Illusion Back Mermaid Wedding Dress

Illusion back mermaid wedding dress

Hi all, 👋 and welcome back to the JoSaBi blog! How are you guys doing? Today we will be chatting about the fun, sassy and just overall awesome Oumou! She worked with us to bring to life her illusion back mermaid wedding dress. She was the perfect mix of alluring, sultry and sweet for her big day, which took place in Burkina Faso.

Before we dive in, let’s take a minute to acknowledge that we are all going through interesting times. Please remember to take care of yourself. Let’s all stay safe, and do our part by staying at home if we can. Thanks to all the service workers keeping us safe, and to all other essential workers. 

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Background on Oumou’s Illusion Back Mermaid  Wedding Dress


Back to our bride! Oumou actually spoke to us several months before her wedding, when she was in the research phase. At that point, she was just thinking about the best dress for her body shape, and more in a brainstorming mood. We exchanged a few ideas on wedding dress shapes, but she was still figuring things out. We therefore agreed to reconnect a few months down the line.

Sure enough, she reached out again in November, and we had a much clearer direction and brief. 

We dove in deeper, started talking about what she wanted on her gown, the train, and other details. However, one thing was for certain: she was set on a wedding dress with an illusion back to show off her gorgeous skin. She also loved the mermaid shape. She indeed wanted a fitted bodice to highlight her slim figure and gorgeous curves. As a result, over the next few days, we worked together to bring together all these elements.

Illusion back mermaid wedding dress
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For the overall shape of the dress, we went for a classic mermaid wedding dress shape, with a nice flare at the bottom. Oumou was getting married in a tropical country, so we opted to keep the dress sleeveless, with a fitted bodice and a round illusion neckline. Finally, we picked a gorgeous flowery lace for the bodice. As you may see, Oumou’s illusion back mermaid wedding dress was a classy creation with a lot of subtle yet powerful details.

Talking about details: that lace was adorned with some lattice patterns, which is really loved by our brides these days (Laurence, Sandrine and Mariam all opted for some square or lozenge- like details on their dresses, with COMPLETELY different results). The flowers on the bust had intricate beading, and a few sequins and pearls sprinkled here and there for texture and sparkle throughout the bodice.

The last thing about the dress was, of course, the gorgeous back detail. Oumou wanted her mermaid wedding dress to have a perfect illusion back, adorned with lace flowers and dainty buttons down the middle. As a matter of fact, we worked on several wedding dresses featuring illusion details in the past year. It is a lovely trend, and we work with each bride to get the perfect color for her skin. 

We had Oumou try several shades of tulle, and identified the one that completely melted against her back. It made the illusion detail that much more spectacular.

Oumou wanted her mermaid wedding dress to have a perfect illusion back.

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After we finalized the design, Oumou’s illusion back mermaid wedding dress moved really fast. Given her timeline, she opted for an express creation so her open back mermaid wedding dress would be completed by January. She knew what she wanted, so our requirements were clear. The creation moved really easily, and her dress was ready by the first week of January! 

She approved her final videos (she was so excited!), and the dress was immediately shipped over to Burkina Faso. It was delivered ten days later, and her fitting was a breeze; she needed no alterations whatsoever, and looked like a dream.

Illusion back mermaid wedding dress
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Wedding Day 


Oumou’s big day was a riot. She kept the whole crew entertained with jokes and fun, and our team had an absolute blast getting her ready. 

It was a lovely time filled with laughter and emotion, and she looked absolutely stunning. Her illusion back mermaid wedding dress fit her like a glove, her groom was awestruck when she made her entrance, and she made an absolutely beautiful bride. Look at these photos!!

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Final Thanks


Our lovely Oumou, we feel so lucky to have crossed your path. Everything with you is joy. Thank you for allowing us to create your illusion back mermaid wedding dress, but more importantly, for allowing us to get to know you. We wish you plenty of happiness and love, but above all- we hope your smile never fades! Keep being happy, lighthearted and kind- you are a rare one, and we love you dearly.

That’s it for today! How do you like Oumou’s dress? Let us know in the comments, and please send us a message if you have any questions. 

As always, our team is ready to book your consultation whenever you are ready, so grab a slot if you are game! You can also send us an email at [email protected], or send us a message on WhatsApp

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