Coretta’s Satin Ballgown Wedding Dress

satin ballgown wedding dress

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First, we wish you a happy new year. May this year be full of health, peace, love, and great times with loved ones. Here’s to hoping your 2022 is already off to a great start.

Today, we are happy to introduce our witty, fun, and smart JoSaBi Coretta. Are you detail-oriented? Because Coretta surely is! She wanted to be a classy bride, decked out in a regal and luxurious satin ballgown wedding dress with extremely intricate yet understated details. Ready to see how this wedding dress was created?

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Robe de mariee princesse en satin

Coretta’s royal satin ballgown wedding dress

First of all, chatting with Coretta was a delight from beginning to end.  She was always very kind and light! Our bride, however,  was very clear on her vision. From the beginning, her brief was “royal and classy but unique”. She always wanted a ballgown, and always wanted it to look neat and clean, but also high-end with surprising details. 

Coretta had been looking for the “it” gown for a while but had not quite gotten there. Indeed, she shared some photos of dresses she had tried in high-end East coast bridal stores, but none of them hit the nail on the head. She wanted a satin ballgown wedding dress with a clean pleated skirt, buttons all the way down, a cinched waist, lovely decorated sleeves, and a very unique crumb catcher neckline. Those details put together made for a very unique gown, and they just did not exist on any gown together. We were therefore overjoyed to bring that gown to life for Coretta!

satin ballgown wedding dress with long sleeves
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 Designing Coretta’s  showstopper luxury satin wedding dress

robe de mariee royale

The Brief

As stated before, the idea was a royalty-inspired gown with a regal satin skirt and cool details. We opted for a lovely pleated skirt, pearl buttons all the way down the train, a neckline made out of invisible tulle, and gorgeous long sleeves.

The Design Process

Coretta’s satin ballgown wedding dress was already awesome as she envisioned it, but we suggested exploring a few more things First of all, we suggested an alternate kind of crumb catcher neckline. The classic look with the fanned-out panel was great, but we suggested a side panel one that was modern yet regal. We sketched both, and Coretta indeed opted for the asymmetric look.

The skirt was to be a clean rich mikado, so we suggested detailing the top further with barely-there French Chantilly lace all over and exquisite beading at the waist and on the sleeves.

The dress was already a showstopper, but we can’t forget the veil

Coretta wanted a very elaborate veil to contrast with her mostly minimalist satin ballgown wedding dress. She therefore opted for a richly decorated one, with high-end lace all around the edge, and hers and her husband’s initials hand embroidered around the edge. It was the perfect balance with her classic gown and the end look was just arresting 😍

The lesson here is: when in doubt, OPT FOR DETAILS AND ACCESSORIES THAT PACK A PUNCH. 

Coretta wanted a satin ballgown wedding dress with a clean pleated skirt and unique details.

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Coretta's JoSaBi Wedding Dress

The Wedding

Coretta’s wedding day in Burkina Faso was gorgeous! She took amazing photos with her bridesmaids, had a fun dress discovering session where she “met” her dress again as it was displayed on a mannequin, all pressed and ready for the day.

She opted for a fiery color scheme in orange, red, and gold, reflected in her bouquet and floral arrangements. 

The whole experience with her was easy, fun and enriching, and we can’t wait to see her blossom in her marriage. She was such a beautiful bride, and an amazing partner to design and create with.

Final Thanks

Congratulations JoSaBi Coretta! We couldn’t have been happier to help you design your unique dress. Your vision was amazing, and you looked stunning on your wedding day, in YOUR wedding dress. 

JoSaBi Coretta’s dress certainly felt like straight out of a royal wedding, don’t you think? Our brides really are real-life celebrities, to us at least. Now you- what you would like to have for your own wedding? (It’s always great to have some inspiration to start with…).

See you very soon for another wedding dress!

As usual, we are here if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

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