Astou’s high neck luxury wedding gown

high neck wedding dress

Hi everyone, how are you today? We have a new fantastic wedding dress story for you. Meet JoSaBi Astou, who was like a model on the runway at her wedding. She wore 2 JoSaBi creations: her wedding dress and her reception dress. Interested in knowing how we designed a super detailed high neckline wedding dress? Read on for all the details!

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custom wedding dress high neck
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Astou’s stunning high neck wedding dress

We love all our brides and strive to create gowns that highlight and contour their body shape while making them feel their best. So, when our very fashionable JoSaBi bride Astou requested a dress that would show off her slim figure and skim her skin without being vulgar, we were excited to oblige!

Astou had fallen in love with a high neck gown she used as one of her inspirations. She wanted most of her body to be covered while still showing off some skin around the cleavage. She was also very sure she wanted a straighter sheath shape, with a moderate flare at the bottom. However, she was also adamant about her dress being super high-end and super detailed. As an individual, she puts a significant emphasis on quality and wanted her dress to reflect that part of her personality.

Moreover, Astou wanted a detachable skirt but was not 100% sure of the look she was after for that part of the gown… and that’s where we came in to bring all these little details together!

high neck custom wedding dress
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Designing Astou’s high neck detachable wedding dress.

The Brief

In order to sublimate her body shape, we worked on some specific details: a detailed lace and beading high neck, a dress flattering her slim body, and luxurious details where needed. In the end, her 2-in-1 sheath dress fitted her body and personality to perfection.

The Design Process

Our main focus was around shapes and flow. A sheath wedding dress shape makes a very sophisticated statement, and a high neckline adds even more to the drama. The rest of the gown has to follow suit, in a very subtle but visible manner. We hence made part of the high neckline for Astou out of hand-beaded lines, made sure the train of the sheath was not too long (to accentuate that fitted yet demure feel), and really worked for for the detachable skirt to have the perfect shape to complement the look of the dress below. It was all straight lines, with a modern feel and luxurious details. Finally, we designed some epic sleeves (all in sparkly and detailed hand beading) on delicate skin-colored mesh, and we were ready to get started! 

We chose very unique laces with tiny patterns that were all to be heavily hand beaded. Astou loved tiny squares, and we made sure to add that into account in our lace selection (please see other uses of small squares in JoSaBi Laurence’s and Mariam’s dresses). Samples were shipped to her doorstep in France, to choose the perfect shade of mesh for her skin and approve lining color choices. The dress was hence kicked off, and each piece of lace was carefully placed and then beaded to perfection. It was a meticulous process for an equally meticulous dress.

Astou’s high neck wedding dress was detailed, modern and luxurious.

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JoSaBi Astou’s wedding day


Astou’s dress was kicked off and completed in a few months. It was shipped to her in France way prior to her wedding, and her reception dress (also a JoSaBi creation) was sent to her directly in Conakry. Indeed, her wedding took place in Conakry, Guinea. 

She looked just regal with her dress, and she was such a vision in her photos! Her trendy updo had a few tendrils around her face, and her look was all white on white. White dress, accessories, bouquet, and even groom suit! Minimalistic and maximalist at the same time, and it was awesome to see.

As a bonus, please enjoy Astou’s gorgeous rose gold reception dress, also a JoSaBi Mariées Creation!

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Final Thanks!

Congratulations JoSaBi Astou! We wish you a healthy, wonderful marriage and a peaceful home. May happiness be in your home and heart from this day forward.

Do you like wedding dresses with spectacular details? You can actually check another high neckline JoSaBi Mariées gown here, featuring JoSaBi Serena. Stay tuned for more stories and unique wedding dresses, and in the meantime- we love you and appreciate you. Have a stellar rest of your day!



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