Laetitia B.’s Custom Wedding Dress

Laetitia wearing a custom JoSaBi wedding dress and her husband on their wedding day

18 sep laetitia b.’s custom wedding dress

Hi all, and welcome back to the JoSaBi Blog! I hope you enjoyed our post about the sweetheart who started it all with her custom wedding dress: Deborah.  Today’s post is about the absolutely gorgeous Laetitia (or Laeti), who was our first Spring 2018 bride. Laeti and I have known each other for a while, as we went to the same high school. After graduation, she went to college in Dakar, while I headed to the US.

Laetitia B.’s Custom Wedding Dress

Laetitia wearing a custom JoSaBi wedding dress and veil on her wedding day


Fun random fact: I used to run a fashion blog on the side. On my 2017 wedding anniversary, I posted a photoshoot with my own JoSaBi custom wedding dresses as a little walk down memory lane. Laeti DMed me on Instagram, told me she loved my dresses’ craftsmanship and would be on the market for her own wedding dress pretty soon. As far as design, she already knew she wanted to be incredibly classy, with an aura of femininity and a hint of sexy. She was looking for a fitted mermaid gown made with a unique lace, as well as a chapel length veil. (After throwing a few ideas around though, we did settle on adding some lace and pearls on top of her veil for a little hint of sass.). She was also pretty sure she wanted pure white.


As of January, we were off to the races. We worked hand in hand to get the design right by sending her a scrap dress photo (as we did not offer mini-videos back then, see more recent posts for mid-production videos). She opted to give us creative freedom on the lace. We therefore opted for a fun crescent moon-like pattern.

By mid-April the wedding dress was ready! Laeti received a full set of final images showing her dresses from all angles, and zooming into all the details. She loved it so much!!!  We hence moved on to shipping it. Transit to Dakar took around a week.

JoSaBi custom wedding dress production
JoSaBi custom wedding dress production


Laeti she got married at the end of May. I am not even going to attempt describing her as a bride- HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERFECTION??? She was exactly as she had envisioned: classy with a hint of sexy, and completely HERSELF. She was so poised, so gorgeous and so happy! Let’s also make a note that the dress needed no alterations whatsoever.

Laetitia, it was an absolute honor to work on your dress. You were fun, laid back, trusting, and knew exactly what you wanted. I loved our collaboration, and it was so special since we have known each other for so long! I wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss with Mr. T. 💝!!!
I hope you enjoy these photos; thanks for your time, and see you soon for another JoSaBi story!!!!

Laetitia's facebook testimonial about her custom JoSaBi wedding dress

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