Lauren’s High Low Wedding Dress

High low wedding dress lace

Hello lovely readers. Like Lady Whistledown in the series Bridgerton, we love sharing all the (good) gossip about our wedding dresses. Today is no exception! We are delighted to introduce our JoSaBi Bride Lauren, who celebrated her nuptials in upscale Napa Valley wearing a custom high-low wedding gown from JoSaBi Mariées. 

Brides are, more and more, going new and unexpected routes for their gowns. Color is really making an appearance, and we love to see it! For instance, Lauren had a very original wedding dress with purple details. To be exact, she had a periwinkle detail on the lining of her high-low wedding dress, which showed when she walked. Exquisite.

Let’s go back to the beginning of this creative adventure…

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high low wedding dress

Lauren’s unique high low wedding dress

From the get-go, Lauren was very clear about being a nontraditional bride. She didn’t want a huge ballgown or even a floor-length gown for that matter. She wanted her wedding dress to really reflect her and her taste, which was couture and luxury while being at the same time whimsical and off the beaten paths.

We exchanged a few runway photos and videos, explored ideas and inspirations from exclusive foreign designers, perused archives from great fashion houses… And ended up teasing out Lauren’s must-haves: a high low wedding dress silhouette, exquisite beadwork, neat pleats, lovely volume, and- most importantly- the color periwinkle.

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Designing Lauren’s high-low wedding dress with periwinkle accents

The Brief

The idea was a high-low structured wedding dress with pleats. To make it even more haute, there would be plenty of handmade details: some heavy beading at the hem, and more hand-sewn pearls and beads all over the bust with details going to the skirt. Details matter, so the sweetheart halter neckline would be with a criss-cross pattern tied in the middle of the chest in an X. Finally, to give it the necessary drama: the lining would be infused with periwinkle embroidery. The last detail was to be a beaded birdcage veil with periwinkle accents. Whew! It was about to be fun!

The Design Process

With all these details, creating Lauren’s high low wedding dress was awesome and also very involved! We opted for a structured silhouette, with lovely handmade pleats that went from the waist all the way down the skirt. That gave the dress great volume but a playful feel.

For the fabric, we went back and forth, but we ended up suggesting very light French Chantilly all over. To add some texture and shine, the bust and the bottom of the gown were very richly hand beaded with a variety of pearls and textures which sparkled daintily and gave the dress a lovely 3D effect. 

To add great visuals in the back, we made the halter neckline fun and decorated the tie in the nape with a big satin bow.

Finally, the most unique aspect of this already amazing dress was… The lining underneath! Indeed, we wanted to add an element of periwinkle to the gown but wanted it to be very peekaboo. We ended up going for hand-embroidered flowers in periwinkle under the dress so that the detail would show from the front, and with each step, Lauren would take on her big day. All in all, this was a very unique, complex, ambitious, and fun design, and exactly reflected our bride’s personality.

Creating Lauren’s dress was a longer process than most gowns. The hand embroidery by itself took over a month, and the hand-beaded bust was also very elaborate. Week after week, we enjoyed putting all of these elements together and seeing the gown come to life. We stayed in touch with Lauren (as we do with each JoSaBi Mariées bride), and she enjoyed every minute of seeing her vision come to life.

Lauren wanted a high low wedding gown with periwinkle details.

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The Big Day Is Here!

Lauren’s wedding was a classy affair held in a California vineyard, with (of course) touches of periwinkle throughout. Her day was lovely without a cloud in sight, and she looked radiant in her dress. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT HER HAIR??? She had told us she was looking to have a braided style, and OMG- did her Hairstylist knock it out of the park. She looked amazing and we were so proud to have played a role in making her day memorable!

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Final Thanks!

Congratulations JoSaBi Lauren! Collaborating with lovely optimistic kind brides makes our job so enjoyable. You were such a light. May your couple shine as much as you do!


Thanks, everyone, for spending some time on our blog. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

 With Love,