Prisca’s jeweled wedding dress

jeweled wedding dress

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Have you always imagined your wedding and wedding dress from your childhood? Well, our JoSaBi Prisca certainly has. It was so moving for us to start from her vision and see her joy when receiving her dress, as well as witness her getting married in a stunning jeweled wedding gown she created. Let’s say that her goal was to beat the Bollywood / Hollywood Indian actress Priyanka Chopra for the record of the longest veil

Did she win?? Let’s find out!

jeweled wedding dress
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Prisca’s gorgeous jeweled mermaid wedding dress

Prisca contacted us after her BFF and cousin both chose JoSaBi for their wedding gowns. She was a sophisticated bride, who was in love with grand and surprising details. Prisca was looking to create a gorgeous mermaid wedding dress that would match her personality (full of sparkle), with unique details and beautiful lace. 

Our bride was also in love with the idea of a jeweled neckline and a detailed back, and above all, she wanted a suuuuper long veil to complete her look. Indeed, since she had been a little girl, she had been dreaming of wearing a wedding dress with a super long train (back then, she imagined it would be so long it would extend from the porch of the house until the main street). Fast forward to present day: that would have been a tad impractical, so we “settled” for a stunning 14-foot veil. Moreover, unlike Priyanka, Prisca didn’t have 10 people helping her down the aisle, so rocking a veil longer than that would have been a challenge.

jeweled wedding dress
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Designing Prisca’s jeweled mermaid wedding dress (and super long veil)

The Brief

The mission for JoSabi was: a mermaid dress with beaded lace, sparkle all over, a gorgeous neckline with white pearls, and a sparkling skirt with lace swirls. And most importantly: a long train with an even longer veil.

The Design Process

Creating Prisca’s dress was a true collaboration; she was incredibly receptive to our ideas, and we worked hand in hand to create her dress. 

For the bust, she wanted a criss-cross vibe. We loved the idea, but suggested adding an illusion nude bodice underneath, so the criss-cross detail would pop more on the bust. The neckline of the dress was a showstopper. We crafted a “necklace” like we did JoSaBi Serena’s look, but Prisca’s was very different. Her unique necklace was made from a mix of only white beads and curved elegantly around her neck to add character to her dress. 

For the skirt, we worked with Prisca to layer rich lace and high-end sparkly fabric for a unique look. Her train was super long, but that was not enough; in the end, we added a simple yet dramatic 14-foot raw edge veil, modern yet still romantic. The whole look was cohesive and luxurious, yet sweet.

Prisca had some trouble visualizing what her neckline would look like with different kinds of beading. We created a mock neckline with different beading styles in different spots, and she was able to visualize better and pick her favorite.

Fun fact: Before her wedding, JoSaBi Prisca truly shared her journey with us, every step of the way.  The day her gown was delivered, she decided to send us an unboxing video!!! She had to wait a few hours before her family arrived home to open the package, but the video she sent us unboxing and her discovering her wedding dress was worth the wait.

Prisca’s jeweled wedding dress was all about beaded lace, sparkle, a gorgeous neckline with white pearls, and a sparkling skirt with lace swirls.

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JoSaBi Prisca’s wedding day

Prisca’s Houston, TX wedding was a blast! She was absolutely majestic in her jeweled wedding dress. Her husband was floored at their first look (after being tricked by the maid of honor!), and her dress was perfectly her, grand, detailed, and stunning. She completed her look with an elaborate curly updo, a splendid bouquet of white and red calla lilies, and a gorgeous smile! We stayed connected with our bride all day, and her awesome MOH sent us a few videos here and there for us to follow the festivities. We were super excited!

Congratulations JoSaBi Prisca. It was such a pleasure to bring your vision to life. We wish you a blissful married life! Thank you, our personal Priyanka!

As usual, we have many touching stories to tell you about in the next few weeks! You don’t want to miss them. See you soon for another gorgeous bride, or for fun tips!

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