Mermaid Wedding Dress with a Long Train

Mermaid wedding dress with long train by JoSaBi Mariées

Hello hello JoSaBi Fam! The sun is shining (no, it really is 10PM), birds are chirpin’ (no, it is cold) and life is great (well… it’s a pandemic so MEH.) We hope you are doing well in these scary times. Stay safe, stay home if you can, and this will hopefully be behind us soon. To all healthcare workers: thank you for your service and countless hours of work. We owe you everything!

BESIDES all of that, I still hope your day is going stellar. We are about to sprinkle a bit more gorgeousness on it: meet JoSaBi Yasmin, who trusted us to create her lace mermaid wedding dress with a long train for her wedding on January 11th in Burkina Faso. Want to learn more? Read on.

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A mermaid wedding dress with a long glamorous train: The story


From the beginning, Yasmin was all class. Early in the process, we realized that she was very particular about the way she wanted to look in her wedding dress. Her waist was to be nipped, and her skirt was to be perfectly flared, with a long train fanning out behind her. Our bride is blessed with a gorgeous hourglass shape, and all the elements of her look were to perfectly complement her assets on her wedding day! A mermaid wedding dress with a long train was therefore the logical design direction to take. (Pop quiz: what is the difference between a mermaid and a trumpet? If you do not know the answer, check out our post about wedding dress shapes here.)

We started going over basic requirements for the dress, and Yasmin was all about the quintessential mermaid silhouette. She wanted to flaunt her figure without having to show too much skin. Yasmin was also a lover of gorgeous details. As a result, her preference was for delicate laces, BUT with intricate beading work and a subtle shine. What really made her heart sing was the marriage of great structure with lovely details.  

Mermaid wedding dress with long train by JoSaBi Mariées
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We started our consultation by going through our archives for inspiration. Bonus for Yasmin: she had already scoured our Instagram page, and had saved a few dresses she loved, which we suggest all brides do. A previous one of our creations featuring a very unique shell-like lace had caught her eye. She immediately fell in love with the unusual pattern and the delicate beading work. We changed the style a bit to suit her needs: we made the V necklines in the front and back a bit more conservative, and opted for white lace (instead of champagne lace on the original dress). We also constructed an internal waist cincher to really highlight Yasmin’s waist. After all these touches, we retained the new end product as our bodice. 

The skirt required a few more steps. As we were moving along in the design process, Yasmin herself realized that she was really particular about the shape of her skirt 😄. She wanted the skirt of her mermaid wedding dress to flare out, but realized her heart was particularly set on a very fluid, almost floaty flare. Moreover, she wanted the edges of the long train of her mermaid wedding dress to have soft folds, for some added character. We ended up with a classic horsehair train, but added hundreds of mini pleats at the base. Those pleats turned into gentle folds at the end of the skirt.

Finally, Yasmin wanted her mermaid wedding dress to have a long and wide glamorous train, which would highlight the floaty ruffled edge even more. As a result, we opted for a 1.25 m train. 

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Yasmin wanted her mermaid wedding dress to have a long glamorous train.

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Creation: Bringing Yasmin’s Mermaid Wedding Dress to life

We kicked off the creation of Yasmin’s mermaid wedding dress at the end of July. The team sent Yasmin photos and videos of the progress of her dress, and we moved fairly fast.

We really emphasize communication throughout the whole creation process for each dress. The team hence worked with Yasmin throughout the production  to get to the perfect shape for the skirt and the train. Around mid- December, the dress was completed!

Yasmin loved her final videos, and gave her final approval (to go through our creation process in more detail, please read this post on how to create a custom wedding dress.) The gown was shipped to her a few days later, and we could not wait to see her in it. Her fitting took place the following week, and her gown fit amazingly; she needed no alterations.

Mermaid wedding dress with long train by JoSaBi Mariées
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Wedding Day 


The big day was so moving. Yasmin got ready at home, and was dressed into her wedding dress by a member of our team. The V neckline on her back highlighted the lace on her skin beautifully. Her mother put the finishing touches to her look, and it was such a sweet sight. She then went off to get married, carrying a bouquet of peach and ivory roses, and looked flawless! Her dress fit perfectly, her body was contoured and highlighted, her long raw edge veil complemented her look amazingly, and she was just a beautiful classy bride, exactly as she wanted.  

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Final thoughts


Thanks so much for choosing JoSaBi, Yasmin! We couldn’t stop looking at you on your wedding day. You looked ethereal, gorgeous and classy all at the same time, and the touches of red in your bouquet (and on your lips!!) were perfect additions to your look. We appreciate you so much; we are glad we were able to contribute to your day, and we wish you a fantastic married life.


A few words from the bride: 

I discovered Josabi on Facebook while looking for my wedding dress. I was immediately drawn to their work, and impressed by the beauty of their dresses. My choice therefore went to them to craft my wedding gown, after weeks of looking for  the “perfect dress”.

I will be the first to admit that I was a little scared to order my dress from afar. However, the Josabi team was always available and knew how to listen to me, advise me and guide me. They really cared for me.

The dress was beautiful, and fit me perfectly. No alterations were needed. Thank you Josabi!❤


We are at the end of our story, dear reader! As usual, we are available via email for any questions. Please leave us a comment if you loved Yasmin’s story, and book a free consultation if you are ready to bring your dream wedding dress to life! 

Thanks as always for your time, and until next time– stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands. More info on the Coronavirus here; let’s protect our families and healthcare workers by doing our part and being careful.