Luxury detachable wedding dress for Saoudah

luxury detachable wedding dress

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying summer as much as you can! Maybe some of you managed to travel and maybe even… go to a wedding? This year indeed, weddings are definitely coming back! Today, we would like to share an amazing one with you and introduce you to JoSaBi Saoudah. Fun fact: we almost said no to this dress because it was such a last-minute order… However, we challenged ourselves and the result was stunning: an elegant, detailed, unique, and overall stunning luxury detachable wedding dress with tons of details and sparkle. It was an arresting sight! Interested in learning more about JoSaBi Saoudah’s journey? Let’s go!

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JoSaBi Mariées custom wedding dress
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Saoudah’s spectacular luxury detachable wedding dress: some history

When Saoudah contacted us, we actually found out we would be her third wedding dress order. She had already worked with designers from Canada to Turkey and had paid for dresses that ultimately didn’t meet her expectations.

Our bride knew exactly what she wanted, but other designers were having issues bringing that vision to life. So by the time Saoudah contacted us, we had  6 weeks (!!!) to create her dress. We spent a whole night talking to her for her first consultation, asked all the necessary questions, and really pushed to make sure we NAILED her vision. With such a short time frame, there was absolutely no room for mistakes, and we truly collaborated with her to understand how she wanted to show up on her big day.

Within 48 hours, we had a fully created brief, fabric choices, measurements, and we just hit the ground RUNNING. 

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Designing Saoudah’s detachable luxury wedding dress

luxuru custom wedding dresses

The Brief

For her wedding dress, Saoudah was all about details: She wanted a “simple” and elegant silhouette but wanted her dress to pack on the drama with a luxurious mikado fabric and plenty of details. It was a very sophisticated ask.

The Design Process

We worked on a few design elements to add a luxury feel:  a heavily beaded bust with pearls, sequins, and glass beads for drama, and artfully hand-draped pleats to add elegance to the otherwise simple design. We then also added detailed beading to the back of the dress, on sheer skin tulle that matched her skin tone perfectly. The dress itself was in pure white. 

The detachable skirt was spectacular. It was lush, with a long train of 1.75 meters (around 5.7 feet) and boasted gorgeous beading at the waist. The whole design was cohesive, classy yet intensely dramatic at the same time. The last touch was a veil with pearl details, that fell all around JoSaBi Saoudah’s gorgeous face.

JoSaBi Saoudah’s dress boasted a heavily beaded bust with pearls, sequins, and beads for drama.


Saoudah’s dress was completed as fast as humanely possible and shipped over through DHL to Burkina Faso. She needed virtually no alterations, and after a quick press, she was ready to walk down the aisle in her gorgeous gown!

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JoSaBi Mariées review
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Saoudah’s Wedding Day


JoSaBi Saoudah’s wedding took place on June 26th. It was a glamorous affair in gold and burnt orange tones. She looked amazing with her classy low bun, subtle and warm makeup, and a classy bouquet of peach and white peonies. Her JoSaBi dress fit her like a glove, and she later told us that her husband loved it!

She got compliments all night, and her guests could not take their eyes off her throughout the whole celebration. Background information- JoSaBi Saoudah is (now) a doctor, who was going through her board examinations at the time. The fact that she was able to organize such an amazing wedding, design her wedding dress and pass all her exams is a testimony of the power of women. 

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Final Thanks!

Congratulations Dr. JoSaBi Saoudah! Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your world for a few weeks. Working with you was a gift; we learned so much and had a blast at the same time. May your wedding be the beginning of an amazing journey together, and we wish you all the happiness in the world in your new home.

Thank you for stopping by, as always! We hope you loved Saoudah’s story, and please leave us a comment below, contact us on social media or drop us an email or a text if you have any questions. You can reach us by leaving a comment, by sending us an email or DMs on Instagram or Facebook . As always, stay safe and have a stellar day! See you soon for more dresses and more wedding tips!

Until then, stay safe. Love,


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