Champagne 2- in- 1 lace wedding dress for Audrey

champagne lace wedding dress 2 in 1

Hello everyone, how are you all today! Here’s to hoping you are great and healthy and having a wonderful day! The dress we are going to share today is pretty unique in how intentional it was. Our lovely JoSaBi Audrey worked with us for close to a year to create her perfect champagne 2 in 1 lace wedding dress. This gown had it all: unique color, majestic train, sparkle, pearls, luxury lace, and high-end beading. Every single part of it was carefully thought out and put together by our bride herself, with the help of the JoSaBi team. Settle in and grab a snack, as this is a real love story.

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Champagne lace wedding dress
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Audrey’s 2 in 1 champagne lace wedding dress: A story

Audrey actually came to JoSaBi over 1 year before her wedding. She was referred to us by a few previous JoSaBi brides, including JoSaBi Laeti. From the beginning, she had a unique vision for her dress; she wanted to be a different kind of bride. Grand, unapologetic in her love of glam, and she wanted to make an ENTRANCE. She was also hell-bent on making her husband cry when he saw her (spoiler alert: he did!)

Audrey always wanted a more fitted dress but was positive she wanted an element of drama (or many!). We initially explored the kinds of fabrics she loved and spoke quite lengthily about beading and other details. She was sure she wanted a dress with pearl details from the start, so we kept coming back to that idea. 

In February of 2020, Audrey’s ideas started taking shape. By then, she knew she was leaning towards a 2 in 1 champagne lace wedding dress with a majestic and multidimensional train. She was in love with many details she had collected over the years, so we started carefully putting them together.

robe de mariée dentelle champagne
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Creating Audrey’s 2-in-1 champagne lace wedding dress

champagne lace wedding dress 2 in 1

The Brief

The overall idea was a 2 in 1 luxury champagne lace wedding dress in a non-traditional hue. Indeed, for the color, Audrey hesitated a little between a taupe (like JoSaBi Raïssa) and a darker champagne, but ended up gravitating towards the latter by the time she received her swatches.

She wanted a pretty lace with unique details that would contrast with the darker background, a sparkly overskirt, and amazing off-shoulder sleeves.

Once the overall idea was set, we started filling in the blanks as far as details went.

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champagne lace wedding dress

The Design Process

Audrey was VERY VERY VERY precise and intentional with her look, which we absolutely loved. 

First of all, she wanted an off the shoulder look. We beaded her sleeves, in a unique pattern and with dripping pearls. Some of the pearl drips were connected to the back of the sleeve to form a half-circle, and others fell straight. Love.

For the fabric, we had the champagne base down. Next, we chose a lace with some checkered patterns and other leaf-like designs, that gave the dress some character. 

Then, on to the bodice. We opted to hand-bead with pearls. The skirt fell like a sheath in the front, but with a very flared mermaid train. We then used the lace as a guide and embroidered it with some pearls and a special mix of beads for maximum drama.

For the train of her 2 in 1 lace champagne wedding dress, we layered a sparkly sequined fabric over the champagne base, giving the back some interesting details as well. AND THEN, CAME THE DETACHABLE OVERSKIRT. It was a massive endeavor, made out of several layers of tulle with different sparkle elements: sequins, glitter and crystals. The waist was adorned with a wave-like pattern, with some lace at the edge, and the overskirt proudly fanned behind our bride for 1.5 meters or 5 feet. Whew. Truly a fun project.

champagne lace wedding dress

Audrey’s champagne lace wedding dress featured a lace with some checkered patterns  that gave the dress some character. 

The Creation Process

We shipped samples over to Audrey in France (where she resides) and had her pick her perfect shade of champagne. As soon as we had it, we kicked off the work on the dress around March. Given the abundance of details, we moved slowly. Our team was very careful to respect Audrey’s wishes and sent her some videos and photos during the process for her to see how everything was moving. We also had a couple of iterations of the overskirt to capture the exact texture Audrey was after and hit the jackpot after a couple of changes to the first version.

Our grand champagne 2 in 1 mermaid lace wedding gown was completed at the beginning of November and shipped straight to Audrey- who was in Burkina Faso preparing her wedding by that time. She needed a couple of fittings, and the dress was perfect by the end of the month- well in time for her wedding.

robe de mariée champagne dentelle detachable
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Audrey’s Wedding Day

Audrey’s wedding THO!!! 

Her detailed mind definitely put together an unforgettable event for her guests. From her getting ready station to her wedding sign, to the single red rose in her blush bouquet, to the horses that accompanied her and her groom to the church… everything was carefully crafted and designed to be memorable.

Audrey’s husband actually shed some tears when he saw her for the first time, which was so moving!

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Final Thanks!

JoSaBi mariees

Thanks so much Audrey! We dreamed, laughed, had fun, created, and we eventually shut it down. You looked like a goddess, and working with you was such an honor. May you always stay as kind, fun, and creative. We love you, and we wish you a happy and blissful marriage.

That’s it for Audrey’s adventure! How did you like her champagne wedding dress? Wasn’t it dreamy? Leave us a comment below, or email us, message us, or contact us by sending us an email, a DM on Instagram or Facebook,  or again a Whatsapp us to get started on your own amazing journey. As always, thank you for your time, and see you soon.

Until then, stay safe. Love,


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