Natou’s sparkly off shoulder mermaid wedding dress

off shoulder mermaid wedding dress

Hello JoSaBi Fam, I hope you are all very well, and that your day is going stellar in spite of the pandemic. It has almost been a year, can you believe it? Here is to hoping you are okay, and that your family and loved ones are healthy. We are super happy to share a gorgeous sparkly off shoulder mermaid wedding dress today, worn by a bride with an even sparklier personality: JoSaBi Natou. She stunned for her December 19th wedding in a gorgeous mermaid dress, super detailed and dripping in shine. We also helped her create a very unique custom veil, complete with a message for her love!  She looked like a diamond, and we can’t wait to tell you more.

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off shoulder mermaid wedding dress
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Natou’s off shoulder mermaid wedding dress: A Tale

Natou came across JoSaBi at the beginning of 2020. She chatted with the team for a while, but was not sure about what she was looking for, so she took some time to think about a few styles.

A couple of weeks after, she came back with some ideas and we started putting together a mood board. It was clear immediately that she was in love with mermaids and lace; she wanted those elements well featured on her gown. Natou also loved sparkle, and wanted complex shine elements combined together for a unique texture.

In addition, she had a good grasp on her own body shape. Our bride had done her research, and had even identified a few celebrities that looked like her, and taken a look at their wedding dresses to use them as her inspiration! We already knew we were about to have some fun!

off shoulder sparkly mermaid wedding dress
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Designing Natou’s sparkly off shoulder mermaid wedding dress

Robe de mariée sirène épaules tombantes pour natou

The Brief

As mentioned before, Natou was a lover of texture and elements. Some other things she had an affinity with were corset structures, embroidery and flowers. We took some time to analyze how those would come together on her sparkly mermaid wedding gown without being too much. It definitely took a few days, but we took our time and methodically worked to get to the best result possible.

The Design Process

First of all, we nailed the silhouette. Natou was all about that mermaid silhouette, and wanted it to be flared, with a long train. She was also particular about the part where the skirt started and wanted it to be triangle-shaped, in the back and the front. We added interesting elements by making the lace “drip” on the skirt a little around the knee- super chic, and wrapped up this dreamy silhouette by adding a perfect 1.5 meter (5 feet) high-end tulle train for some drama. 

Then, we tackled the bodice. A nice and fitted one of course, with a sweetheart neckline and protruding bra cups. We chose a very particular lace with some tiny silver sequin lines as well as some flowers and layered it with some other laces to end up with a unique lace that was all Natou’s. We then hand beaded every single flower, and the contrast created between the flat sequin lines and the textured lace and beading flowers was heavenly. 

The last element of the dress was the sleeves. Natou wanted off-shoulder sleeves but placed in a V shape in the back. She also wanted them with some lace detailing, but still having some sheerness for an alluring effect. We, therefore, worked with the fabric of the sleeves to show some skin, while still being super beaded and decorated with flowers. 

The main showstopper of the dress was, of course, that shine!!! We created a multi dimensional gown with incredible sparkle by expertly layering a lace with sequins with textured and beaded flowers, while adding some other proprietary sparkle elements. The overall look was textured, complex, fun and SHINING LIKE A DIAMOND. Natou’s sparkly off shoulder mermaid wedding dress was ready to get started. 

gorgeous African wedding couple bride and groom

Natou’s sparkly off shoulder mermaid wedding dress was all about shine and details.


Natous’ dress was kicked off in June. We moved slowly, as Natou wanted to make sure she was comfortable with every step; she made small tweaks as we went, and the dress shaped up nicely day after day. A few weeks in the production process though, Natou opted for something brilliant: she decided to personalize her veil with a message for her groom!

A la Hailey Bieber, she had us write “Believe in Second Chances” at the edge of her royal length veil, as well as their initials inside a heart. The sweet story was that her and her beau had parted ways a few years before, only to run into each other again and rekindle their romance. LOVE.

By the second week of November, her off shoulder mermaid wedding dress was ready in all its splendor and shipped over to her after she approved the final videos. She was overjoyed, and loved the final look a lot; she could not stop looking at herself in the mirror during her fitting!

smiling bride
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Wedding Day


Natou’s wedding day was awesome, and her celebration was a bash for the ages. She looked perfect, and she was the happiest bride ever! She wore her hair in a sleek bun, and had on a muted and matte makeup look. Her jewelry was dainty, and she held a fresh bouquet of peach flowers. Her groom was in awe! He even played bridesmaid duties at some point and carried her train!

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Final Thanks!

Thanks a whole bunch Natou for such a great adventure. Your off shoulder mermaid wedding dress was heaven to create: it was fun, detailed, textured and just an overall delight. Thank you for choosing us, and thanks so much for being such an awesome bride to work with. We wish you the very best in your married life Mrs. Sermé! 

Here it is!!! Thanks for reading this far; as usual, we are available for any questions you may have, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook. It was a pleasure to share another bride with you. Stay safe, and see you soon for more brides and dress adventures.

Until then, stay safe. Love,



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