Jordaline’s Wedding Dress with a Lace Train

lace train wedding dress

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We hope you are having a great day. Question: have you already collected images for your perfect wedding dress, or are you doing it now? Today, we have a special bride to introduce you to, who gathered her ideas over a few years: JoSaBi Jordaline.

 JoSaBi Jordaline got married in a unique, fluid, and lacey wedding dress that combined two hot trends: a lace train and a slit. Are you dying to see her gorgeous dress, and know the story behind it? Read on!

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robe de mariée fente traine en dentelle

Jordaline’s chic wedding dress with a lace train

Jordaline contacted us to create her dress after following us for years on social media. This sweet bride was a fan of our work and had been following our pages for years. When it came time to create her own wedding dress, she simply reached out. She was ready with a few ideas already fleshed out, and we helped her put them together in a cohesive fashion.

First off, she did not want a huge dress. Second, she envisioned a few elements: fluid crepe fabric, a sheer lace train, a slit, and exquisitely crafted sleeves (she had a few ideas in mind.) We took the time to understand her well and were able to figure out she was more on the “chic” side, was not a fan of gaudy details, but was all about finely crafted elements. We, of course, used that information to inform the creation of her gown.

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Designing Jordaline’s crepe wedding dress with a lace train.

The Brief

As mentioned above, JoSabi Jordaline knew exactly what she wanted: a wedding dress in crepe fabric, a sheer lace train, a slit, and detailed sleeves. In a nutshell: a stylish and elegant wedding dress to suit her modern vibe.

The Design Process

Jordaline had definitely built her gown around the idea of a sheer lace train. We used her inspiration images as a base, but then went ahead and researched that trend style further, added a few more ideas to the file. She had fun picking out details she liked from here and there to create her own perfect gown. 

In the end, a few things stood out. We made the shape of the train more oblong and leaf-like than round, made the edge of the lace scalloped, suggested a different lace from the one she has initially suggested, and worked together to nail the perfect lace. The color choice took a bit, but Jordaline ended up choosing a classy off-white with the tiniest hint of warmth.

We also added some lace and beading detailing around the slit, suggested a nude underlay for the bust of the gown instead of all white (so the lace would “pop” better), and a gorgeous V back with some floating pearl buttons was the final touch.

Fun fact: Jordaline’s lovely mom was part of the whole process! She was in our WhatsApp conversation group and hence saw her daughter’s dress come together piece by piece. She loved it, and it was such a special experience for the whole team!

Jordaline had definitely built her wedding dress around the idea of a sheer lace train.

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Jordaline’s wedding day

It was a gorgeous affair. Jordaline looked stunning with her golden accessories, from her tiara down to her lovely golden bouquet! It was a very unique creation made out of metal and rhinestone leaves and was the perfect addition to her look.

Congratulations JoSaBi Jordaline. It was an immense pleasure to work both with you and your lovely mom. We wish you, your couple, and your family all the happiness of the world!

Thanks for hanging out, as usual! We have more great stories about dresses, as well as helpful articles coming up in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, and looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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