Brigitte’s sleeveless wedding dress

sleeveless wedding dress

Hello everyone! 

How are you feeling today? Can you feel spring in the air? We certainly do at JoSabi, because we have several weddings coming up in April and May.  We are happy to be preparing for what could be the most “normal” wedding season since 2020. Indeed, isn’t it crazy that, only 2 years ago, all our lives were completely changed by a global pandemic? Today, let’s talk about a Covid warrior: our Montreal bride, JoSaBi Brigitte. Not only did she push back her wedding back because of restrictions brought about by the health crisis, but she was also on the front lines during the pandemic as a health worker. We were happy to work with her to create a stunning sleeveless wedding dress.

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sleeveless wedding dress

Brigitte’s modest sleeveless wedding dress

Brigitte came to us thanks to a referral from a former bride. She loved fitted shapes but wanted her dress to remain modest, as her wedding would be taking place in a church. Hence, she needed to find the best way to show off her shape while abiding by the rules. We perused the JoSaBi Instagram page together and put together quite a few ideas based on previous styles. Our focuses were: a sleeveless mermaid wedding dress, with rich texture, gorgeous beading, as well as airy yet big volume at the bottom.

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Designing Brigitte’s sleeveless mermaid wedding dress

sleeveless wedding dress

The Brief

JoSabi Brigitte’s idea borrowed a bit from JoSaBi Mariam’s dress (the mermaid shape, as well as horsehair tulle at the bottom) but she added her own twist. She wanted no sleeves, and buttons and a V back opening for the back completed her vision.

The Design Process

As a result of the ideas above, we kicked the design off with a sleeveless mermaid wedding dress. While that style checked all of Brigitte’s boxes, we felt like it was a little too simplistic and ended up working a little more on the neckline. We ended up closing up the top with some skin-colored tulle that perfectly blended with her skin tone, and we added a swirly lace detail in the back with some elaborate beading.

After a few days, our bride actually came back and suggested a gorgeous smattering of pearls all over the neckline. The mother of pearl hue next to her deep skin made for a perfect combo.

Brigitte’s wedding was scheduled for 2020, and like many other brides, she had to postpone her big day by a whole year due to the global health crisis. She kept in touch with the team, and when the time came to do so, we shipped her gown directly to Cotonou for her destination wedding in Benin. Not a single alteration was needed, and she looked stunning.

Brigitte’s sleeveless wedding dress was a mix of swirly lace, rich beading and airy volume.

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sleeveless wedding dress

JoSaBi Brigitte’s wedding day

After a year of patience, JoSaBi Brigitte’s wedding, a fun royal blue affair, finally took place! For her celebration held in the heart of Cotonou, Benin, she donned 3 different outfits including one made out of rich traditional fabrics, and she looked stunning throughout the day. Her JoSaBi Mariées dress fit her like a glove, and we were so happy to have helped make her day memorable.

Thank you for choosing JoSaBi Mariées, Brigitte! You are a pearl among pearls, and it was such a pleasure creating your gown. May God bless you and your new home richly, congratulations again to our first Benin bride!!!

Are you in the same position as Brigitte, due to the global pandemic? Rest assured, you will have your perfect day like JoSaBi Brigitte. Just take advantage of the extra time to add more details to your wedding dress!

See you soon for another gorgeous bride, or for fun tips!
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Until then, stay tuned and see you soon for more amazing wedding gowns.



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