Sparkly Wedding Dress with Long Sleeves

Hi JoSaBi Fam! How is your day going? I hope you are all having a great time, and that you have fun things planned today. I definitely do: I’m about to share the story of our amazing Aïda – Amelia, and of the sparkly long sleeve wedding dress we created together. Aïda – Amelia was literally the most fun human to ever grace the face of this Earth, and we are so grateful we got to do her dress; read on for more details!!

A Shiny Wedding Dress for a bride in love with sleeves: The story


Amelia came to us in the spring of  2019. She had a decent idea of what she wanted, but was still in the beginning phases of wedding planning. Indeed, she loved delicate sleeves, and how they looked on her skin. She hence wanted a shiny wedding dress with some some long, sheer and decorated sleeves for her wedding dress. She liked the JoSaBi process, and we agreed to reconvene a few months later. Our bride came back in September, but with a tighter timeline than anticipated. Therefore, we finalized her dress in around a day, picked a lace the next day, and were off to the races within 4 days. She was definitely a super decisive bride! 

Robe de mariée brillante a manches longues
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Our design process was so much fun, peppered with jokes and overall happiness. Amélia’s informed us that her wedding would be a family affair; she anticipated everything to be held at home. It would really be a time for the two families to connect, and she loved that idea. As a result, she wanted a gorgeous sparkly wedding dress, as the rest of the celebration would really be without any bells and whistles.

Her vision was a modern take on a classic long sleeve A line wedding dress. She knew wanted a simple yet sophisticated look with a hint of sass. We therefore went for a V neck, and a lovely pleated A-line shape. Moreover, we nipped the silhouette at the waist and let the skirt fall in lovely pleats, ending with a short 50 cm train. Indeed, Amelia did did not want anything longer, as she would be interacting with family members all day. Two important points of the wedding dress were however the long sleeves, and the strong shoulder look. The shoulder added some serious sass to the look and brought it from “super sweet” to “modern yet classic”. The sleeves were sheer to show off the gorgeous patterns of the sparkly lace on Amélia’s skin. Some cute sleeve inspo here.

Now for the pièce de résistance: the shine, the sparkle, the bling.  Amélia wanted a pure white dress, but also really wanted some shine (these two things don’t always go together, FYI). We had to get creative, and hunted high and low for a  pure white fabric that would also sparkle up a storm. (We thought of the fabric on Astrid’s dress, but it is off white). After a few hours, we were able to locate a pure white lace fabric with serious sequin work. Amelia fell in love with it immediately, and  just like that- we had solved our conundrum! 

Amelia wanted a sparkly pure white wedding dress with delicate long sleeves.

Sparkly long sleeve wedding dress by JoSaBi

Creation: Bringing Amelia’s Sparkly Wedding Dress to Life

We kicked off the creation of the sparkly long sleeve wedding dress  within two days (Amélia had sent her measurements the day after our consultation). It was a fast production process, as we were on a tight schedule (at that point, she believed her wedding would be taking place at the end of November; it was later moved to the first week of January). As a result, within 3 weeks, we were essentially done, but upon realizing we had more time, we got fancy 😂. We decided to add a few flowers around the waist and on the sleeves, and  eventually finished a couple of weeks later.

The dress was shipped over to Amelia, and around 15 days later she had her first fitting. Almost everything was perfect, but the sleeves were a little loose; she therefore had them tightened a bit. Said sleeves looked amazing though; the sparkling lace patterns looked incredible on her skin.  

Sparkly wedding dress with long sleeves by JoSaBi
Robe de mariée brillantes a manhes longues
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Wedding Day 


On Amélia’s wedding day, she was as happy as could be. Her gorgeous shiny shiny V neck A line wedding gown was displayed  on a mannequin in her room, and she had a blast taking pictures with it. The dress was super sparkly, pure white, modern and sassy- exactly what she wanted. She could not stop smiling, and was in love with her dress; it was such a pleasure to watch videos from her wedding day, and we could feel her happiness through the pictures.

Sparkly wedding dress with long sleeves

Final thoughts



Amelia, you are the best. Your joy is so contagious, and your heart shines so bright. It was a blessing to our team to spend time with you; you brought us laughter, warmth and kindness. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, and may your smile never ever fade. Thanks again for the honor of choosing JoSaBi.


That’s it for today, fam! Thanks so much for reading Amélia’s story. As always, please send us an email with any questions, leave a comment below, or book a consultation to start designing the dress of your dreams! Stay well, and we will see you soon for another gorgeous JoSaBi bride.