Raïssa’s Blush Mermaid Wedding Dress

Blush mermaid wedding dress JoSaBi Mariées

Well hello everyone! How are you on this lovely day? Here is to hoping that you are having a great day! How was your week? Either way, we hope you are in a great mood, and still protecting yourself and your family by wearing a mask. Today, we are excited to share one of the loveliest journeys that led to the most creative dress, as a Valentine’s day celebration; Raïssa’s blush/taupe mermaid wedding dress, for her February 2020 wedding. If you want to find out more about this exquisite creation, read on!

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Blush Mermaid Wedding Dress
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Raïssa’s blush mermaid wedding dress: a love story

Raïssa came to us a few times over the course of the year 2020, to chat with us about our process. We shared ideas, discussed her taste and her ideas, and promised to touch base again closer to the wedding. Conversations with her were fun and easy flowing from the get-go.

A few weeks after our first chat, Raïssa actually came across a photo of JoSaBi Tagèle’s wedding on her social media feed. Turns out, Tagèle was her friend’s cousin, and she saw that post as a sign to chat with us a bit more! We resumed our ideation process and oscillated between a few ideas before settling on an unconventional blush mermaid wedding dress.

Indeed, Raïssa was initially in love with the idea of a detachable style, but she eventually fell in love with the mermaid shape and started moving towards a fitted mermaid dress in a unique color. She was all about showing off her curves in a super tasteful way, and our discussions, as a result, focused a lot on fit. After a few weeks, Raïssa decided to move forward with JoSaBi, and we kicked off the actual design process.

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Designing Raïssa’s blush mermaid wedding dress

Blush Mermaid Wedding Dress

The Brief

By that time, Raïssa’s dress was clearly going to be a mermaid wedding dress. She was excited about having a beautiful dress that would be alluring, but still allow her to move around freely. She was also daring, and into colors. Our bride was not afraid to step away from white for her dress. Her train was to be light and airy, and she wanted her back to be fun and decorated. As a result, the final brief was: fitted, colorful, lacey, sexy, and detailed.

The Design Process

We put these details together to arrive at a taupe/blush mermaid wedding dress with a 75 cm train. The bodice was fitted, with a higher sweetheart neckline to be suitable for church. The lace was a very special corded lace, super chic and also pretty thick for some added texture.

The upper back of Raissa’s dress was in skin-colored tulle, with some lace detailing. The rest of the bodice was expertly covered in lace, placed strategically to highlight Raissa’s body and show off the pattern at the same time. The lace stopped at the knee, but some small pieces went a little past onto the train for some lovely detailing. The back of the train did have some lace, however, placed in a crescent moon pattern around the edge.

To finish this exquisite look off, the bodice was delicately decorated with pearls and crystals. The end result was a very cool and fun dress, a little unconventional, a lot mesmerizing, and completely Raïssa.

We put all the details she loved together, to finalize Raïssa’s dream a taupe/blush mermaid wedding dress.


After the lace was selected and the sketches were completed, we kicked off the actual creation of Raïssa’s blush mermaid wedding dress. True to our usual process, we sent her videos and photos of the process, so she may see the beading, the lace placement, and other details. She really felt like she was following the creation of her dress along, and we could feel her excitement climb with each video.

A few months later, her dress was finally done! She approved the final videos, and it was shipped over to her a few days later. She needed it to le let out a couple of inches (which we plan for pretty well by always leaving the extra fabric in the seams), and after 10 days- her dress was ready to be taken home.

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The Big Day Is Here!

Raïssa’s wedding was a lovely day! She rocked burgundy tresses coiffed in a chignon with wisps around her face and donned a lovely blush eye look and rosy lips. Her whole family was involved in her getting ready, and it was emotional to see her wear her dress and head towards her church to marry the love of her life. 

Please see below a few words from our bride, from a couple of days after her wedding.

(for those who do not speak French) “The dress made me feel like WOW, and you were there for me from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much for everything, and may God bless you and give your kindness back to you a hundredfold.”

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Final Thanks!

Dear Raïssa- congratulations on a lovely wedding, and on creating a beautiful dress. We absolutely loved working with you, and wish you a blissful and happy married life. Stay fun, caring, and loving forever, and congrats again Mrs. Ilboudo!

That’s it for today!!!! How did you like Raïssa’s story? We hope you loved reading us, and we also hope Raïssa’s journey inspired you- in case you are also on your journey to find the dream dress. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, Whatsapp, or on social media. Until then, be well, wear a mask, and stay healthy.

See you soon for more dress adventures and wedding tips.



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