Magali’s sheer low back mermaid wedding dress

sheer low back mermaid wedding dress

Hi JoSaBi Fam, how are you today? Are you ready for a new captivating bride? Today, we would like to present you, JoSaBi Magali. Her low back sheer wedding gown was all about sheerness, delicate details, nude lining, and tasteful yet intricate details. She worked with our team to find the most amazing fabrics and laces for her dress to perfectly embody the idea of “ethereal, sheer, and tasteful”. Time to tell you more about this impressive dress we were lucky enough to work on!

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Sheer low back mermaid wedding dress
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Magali’s sheer low back mermaid wedding dress: a genesis

At the beginning of 2021, when Magali contacted us, her ideas already revolved around a very flirty and sultry dress for her wedding. She definitely wasn’t a conventional bride. Side note- Magali’s was actually JoSaBi Serena’s bridesmaid, which is how we met her! 

Moreover, she was thinking of a minimalist style, open and plunging back, very tiny lace details on the shoulders and wrists, a light nude/champagne bust… It was all about delicate and alluring beauty.

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Designing Magali’s sheer mermaid wedding dress

sheer low back mermaid wedding dress

The Brief

Magali wanted minimal yet very tasteful coverage on the bust, paired with a lush and dramatic skirt.  She wanted her wedding dress to have a low and sheer back, mostly open, with a delicate row of buttons down the back. Nothing was to be over the top, and the whole look was to be super light, with amazing details and craftsmanship.

The challenge for Magali’s dress was hence to mix drama and lightness to perfection while having a very deliberate focus on details. That is therefore the direction we took for the brief.

The Design Process

We listened to our bride Magali and we put all her ideas together (like we always do).

JoSaBi Magali was looking for a seductive wedding dress with some lace. A lover of details and minimalistic dresses, she wanted her personality to shine through her wedding dress. We hence went the higher end route with all details to take that minimalist look up a notch.

We chose a high-grade lace, even though we would use a tiny amount. In addition, we were also very focused on lace placement, as well as lace embellishment. There wasn’t much fabric on the bust but our goal was to make it count. Each wisp of lace was hence hand beaded with reflective materials to make her shimmer down the aisle.

Her long 2-meter train was also spectacular; we opted for a lush and organic look that contrasted nicely with the pared-down bust. The whole look was unique, sultry yet dramatic, and arresting in more ways than one.

We kicked off the dress as soon as the sketches were greenlit, and a few months later, Magali’s delicate sheer mermaid wedding dress was shipped to Texas for her wedding.

Magali’s low back sheer wedding gown was at the same time minimal and dramatic.

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JoSaBi Magali’s Wedding Day

Magali’s wedding was a very grand affair. 

The lovely celebration took place in Dallas with a mix of modernity and culture, a stunning wedding party, a lovely outdoor ceremony, and an amazing venue. Magali’s wedding planner Ophelia was a genius, and everything was incredible.

Thank you, Magali, for your trust and love for JoSaBi Mariées. Your patience and kindness shone throughout the whole process, which you fully trusted. May your home be filled with love and peace every day, and may laughter never depart from your couple. We wish you an amazing married life!

As usual, thank you for reading our brides’ stories. We hope you enjoyed Magali’s journey and learning about her sheer low back wedding dress. Please leave us a comment below, contact us on social media or drop us an email or a text if you need anything. More dresses and more wedding tips are coming! Have a lovely day and until then, stay safe.



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