Satin Mermaid Wedding Dress

Sophie on her wedding day at the altar

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Josabi blog! How are you today? Either way, your day is about to get better because we have a gorgeous satin wedding dress for your viewing pleasure.

We are indeed very happy to bring you our gorgeous JoSaBi Sophie! She allowed us to be part of her special day in Dakar on June 29th. Her dress was a creation that oozed class, with just the right amount of sass in the back! Read on to find out more about this beauty.

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Sophie came across JoSaBi last fall, after looking everywhere without success for her dream dress. She knew she wanted a mermaid dress, but wasn’t super sure about the actual details just yet. We started throwing ideas around, and after a few minutes, it became clear that Sophie loved tiered skirts! She was also influenced by the Duchess of Sussex’s satin wedding dress, and envisioned her own in plain gorgeous satin as well, but with a little more sheen. We toyed around with a few options and ended up going for a flounce skirt, paired with a gorgeous tulle underlay and train. Sophie opted to add an embroidered detail at the edge of the satin flounce to give her wedding dress a little bit of character. She had also fallen in love with the idea of a straight off the shoulder neckline, so we incorporated that element as well. Her dream dress was finally coming together!

We were almost done, but something was missing. Sophie loved the understated yet classy look of her dress, but her heart was calling for some bling 😂; she knew she didn’t want anything to deter too much from the understated look in the front, so we decided to play around with the back of the dress. We explored a few ideas and finally ended up going with a beaded diamond pattern made of pearls and crystals. The simplicity of satin therefore remained in the front of the wedding dress, but the sexy blinged-out detail added some fun in the back! 

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Beaded back for Sophie's custom satin wedding dress

We ended up with a beaded diamond pattern made of pearls and crystals.

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We finalized the design around the end of October, and Sophie ended up placing an order around mid-November. We had a pretty clear brief by then, so the creation really went without a hitch. The dress was ready by mid-February. 

Sophie was super excited after her first look, but ended up adding one very last hint of shine with a pearl and crystal-studded belt; we completed it in around 2 weeks, and it took another week for the dress to get to Sophie in Dakar, and fit her perfectly; no alterations were needed!!!

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Wedding Day

Her wedding took place on June 29th, and she looked radiant! In the words of her maid of honor, “Her Custom Josabi dress was a hit! Sophie was a real princess in it. Thanks again for this jewel!” (Honestly, we THANK YOU!)


Sophie with her bridesmaids in her custom JoSaBi dress

JoSaBi Sophie, thanks again so very much for choosing us for your gorgeous satin wedding dress! You have exquisite taste and we LOVED your willingness to experiment. We wish you all the happiness in the world in your married life!

Thanks so much for reading so far, and for stopping by to read our dress adventures! We appreciate you, and we will see you next time for another dress story!