Wedding Dress Colors: A Non Boring Guide

6 colors to consider for a wedding dress

Wedding dress colors: a few thoughts

When you’re getting married, all details (monograms, colors, favors) matter. However, like many brides, the wedding dress may be your “pièce de resistance”, and should be as close to perfection as possible! Many opt to wear a white dress, but 1) there are several shades of white, and 2) different color wedding dresses have been all the rage these past few years. Making a choice between all of the variations can be tough. This article will review the different color options to help you decide how to add color to a wedding dress!

Different color wedding dresses have been all the rage.

Pure white

Snapshot of pure white satin to describe custom JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress colors

This is the “whitest” white. A stark, cool shade, pure white has forever been the classic wedding dress color choice. We see it a lot in our custom wedding dress orders, as it is ingrained in many cultures. Indeed, its pristine appearance still represents a symbol of purity in certain regions. This wedding dress color looks amazing in all fabrics but is especially stunning for pure minimalistic gowns, or dresses paired with silver-toned embellishments like sparkling crystals. When wearing pure white, we suggest to pair it with silver-toned embellishments like sparkling crystals.

Wedding dress color seen on: Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex pulled off the pure white color flawlessly.  She wore two modern gowns on her wedding day that featured a minimalist design, which made the pure white color sing. (photo courtesy of Google)

The Duchess of Sussex in pure white dresses at her wedding to Prince Harry

Please see below and on the left for some of our creations that took the classic white look to the next level. See below and on the left some examples of wedding dresses in the shade pure white (featuring our JoSaBi Aïcha below).

Diamond white (off white)

Snapshot of off white champagne satin to describe custom JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress colors

Also referred to as off white, diamond white is a color that can make for a stunning wedding dress. Its hue is slightly warmer (and “milkier”) than pure white, giving it a softer and more universally flattering look. It is suitable to most skin tones and its toned-down color gives brides a romantic vibe; It has been gaining in popularity, as brides start exploring beyond traditional pure white. 

Wedding dress color seen on: Kaley Cuoco married in a unique off-white 1920’s inspired stunner. Her dress came complete with a cape and was adorned with flowered embroidery. (photo courtesy of Google)

Kaley Cuoco rocking her off white wedding dress by Reem Acra

Some lovely JoSaBi creations in diamond white or off-white below, featuring our JoSaBi Lydie.

Off white color mermaid wedding dress


Snapshot of ivory champagne satin to describe custom JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress colors

This creamy white is very close to diamond white, with just a hint more warmth. Like diamond white, this wedding dress color can also be perfect for romantic looks as well as vintage-inspired gowns that feature lacy patterns. It is universally flattering, working well with almost every complexion.
Wedding dress color seen on: Gabrielle Union had all eyes on her when she walked down the aisle in an ivory ball gown for her wedding do Dwayne Wade. (photo courtesy of Google)

Gabrielle Union stuns in a Dennis Basso wedding gown on her wedding day

See examples of our custom wedding dresses in ivory below, featuring our bride JoSaBi Carole, and a video of the dress of our JoSaBi Sirata.

Bride wearing a custom ivory JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress

Light champagne

Snapshot of light champagne satin to describe custom JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress colors

Light champagne (which is pretty close to beige) will give your dress a rich color that boasts just a hint of gold.It has also been an increasingly popular wedding dress color, and works especially well for gowns with lace appliqués and pearl beading, as the color compliments pearls very well. It makes for spectacular dresses; as well as the next color, it works well with gold accessories, which will really work with the undertones of the dress.
Wedding dress color seen on: Victoria Beckham. The ballroom style dress featured a fitted top and long train that was the perfect choice for her amazing ceremony. (photo courtesy of Google)

Victoria Beckham in a light champagne gown on her wedding day to David Beckham

See below for samples of some of the light champagne creations.

Custom light champagne JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress


Snapshot of light champagne satin to describe custom JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress colors

Taking that hint of color to the next level, champagne has a more vibrant gold undertone than light champagne. That wedding dress color gives brides the perfect amount of sophistication and elegance. It is an ideal canvas for showing off lacy patterns.

Wedding dress color seen on: Jessica Simpson. She tied the knot in a flawless sparkly champagne number. Her sequined bodice had shiny embellishments that gave the dress a unique flair. (photo courtesy of Google)

Jessica Simpson smiling with her bridesmaids on her wedding day

Find some of JoSaBi’s champagne wedding dress styles below (featuring the champagne stunner worn by our bride JoSaBi Nadia).

Champagne color mermaid V back wedding dress


Snapshot of blush satin to describe custom JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress colors

If you are looking to add color to your gown in a super fun way, blush could be the perfect solution. This light pink color gives dresses a rosy look that can work very well with lacy, fairytale-like gowns. This wedding color is also super versatile, as the pink can be as faint or as dark as desired.

Wedding dress color seen on: Gwen Stefani, Portia de Rossi and Jessica Biel. Each one of these gorgeous brides picked a different shade of blush for their wedding dress, again highlighting the versatility of this color. From Portia’s faint and delicate hue to Gwen’s rich pink, blush definitely has a large spectrum you can play with to find the color that suits you.  (photos courtesy of Google)

Celebrity pink blush wedding dresses Jessica Biel Portia de Rossi Gwen Stefani

One of our blush creations below.

Custom blush JoSaBi Mariées wedding dress

Weddings are very personal, and adding your unique touch of color to your wedding dress could be the memorable element that keeps your guests talking for months.We hope this article was helpful to you!

Let us know which color appeals to you the most; thanks for your time, and have fun designing your dress!

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Until next time, be well!