Christele’s Long Sleeve Ruffled Mermaid Wedding Dress

Long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding dress

Hello sweet readers. We hope you started this year with energy! As for us, 2022 (and beyond) brides everywhere are preparing their weddings, and we are working with plenty of innovative ideas and loving it! Today, however, the spotlight’s on our sweet, kind, and lovely JoSaBi Christèle, who worked with us on a dramatic long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding dress for her luxury December 2021 wedding. We are sure you will love her gown! 

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JoSaBi Mariées Christele

Christèle’s long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding dress with a long train: a love story

JoSaBi Christèle reached out to us based on another bride’s referral. She was warm and fun from the get-go. After a brief discussion, we started exchanging photos, and it was clear that she was set on a mermaid silhouette with a very dramatic bottom. Christèle had fun dresses in her inspiration photos but was especially in love with big, voluminous statement ruffles. As far as the bodice, she loved classic and lacey ones but also wanted her gown to feature a statement lace with some rich handwork. She was also in love with peekaboo details, and long decorated lacey sleeves with seamless skin tulle sleeves.

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JoSaBi Mariées robe a frous frous

Designing Christèle’s  ruffled mermaid wedding dress

robe de mariée longues manches froufrous

The Brief

The brief was simple: modest, ruffled, and dramatic, in a lovely off-white. Based on Christele’s taste, the goal was to create a classic lacey top with long sleeves and, to contrast, pair it with a voluminous bottom.

The Design Process

The silhouette was classic overall, so as a result, we just decided to be intentional with each part of the gown.

For the bodice, we opted for a dramatic lace with large floral motifs and swirls, which we then hand-beaded for a 3d texture and some shine. We also added two fun cutouts to the bust on either side of the waist for a fun detail that cinched the waist in. 

For the bottom, we suggested creating organza ruffles to have an overall more dramatic look. Our bride loved volume, so we created modern curly ruffles that went perfectly with the skirt, and were reminiscent of flower petals. 

Finally, we opted for a disguised off-shoulder sleeve, with some skin tulle around the neckline. The sleeves were also meant to be statement pieces, richly decorated with lace and beading accents.

We finalized the overall look of Christele’s long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding dress with a cathedral veil that lent some balance to the voluminous skirt. Lace details at the end of the veil gave it some edge.

Christele’s long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding dress was modest yet dramatic.

One note: 

JoSaBi Christèle took some time to pick the perfect lace. Indeed, some laces are daintier. They lend themselves well to more classic gowns, where the lace adds delicateness sweetness to the design. Some other laces, however, are thicker and bolder. They lend more character to the design and are generally a “pièce de résistance” for the dress. Those are definitely seen from afar, and with some texture and detailing. 

Each option has its pros; at JoSaBi, we work with each bride to identify her style and make sure the lace choice reflects who she is as a person. For Christèle’s long sleeve ruffled mermaid wedding gown, option 2 made more sense and was truer to her personality and style.

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Christèle’s  wedding day

JoSaBi Christèle’s wedding was classic and beautiful. She was a true princess with a high tiara and a gorgeous white rose bouquet. Her dress was at the same time alluring, modern, and modest, and she wore it incredibly well. Her veil was perfect with it, and made beautiful photos. 

Congratulations JoSaBi Christèle! May you have a cheerful and blissful union, and may love always live in your home. You are amazing, and we are so lucky to have worked with you. Thanks again for choosing us.

JoSaBi Christèle’s dress was dramatic and modern for sure. Are you a fan of ruffles too? With Valentine’s day around the corner, are you expecting a wedding proposal? If you receive one, we are to make your dreams come true and design the wedding dress you have always had in your head.

As usual, we are looking forward to telling you about more wedding dresses very soon. See you around for more gorgeous designs and wedding tips!

In the meantime, you can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook .

Until then, stay safe.



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