Jessica’s Ruffled Detachable Wedding Dress

Ruffled detachable wedding dress

Hello, dear lovers of wedding stories! We hope you are well and excited to read another JoSaBi behind the scenes story. Today, we have the pleasure of introducing JoSaBi Jessica and her ruffled detachable wedding dress! Like some of our brides, she, unfortunately, had a bad experience with another designer before meeting us and was not thrilled to try an online purchase for the central element of her wedding: the dress.

Do you want to know how she ended up changing her mind and designing her stunning dress with us? Read on!

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ruffled detachable wedding dress
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Jessica’s stunning 2-in-1 wedding dress with a ruffled overskirt

As we mentioned, JoSaBi Jessica came to us from JoSaBi Laurence. At that time, she was just recovering from a challenging experience with a local French designer. Indeed, she was promised her dream style within a certain price range, only to: 1- realize a few weeks later that the designer in question really could not deliver the ideal style, and 2- be gaslit into thinking she had chosen a simpler style with a cheaper lace (that they could actually make). Laurence, after hearing of her woes, sent us our way, but she was (understandably) wary and reluctant. 

We kicked off our collaboration with Jessica by talking to her to understand what went wrong. We went back all the way to the drawing board, determined what she really loved about her inspiration photos, and started working together to find the best course of action.

Armed with that information, we designed hand in hand, detailed all doable options, and found the perfect way to merge all of her expectations into one magical and stunning ruffled detachable wedding gown  – just like she dreamt it!

robe de mariee detachable frou frous
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Designing Jessica’s ruffled detachable wedding dress

The Brief

Jessica’s initial vision was a wedding dress with a very wide overskirt (which would really fan out on each side of her body as she walked down the aisle), with a curled loop on each side. We worked with her to bring the vision within reach within her established budget, using appropriate fabrics, construction, and details. See sketches below!

The Design Process

Jessica loved shine and sparkle, but was at the same time delicate and demure. We focused on soft and feminine touches for the sheath wedding dress underneath: designer lace with floral details, small delicate train, open back with lovely scalloped detail, sweet off-shoulder sleeves

For example, we created a bunch of gorgeous ruffles in the back of the dress that cascaded on top of each other, not unlike the petals of a rose. That touch added character to the overskirt and made it really memorable.

The overskirt was all drama: heavy beading, shine, sparkle, bolder lace accents. It was all about making our bride stand out while looking sweet at the same time. The contrast made this 2-in-1 mermaid wedding dress breathtaking.

The focus of this gown was memorable details, structured ruffles, sweet feminine accents, and overall a dress with some character and fun.

The focuses of this detachable ruffled wedding dress were memorable details, structure, sweet feminine accents.

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The Big Day Is Here!

JoSaBi Jessica got married on December 19.

It was all pink and blue hues, with a lovely and festive vibe. She surprised her husband with the sweetest first look, and he was overjoyed seeing her! 

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Final Thanks!

Congratulations JoSaBi Jessica! May both of you look at each other every day,  just the way you did on your wedding day: filled with respect and love.

Don’t you think her story was like a fairy tale? In the end, she got her perfect dress, her perfect wedding, and prince charming! If you are still recovering from a bad experience with your wedding dress but you are willing to trust us, contact us so we can start the conversation and see if we are a good fit for you. 

In the meantime, you can find more stories on our website and more in a near future.

See you soon for another gorgeous bride, or for fun tips!
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