Ugenie’s ballgown mermaid wedding dress

2-in-1 wedding dress ballgown long train Josabi

Hey JoSaBi Fam, how are you guys doing today on this beautiful day? We hope you are having a great day, and that you are safe, happy, and healthy. Today, we have an amazing creation to share: Ugenie’s super detailed, super sparkly detachable ballgown-to-mermaid wedding dress, that she worked on with us for over 6 months. Her dress was gorgeous, and the product of fun and creative conversations with our team. Read on for more details!

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Ugenie’s Ballgown Mermaid wedding dress: A story

Ugenie came to us earlier in 2020 and was interested in a ballgown. We chatted for a while. It came to light that she actually wanted a dress that would seamlessly transition from a regal princess dress into a fitted reception look. We started toying with the idea of a 2-in-1 detachable ballgown mermaid wedding dress, akin to the one JoSaBi Christine wore for her wedding.

Ugenie was enthusiastic about the idea. She highlighted that she would love her dress to be made out of shimmery fabric. In fact, she was planning on walking down the aisle with the lights dimmed, and would therefore be the main focal point.

Whew, this was going to be good!!!

robe de mariee princesse sirène detachable
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Creating Ugenie’s ballgown mermaid wedding Dress

2 in 1 mermaid ballgown wedding dress

The Brief

Ugenie had an idea of what she wanted, and our conversation helped her bring her vision to life. The dress was to be a sparkly ballgown mermaid wedding dress, in a bright off-white shade. Her idea was to be a shimmering jewel during her reception and ceremony. Therefore, sparkle was very important. Moreover, another thing she wanted was for her dress to match her venue (Unique Palms in Miami). Finally, the last detail was that she did not want any buttons in the back, and just wanted a clean low back with a lace edge.

We could have hence summarized her brief to shiny, regal, and detailed.

The Design Process

To bring this brief to life, we first explored different kinds of sparkle. We settled on “fairy powder”, akin to the kind featured before on JoSaBi Gesly’s dress. That fabric would ensure light on her dress would cause her to sparkle like Cinderella. That was exactly Ugenie wanted.

To match her venue (which had a garden she would be walking down the aisle of, as well as a lot of other greenery), we opted for a lovely lace with vine and leave like patterns. The lace was quite plain, so we focused on embroidering each stem and leaf with some exquisite beading. That would generate even more sparkle.

Finally, we opted for a low V back and long sheer sleeves with lace detailing. The back opening, as well as the bust, had a smattering of white and shiny pearls for the last touch of delicate detailing.

We put all those ideas in the sketches reflected below. After a few tweaks, Ugenie approved them, and we were off to the races.  A very cute last-minute detail was adding a few sequins to the bust of Ugenie’s dress, to match her tiara (she sent us a photo of it a few months into the creation process.). Her veil was a simple pencil edge veil. 

robe de mariee detachable

Ugenie’s 2 in 1 ballgown mermaid could  be summarized to: “shiny, regal, and detailed.”


Production on Ugenie’s dress started by making sure we had the right kind of shimmery fabric. After we found exactly the right texture, we kicked off the creation of the dress. It came together well. We always kept Ugenie’s original ideas at the center of our work. She received images and videos as we were progressing, and was able to ask for all the tweaks she needed. 

After a few months, Ugenie’s sparkly ballgown mermaid wedding dress was ready, and we shipped it over to her after her final approval. She worked with Trish B Stylin  for some minor alterations, and she was ready for the big day!

robe de mariee sur mesure princesse sirene
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Ugenie’s wedding Day!


Ugenie’s big day was regal and lovely. She wore her hair in a bun with curly wisps around her face and looked lovely with her muted earth tones makeup. She was all smiles, and her dress looked absolutely stunning on her. Her look was perfectly completed with her tiara, and she really was a princess on her wedding day.

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Final Thanks!

robe de mariee princesse sirène detachable

Thanks so much, Ugenie for allowing us to work with you! You are so glamorous and creative and allowed us to create a jewel of a dress. You dreamed big and your dress was truly one of a kind. Thanks again for allowing us to be part of your big day, and congratulations on your wedding and the start of your new wedded life.

How did you guys like Ugenie’s story? We hope it inspired you and helps you visualize your dream gown! Helping our brides put their ideas together is always such a special experience, and we love sharing it with all of you.

As always, thank you for your time! You can leave us a comment below if you have any questions, or reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

Until then, stay safe.




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