Medhina’s beaded 2 in 1 wedding dress

2 in 1 beaded wedding dress JoSaBi

Hi JoSaBi Fam, how are y’all today! We are still going strong documenting end of the year brides over here, and we just cannot wait to share all their looks! Today, our first December 2020 bride is gracing your eyes: JoSaBi Medhina from New York. She walked down the aisle with a gorgeous beaded 2 in 1 wedding dress, donned for her destination wedding celebration in Burkina Faso. Her gown was majestic, and made out of a gorgeous and very unique lace pattern; read on to find out more!

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robe de mariée détachable perlée
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Medhina’s beaded 2-in-1 wedding dress’ story

Medhina met the team back in 2019; back then, the wedding was scheduled for December 2019. She was already in love with the idea of a gorgeous 2 in 1 beaded wedding dress, made out of fine and beaded lace, paired with a voluminous and imposing removable train. We worked together for a few days to put together a mood board, and she initially envisioned us using a trendier lace, with some little squares and some beading (the checkered style has indeed been very popular in the past few years; see JoSaBi Sandrine, Laurence, Mariam and Oumou’s dresses.)

However, as time went by, she started gravitating towards a more classic style of lace. We hence kicked off the hunt for a special pattern, which we ended up finding a couple of weeks later. At that point, Medhina’s ideas about the overall feel of her wedding dress were also more fleshed out and refined, and we ended up working to match the style of the dress to suit the new lace..

2 in 1 beaded wedding dress mermaid
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Designing Medhina’s 2 in 1  wedding dress

2 in 1 beaded wedding dress

The Design Brief

Medhina’s dress was to be a showstopper while stopping JUUUUST short of being “too much”. She wanted some very specific details: some dripping beaded designs (not unlike ice cream drips) around the wrist and the shoulders, long invisible sleeves, and a bodice that highlighted the very high-quality lace we would be using. She also wanted a trumpet shape: not quite straight but not quite mermaid either, with a sheer train that would be the perfect addition to an already detailed gown.

The bust of her dress was to be an illusion number, with a sweetheart shape underneath, and the whole gown was to be delicately hand-beaded for shine and texture. 

For the detachable train of her 2 in 1 beaded wedding dress, it was all about making a statement! Medhina wanted a voluminous one with detailing, that would definitely make heads turn, and would contrast with the more “lacey” look of the dress underneath. As a result, the overall design was modern and classy, yet bold.

robe de mariée detachable perlée

The Creation Process

We kicked off Medhina’s dress in September. For the mermaid dress, we trimmed the lace she chose down to its best patterns and re-arranged those in an hourglass pattern that would flatter her body shape. We then finalized the overall shape and started a meticulous beading process that would take several weeks. We had a mix of several kinds of beads for texture, shine, and everything in between. This led to a custom blend of crystals and different types of pearls and beads, for a very Haute finish. We then placed the lace in a radiating pattern on the train, and the overall look was just *chef’s kiss* stunning!

For the train, we focused on volume. We created an avant-garde type of train with volume at the waist, that then dropped in a straight line to the floor. The size contrasted beautifully with the slimmer and softer dress, and the overall look just worked. 

2 in 1 beaded wedding dress

Medhina’s 2 in 1 beaded wedding dress was to be a showstopper, but still just short of “too much”.

The masterpiece that was Medhina’s 2 in 1 beaded wedding dress was completed in January 2020.  She was absolutely in love, and we were so excited! The dress was shipped over to her Maid of Honor in Burkina Faso, and carefully kept to await the big day (which had been moved to December 2020- thanks, COVID-19.)

bride smiling on her wedding day in a 2 in 1 wedding dress
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Medhina’s Wedding Day!


Medhina’s wedding took place on Jan 12, and it was gorgeous! SHE CAME WITH THE BLING, BABY! She and her girls rocked the shiniest gold attire while getting ready and we loved it. Her hair in a soft updo with a glittery barrette, some lovely wisps framing her face and some curls low on her nape. Our bride’s makeup was pure soft glam, BUT with a glossy nude lip and a lovely brown lip contour. Her dress was amazing and she just looked happy and so excited. She loved how she looked, and later sent us moving messages thanking the whole team. It was a real pleasure working with her, and we were so honored to have been a part of her day.

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Final Thanks!

Beautiful smiling bride in her beaded custom wedding dress

Congrats again JoSaBi Medhina, and you looked like a dream. Thank you for choosing JoSaBi, and have a stellar married life!

That’s it for today peeps! As usual, thanks so much for the love, and we appreciate each and every single one of you. You can reach out to us through a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook

Until the next post, stay safe and happy. Mask up, and we love you!

Until then, stay safe.




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