips, and amazing gowns. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook.

Until then, stay safe. Love,



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